Assuming almost anything is caused by 'covid', but denying 'vaccine'-related injuries

The experimental injection that alleges to very effectively deal with what is known as the covid-19 illness, is touted as working as intended. The 'vaccine' is doing its job. Yes, there are people who are developing some serious side effects, such as dying as a result of receiving these experimental injections of various kinds, clearly the benefits outweigh the risks. At least according to mainstream media.

When you go search, for example, AstraZeneca complications and people dying, you get articles about how great the 'vaccine' is anyways. Go search for "seven die from astrazeneca vaccine complications uk". You will see these articles:

Those are the top two articles. Scrolling down you see more propaganda and apologetics about how great this still is:

It's right in the headline. They're telling us the benefits outweigh the risks. There is direct evidence that only these experimental injections can be causing these blood clots, but still they can't just talk about that concern. They have to put in their title that the benefits outweigh the risks. Because doing otherwise would make people doubt the safety of these in experimental injections that carry health risks. In doing so greatly increases vaccine hesitancy which is seen as a grave threat to the agenda pushers.

These experimental injections, are experimental. They are listed as experimental by the FDA. And yet you have people arguing that they're not experimental. These experimental injections are still in the testing phase until late 2022. Yet you also have people saying that the testing was done, and is no longer any testing.

These experimental objections have manipulated data claiming that their 95%, or 70% effective when that isn't the case. People think that something being effective, as a vaccine, means it's going to prevent you from getting sick at all. But the efficacy is merely in preventing mild symptoms. None of the trials actually looked at preventing hospitalization or preventing death as a result of contracting the alleged covid-9 illness.

What we do know now is that these experimental injections carry the risk of death. You are willingly going to inject yourself with something that might kill you. As opposed to potentially may be, with a low risk of catching a virus by living your life, that might kill you but not likely, as it only has a 0.15% fatality rate, which is a 99.85% survival rate, which is right in line with the flu.

And this brings us to the hypocrisy of the arguments how anything and everything is covid caused, pretty much anyways. The media and the medical experts they want to support and promote, make claims of heart attacks, neurological disorders, and anything that's related to a cold or flu is caused by covid and that is the only thing that matters now is covid. Even illnesses of the foot were being blamed on covid.

Then you have the so-called covid long haulers, who allegedly were sick as a result of sars-cov-2, and then they developed negative health conditions afterwards and blame it all on being a covid survivor. This is ridiculous. Baldness became a consequence of having survived a covid infection. There's a long list of other bullshit. Even depression was a side effect of covid illness. It's not like being forced to not work, forced into lockdowns, forced to wear a mask, and all the other things they forced upon people is making them depressed.

So anything and everything is pretty much coming from covid as the only problem in the health industry, while they worked tirelessly through their propaganda to deny that these experimental injections are hurting people, and even killing people. But don't worry, it's worth the risk.

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