White House 'Hot Mic' About Lower Death Rates Spinned/Ignored by Media

In case you missed it, there was a 'hot mic' incident at the White House earlier this week. Basically, a Fox News correspondent mentioned the new antibody studies that indicate a more realistic amount of incidents of COVID-19 (50x more) and therefore a dramatic decrease in the death rate, somewhere between 0.1 and 0.3% which is akin to the seasonal flu.

Here is what was said:

"You can take off the mask Doug, the base mortality rate's like point 1 to point 3 according to USC."

"Is it really? That's reassuring."

"Everybody here's been vaccinated anyway."

"USC in LA county public health has come out with a study. They found that there's 7,000 cases in California, but they really believe that there are anywhere between 221,000 to 442,000 people who were infected.



"So that makes it zero point 1 to zero point 3?"


"Is the study come out < inaudible > ?"

"Yeah, just came in today."

"So it suggests that the case fatality rate is about of a tenth of what it seems to be."

"Puts it right in line with the flu."

"Yeah exactly that's what it is, the flu."

"So it's a hoax!"

"I don't think it's a hoax."

"Ha ha ha."

"Ha ha ha ha."

This slip up could have been talked about in the mainstream news with a focus on the real story: the antibody tests, higher numbers of infected, and much lower death rates. But instead, the media focused on how it was a 'joke' or conspiracy theory.

Fox's John Roberts was forced by the corporate big pharma overlords (paying the bills), to retract his remarks about the study. It was other people who were saying it was a hoax, or that everyone was vaccinated.

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These stories didn't cover the real story about correcting the bad numbers plastered on the media. They don't want to give people real info about how COVID-19 is more akin to the flu than some serious threat to humanity.

The real misrepresentation was not of the video, but of the mainstream media spinning what they were actually talking about: the study and lower death rate. This is the fraud of the mainstream media.

These media personalities were caught talking honestly about the truth of the news, and the mainstream media couldn't have that. They had to spin and ignore the content of what was being talked about, and focus on the jokes about a hoax or a vaccine. Nothing to see here folks! Move along. It was all just a joke.

This is essentially a cover up by the mainstream media to not talk about the real content of the discussion -- the new information -- because they are a party to push the false narrative which the new info contradicts.

Watch the whole analysis by Del Bigtree from The High Wire:

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