THE WAR: Terrorism as a Tool II

A recent Pentagon report has confirmed that it cannot verify the final destination of the weapons worth $751 million, it sent to Syria. Maybe they should ask SAA…

As a matter of fact, all those weapons, worth more than certain countries can spent on their defense, has been found! Syrian Arab Army regulary finds those American weapons in the hands of Al-Qaeda complex of terrorists, the same ones that Trump has “completely destroyed”…

Duration: 4:56

But this view would naturally fall into the previous installment of our series on (hybrid) war titled Terrorism as a Tool, where we had an explanation how the Empire is using terrorists to cause havoc all over the planet. And then, the simplest way of getting rich inside of military/industrial complex would be selling, or even giving a massive amounts of weapons to the terrorists all over the World. As it is now obvious, Pentagon does have unlimited credit to suck on the State budget (ie. U.S. tax payers) and no audit whatsoever. So, they are motivated to give weapons to terrorists as much as they can, because that way they can ask more money for the “defense spending” – which cannot be denied. Therefore, the Empire is feeding the military/industrial complex leech with blood of its tax payers and – literally – with blood of their wars victims all over the World.

This time, we are going to explore a direct use of terrorism (as a State terror activity) as a tool in order to establish global totalitarian control. And I don’t think only about a brutal dictate that the Empire is imposing over its perceived enemies and ‘allies’ alike – it is too obvious, even to the governments of NATO countries. This is a final war that globalist ‘elite’ is using to conquer every living soul. As much as it sounds like a plan of a lunatic – it is just that! They are psychopaths who can’t leave it alone. And as in every war, the first victim must be the truth. Truth journalism must be destroyed. Any media spreading the truth about the globalist ‘elite’ must be killed – and their editors, of course. And inevitably, we must come to the real topic of the text: criminalizing true journalism and terrorizing people who are ready to seek the truth, through the destiny of Julian Assange:

Duration: 1:59

It is quite bizarre to see how kangaroo courts from the all parts of the Anglo-Zionist Empire (US & UK and ) are desperately trying to murder a man who has no crime apart journalism! And when you know this, as a journalist, before writing the truth, you have to ask yourself: “Is this my destiny also? Are they gonna kill me too?” Remember, Glenn Greenwald is imprisoned in Brasil for the same ‘crime’ of journalism. It is a clear case of terrorism over the journalists who oppose to the globalist narrative.

While I’m writing this text, people are gathering at the streets of London in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and the freedom of speech all over the World:

Live from London streets:

Among them, you will find and Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd frontman, who is now 76. He is out, letting his baloon pigs fly, walking with the people, and telling to the ones who still are listening to his words, about the importance of defending Julian and the truth:

Duration: 16:52

Don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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