Big Tech vs. States


We are finally going to watch the clash Big Tech vs. States. First match is going on before our eyes: Facebook vs. Australia…

Expelling Donald Trump from all Big Tech Cartel platforms while he was still holding the position of POTUS, show us that the state sovereignty is not within the people or its political representatives any more. The United States are now officially totalitarian corporatocracy, where no dissenting voice is allowed. See the example of Parler platform, which is slowly rebuilding it’s business.

But the big corporations are insatiable. Their urge for profit do not tolerate state sovereignty. De-sovereignization of the states through non-military means has another convenient name: Neocolonialism. Despite the name, the process is not connected to a modern age only. It was perfected through the colonial experience of the great imperial corporations of the past, like for example East India Company. Even then they were striving for sovereignty and had a state symbols, like flag and coat-of-arms. Look at its flag:

Source:, Public Domain

Reminds you of something?

Today we have a contemporary neocolonialism – through technology. Not that old methods are forgotten, but the are combined depending on the level of technological development of the target country. In the countries that are highly developed, it is easier to colonize minds of its people through technology, and then dictate corporate terms and conditions eliminating state constitutions and laws in the process. We have a perfect example: Facebook vs. Australia.

In the most interesting development of events, Australia has put in procedure a new government bill forcing Facebook (and other tech giants from the cartel) to pay news outlets for using their content. Now, there are two things that really annoys Big Tech cartel: First is when the state tries to take some of THEIR (as they see it) profit, and the second would be when the state attempts to limit their control over narrative – in other words, over their ability to control narratives, and therefore their ability to extract even more profit. Since Facebook has a market capitalization larger than many states on this planet, they decided to exercise their power and show those pesky Ozzies who is really sovereign – Australian Facebook users will be banned from reading, posting and sharing news, on this social media platform in response!

“It has left us facing a stark choice: attempt to comply with a law that ignores the realities of this relationship, or stop allowing news content on our services in Australia. With a heavy heart, we are choosing the latter.”

Duration: 5:32

Google aligned with Facebook, and this decision provoked an outrage and avalanche of negative comments – on Big Tech social platforms! People still don’t understand that protest through the platform itself is actually support to the platform!

But even more interesting was the reaction of Australian government. After a few comments filled with deep disappointment, empty accusations that Facebook abused their power, they turned to the ‘malignant influence of China’ which has incomparably less influence in the Australian media than American corporations and Murdoch’s media machinery. So, the result of the first match was convincingly in favor of Big Tech cartel…

Now, people may argue that there has been done irreparable damage to the Facebook’s reputation, but they are wrong. The platform that can in a day cut off all the news to Australian users, but leaves live streaming of Christchurch massacre, or Jihadi John decapitations, does not have any reputation. You still can buy a slave in Libya over Facebook!

Chaos slave trade  war crimes Libya still in turmoil 10 years after NATOled intervention.mp4_snapshot_05.28.220.jpg

The state bureaucracy is prone to corruption by its nature. Therefore, states are not able to get rid of Facebook or any of Big Tech cartel corpos. It is too big monster for the corrupted bureaucracy. Only users can destroy it with a simple operation – abandoning it. And here we have a conundrum – colonized mind cannot free themselves until they understand a simple thing:

Every action over Big Tech cartel media makes them richer and stronger. Only a mass exodus of the users from the centralized platforms can destroy them.

Never forget Julian Assange was the first to expose global criminals

* * *

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