WHO 'Solidarity' and UK 'Recovery' HCQ Trials Designed to Fail and Create FUD

Some more immoral science is being conducted by some terrible people who hide under a veil of "goodness", allegedly trying to help people. Two big studies are giving people excessively high doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) that exceed the therapeutic doses known to work. These levels are also documented to potentially be lethal, yet they were used nonetheless.


When HCQ is used appropriately, it helps people. It has helped people for 60 years, and was even prescribed over 5,000,000 times to Americans as of 2017, or in 2017 alone as I'm not sure of the exact meaning of the wording.

It's been safe to use at the proper doses for decades. People have used it for lupus, arthritis and malaria.

Anyone who wants to argue HCQ isn't overall safe, needs to argue with decades of use. They should also question why the FDA has allowed it to be widely used for so long if it was so dangerous. People have been using it constantly, while treatment for COVID-19 is only for under 2 weeks at most. The FDA's recent ban on allowing HCQ to be used smells of a conspiracy to prevent people from using an effective treatment against COVID-19, if not at least incompetence or stupidity.

A majority of informed physicians know that HCQ works and use it themselves, as was revealed in a Sermo Report:

In 1979, the WHO even "hired a consultant to explore the toxicity of hydroxychloroquine".

H. Weniger, looked at 335 episodes of adult poisoning by chloroquine drugs. Weniger on page 5 notes that a single dose of 1.5-2 grams of hydroxychloroquine base "may be fatal."

This isn't how two popular studies have been using HCQ. Instead of using it properly, they decided to jack up the doses and kill people, "proving" how ineffective HCQ is, or even how "deadly" it is.

The UK 'Recovery' study had these excessive levels used:

The HCQ dosing regimen used in the Recovery trial was 12 tablets during the first 24 hours (800mg initial dose, 800 mg six hours later, 400 mg 6 hrs later, 400 mg 6 hours later), then 400 mg every 12 hours for 9 more days. This is 2.4 grams during the first 24 hours, and a cumulative dose of 9.2 grams over 10 days.

The WHO 'Solidarity' trial gives vague descriptions of the dosage of of tablets to be used "two oral loading doses (250 mg per tablet CQ or 200 mg per tablet HCQ), then oral twice-daily maintenance doses for ten days." but the Canadian and Norwegian part of hte Solidarity trial give us some numbers of excessive use for HCQ:

The registration of the Canadian portion of the Solidarity trial informs us of its HCQ dose: ten 200 mg tablets during the first 24 hours (800 mg initial dose, 800 mg 12 hours later then 400 mg every 12 hours for 9 more days). This is 2.0 grams during the first 24 hours, and a cumulative dose of 8.8 grams over 10 days, or only 0.4 grams less than what Recovery used. The Norwegian Solidarity trial uses dosing identical to Canada.

The Recovery trial used 1.86 grams hydroxychloroquine base (equal to 2400 mg of hydroxychloroquine) in the first 24 hours for treatment of already very ill, hospitalized Covid-19 patients, a potentially lethal dose. The Canadian and Norwegian trials used 2,000 mg of HCQ, or 1.55 grams of HCQ base in the first 24 hours. Each trial gave patients a cumulative dose during the first 24 hours that, when given as a single dose, has been documented to be lethal. (The drug's half-life is about a month, so the cumulative amount is important.)

The doses used in these trials are not recommended for therapy of any medical condition

They are designed to give excessive doses beyond known therapeutic doses. These excessive doses are known to potentially be lethal. And they did it anyways.

Didier Raoult who did a trial of HCQ with zinc as a protocol in February, specified how he used HCQ and zinc to treat 600 COVID-19 patients with over a 99% success rate.

Professor Didier Raoult's group in Marseille used 600 mg daily for up to ten days in 1061 Covid-19 patients, and reported 8 deaths, a mortality rate of 0.75%, all over 74 years of age. The mortality rate reported by Landray and Horby in the Recovery trial is 34 times higher.

Effective, symptom-reducing, illness duration-reduction and life-saving treatments like HCQ, zinc, vitamin D and C, have been suppressed in the media, big tech social media and the medical establishment. If that's not a conspiracy of people acting to produce harm, it's at least resulting in harm if you believe they have other motives for suppressing helpful treatments.

conspiracy (n.)

mid-14c., "a plotting of evil, unlawful design; a combination of persons for an evil purpose," from Anglo-French conspiracie, Old French conspiracie "conspiracy, plot," from Latin conspirationem (nominative conspiratio) "agreement, union, unanimity," noun of action from past-participle stem of conspirare "to agree, unite, plot," literally "to breathe together" (see conspire).

These two studies are destroying the integrity of scientific research and science itself, after a previous sham fake data study on the Lancet did the same hit-piece on HCQ and harming the credibility of scientific journals.

Why have these two studies been designed this way? Is it to intentionally make an effective treatment to COVID-19 seem like it's useless and even deadly? Who would benefit from this?

Follow the money, as they say. In section 6.2 of the 'Recovery' study, you can see a familiar name in the funders of the study, the Gates Foundation:

6.2 Funding
This study is supported by a grant to the University of Oxford from UK Research and Innovation/National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and by core funding provided by NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, the Wellcome Trust, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Health Data Research UK, and the Medical Research Council Population Health Research Unit, and NIHR Clinical Trials Unit Support Funding.

Bill Gates, who has touted the only solution -- the "final solution" -- to COVID-19 to be a vaccine. That is the only solution he has promoted, despite HCQ being known to treat people effectively since February. He has billions invested in vaccines. he gave an interview to CNBC where he said so. He invested $10 billion at the time and expected to make $200 on that investment. The Gates Foundation doesn't want HCQ to be shown to be effective in a study they fund. That makes something that already exist as a solution to treat COVID-19, and not a vaccine unicorn that he can make billions off of.

This helps to understand the UK 'Recovery' study. But Gates also funds the WHO, which explains the 'Solidarity' study and who benefited from the study being designed to willfully harm people rather than save them. They have conspired to design a study for profit motives, increasing the deaths in trials, deprive billions from benefiting from a relatively safe and inexpensive drug when used in a proper protocol, and thus leading to more deaths worldwide instead.

The proper use of HCQ is earlier on in the onset of COVID-19 illness, at safe doses, and in a working protocol with zinc. Yet none of these factors was used. Late term patients, high doses and no zinc. Great "science" with funding ultimately from the Gates Foundation.

Nothing wrong there. HCQ sucks, it's deadly, only the super-safe vaccine-to-be can save you for the ultra-deadly COVID-19. Trust your the authorities. Trust the "experts" who denounce HCQ. Trust your philanthropists and charities that fund trials designed to fail and kill.

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