Pedophilia is the real true pandemic ... Everything is doomed ..


Pedophilia is the true pandemic ... Everything is doomed ..

Many pandemics and much bigger problems we have. Pedophilia is a true pandemic. A term that has a lot of truth and that was constantly repeated in the dark series of netflix.


"Everything is connected"

This is the reality the truth is that all the darkness that deceives the world are very well connected, posing as light to perpetuate their deceit, This time I want to talk about a delicate subject, and it is that the immense network of pedophilia and satanism that is in Hollywood also called pedowood or Hellywood is already known with much confirmation.



Dark series shows child ritual abuse.


Look at this image, it is taken from a scene in the Dark series, it shows one of the many missing children, children who are taken as victims, but victims of what? Here it is showing how these satanic illuminati of the entertainment industry use trauma-based mental programming techniques, the panda they see is the representation of children, the panda eyes are known for the experience that children live in these satanic abuses The entire room where the children are is full of ritual abuse.


Mel Gibson speaking against her and uncovering the hello of the Adrenochrome, artists who are adopted by these elites from childhood and programmed by means of ritual and satanic sexual abuse for these purposes.


this explains why in us alone there are 460,000 children.. every year...


Something that is also connected to the ritualistic abuses and satanic sects of the case of the banker Epstein known to organize pedophile parties on his private Caribbean island murdered in prison, and provide minors as sex slaves and monarch slaves on his pedophilia island as well as rituals to the god moloch.


Temple to the satanic god moch to which children are sacrificed..


It is not surprising that this is connected with the ideology of the MAP and its great financiers who fight for the normalization of Child lovers, and it is that legalized pedophilia would expand the range of action of these satanic societies and as I think it will be as part of the future plans of NOM's global elites..



This in turn is connected with wayfair and also with amazon big internet sales giants who with the facade of selling a cabinet or a cushion, are selling girls or boys of different ages with sex slaves.


Pedo boy lover symbol.


This man, the director of wayfair, denying his connection with pedophile trafficking as a strange thing for these psychopaths, the truth is that he is up to the mud with this network, along with epstein, podesta and his friends.


Not to mention John Podesta, Marina Amanovrich, the Rothschilds Illuminati, Luciferians and stop counting on this immense satanic connection.


how about we make this hashtag famous...



Hey Wakeup !

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