THE WAR against Man

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In its development, American ‘democracy’ has reached the stage of a superhero – freedom of speech can no longer be defended by the US Constitution, but must also be done through a private initiative – by a ‘fearless individual’, quite by chance a billionaire. So, even justice has been privatized…

I have to admit that I have watched the first movie after three years. It was Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022). I was intrigued by the great reviews and high rating of this version. It seemed like the success of the movie Joker (2019), also derived from the Batman comic book series, is being repeated. The movie is almost three hours long, what have I seen in it?

Well, both mentioned movies are in fact stories of full social collapse. But while ‘Joker’ is an open story of a social breakdown from the perspective within the majority of population, ‘The Batman’ has hidden and much more sinister message. It depicts a World with broken Constitution and Law system, where the police is actually asking help of vigilante – in fact a deranged masked billionaire with a bunch of tech stuff developed for the sole purpose of vengeance:

Unfortunately, vengeance does not make a civilization – it marks an end of civilization. And unfortunately, dystopian context of the movie has become true – together with a billionaire superhero. Imagine the World without society… Oh, wait! You don’t have to imagine – that’s Margaret Thatcher in 1987!

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Well, if you have forgotten this atrocious statement, then this movie tries to ‘normalize’ (or subliminally instill) breakdown of society as a natural state of human existence. With it, in the movie you have another, even more sinister suggestion: Do not rebel, do not risk your life! There is someone who will do it instead of you! In the movie that would be a deranged billionaire with a noble aim of vengeance to the murderers of his father and all others who have strayed on the criminal path.

Meanwhile In Reality…

In reality, social breakdown is already achieved and emphasized with the Coronavirus Hoax – sheeple majority accepted the manipulation and virtual reality projected out of TV-screen, ignoring the obvious reality. In reality, globalists scored the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind, and the greatest global population control ever.

But is there a superhero in reality? Globalist corporate media are giving you one on the plate: It has to be a billionaire, and a deranged one. The ‘Real American Batman’ (don’t confuse him with Hive’s BetMan-iac, with another prominent page at Betscorum) is – of South African descent, and his name is not Bruce Wayne but – Elon Musk! We’ll call him BatMusk. His ‘feat’ in the corporate media narrative is the purchase of a Twitter control package, with the promise that he will return freedom of speech to that platform. Now, in this theater, if you would believe his good intentions, there must be a clown villain to oppose globalist ‘superhero’. And the Empire found an appropriate one:

Her personal TikTok account is private, but she could not avoid public comments. You are welcome to read some comments below the video above. Comments could not be avoided even in the corporate press:

Source: Daily Mail

So, the movie is a ‘soft way’ to instill the population (in other words to ‘normalize’) a notion of a theater that happens in reality. And in reality, ‘superhero’ is also a globalist clown. Let’s repeat: His job is to create the illusion that there is someone who is successfully fighting the system, so there is no need for rebellion.

I am sorry I can’t do a full translation from Serbian into English of this panel with publicist Marko Tanasković and political scientist Aleksandar Pavić, where they reveal in a convincing way who Elon Musk is, who his financiers are (In-Q-Tel), how he became the backbone of the military-industrial complex, NASA (Space X), and the techno-leader of the globalist idea of transhumanism through his company Neuralink. But you can go to the text posted by our @jonboka and see that he is anything but a hero:

Good Morning Clown World, Vol. 51

The question is simple: Can you really believe that freedom of speech will be restored by a guy who dreams of sticking a chip into your brain?

In reality, BatMusk ‘superhero’ is just as much globalist clown as Nina Jankowicz is…

The aim of financial plutocracy is to keep you in a constant state of fear, because fear is the easiest way to ensure complete (totalitarian) control and easy elimination of the ‘redundant’ population, without any responsibility. It is the war against Man – satanist war against all Humanity. That is why they will invent ‘hero billionaires’ – their players – in order to prevent any independent organization outside the projected story: “Shut up and don't make waves, BatMusk will do the job!’ No, he will not. It's a fairy tale. As a billionaire, he already has chosen his side in this war. And no one will do your job for you.

Can we overcome this situation? Yes. If a war has already been declared to Man, Man must actively resist it in that war. How actively? Well, the Russians have already shown what has to be done when things are neglected for too long. The situation in Ukraine escalated because most of its people agreed to submit to an open Nazi leadership. What should you do to prevent the same thing from happening to you? Unfortunately, the advice is as simple as it is unpleasant:

Throw away the TV set, learn to keep your bitcoin keys and invest in a good Kalashnikov. As one wise Russian said few years ago, it will be the best possible investment in the coming times…

Always remember Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals
Не заборавите да је Џулијан Асанж први разоткрио глобалнe злочинце

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