Everyone want to be known, but just a few could actually pay the real price to get known. To be famous is every parent's wish and fantasy for their children, but in reality; fame comes with a heavier price,sometimes blood, or your own soul! Some of the stars you know well have paid in blood of their relatives and friends, they are still paying with their blood or someone's else year in year out. You can't just be the main star in a blockbuster Billion. dollar money making movie, your integrity is at stake or some other unspeakable things way more than the the lives of their loved ones. The unspoken truth is, who pays the more among the child stars, men, and women? Over 71 powerful people had been allegedly accused and exposed in politics, sports, business, entertainment etc for their sexual misconducts but what happened to those cases and allegations?

Jimmy Carey and Mel Gibson confirmed baby scarifies that Top Hollywood stars and executive part take in to remain relevant. Most child actors you know have been constantly violated and their parents knows about it but dare not do anything. You wonder why the lives of the likes of the Home Alone Star child Marculy Culkin, the Twilight star Taylor Launter, Mikey Cirus, and many of them, ever wonder why they lost it and ended up in psychiatric institutions for a while? Those kids were traumatized, their adult life is now a mess!

Unfortunately, these abuses, harassment and molestation cut across various platforms/industries; medical, government, science, entertainment and much more and it is appalling that those in power are major culprits to this shameful acts even though they are protected by the deep state law and their circle of friends in higher authorities who always avert due justice from been served. But one way or another, Karma the benevolent weapon of vengeance always caught up with some of this ghouls. I will be discussing some of the industries where this harassment are rampant one at a time, below are some of the selected atrocities that had been committed.


It is a menace that had been on for long, but it became more prevalent with the Jerry Sandusky Case The assistant American Football coach at a high-school in the United State who had sexually kids for more than 15 years. Arrested in November 2011, he had been taken advantages of this kids through his "The Second Mile" Charity Group. Now imagine over 100 girls that had been sexually assaulted by just one man; Former USA Gymnastic Team Doctor now in Jail for 60 years and more. Larry Nassar had taken advantage of this innocent talented girls and ladies, doping them and sexually molesting them for years...before Karma shoved it in his face!


Its not strange and not new that this is the most sexual abuse prominent industry, the misconduct spans Fashion, Modelling, Music, Movie sectors of the entertainment world. Assaults on Child stars, Models, aspiring actors and actresses which has been raging for decades non-stop but suppressed as any whistleblower might suffer an irreparable career damage. The major Culprits here are the Movie directors and producers, talent Hunts managers, Record labels owners, modeling agencies directors, High-profile actors and actresses with Bigshots Musical stars.


Remember the "ME TOO" saga? Then the names like Steven Seagal, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spicey, Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck and so on pops up over a million magazines and celebrity journals for the hidden crimes they have committed to these young stars to be, taking advantage of their zeals to become known throughout the entertainment industry. Between this three movie moguls and great actors mentioned above, over fifty actors (ladies, guys, and underage) had been assaulted and molested right back from the 80s till the early 2000s.

Sadly, these guys are powerful people and they might get away with all the alleged crimes committed against these young souls that had been hurt and damaged for life, who just need to earn a living from their talents.


In education, both male and female are culprits. Women in many of these cases often sexually abuse male children/students for marks, their pupils. Same goes for the male counterparts to female students. In colleges, Professors and Lecturers sexually assault students either for grades or recommendations or as the cases may be.


Abuse and Misuse of power is very rampant here, as we have seen and heard of it in the entertainment industry. The same thing is happening in politics, several Government officeholders all over the world use their political powers and connections to either assault or maltreat women who refused their sexual advances. Most of the victims are either fired or demoted, some were subject to inhuman handling as a result of a decline to the sexual advances from these Senators and Ministers or Even The President.

Our world is rotten and corrupt, the World we live in is completely a mess and millions still remain in the shadows of these evils out there in the open. Those in power misuse it and those who are famous takes advantages of others who aspire to be like them. It is an individual moral principle to determine the path to take once we get to those apex positions of power!

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