The Importance of Consciousness

Truth and consciousness are intimately linked. Consciousness is awareness at the base. Awareness of reality or truth is fundamental. The more we observe, experience and come to know aspects of what ‘is’, the truth, the more our awareness of that which exists increases, and as a result our consciousness will expand. This amplifies the connectivity between existents; to recognize, correlate, compare and correspond the patterns and meaning to greater degrees and discover more to become aware of.


The increase in awareness increases consciousness. The correspondences paint a larger picture to understand reality and ourselves. This increase or expansion of awareness brings us to greater heights in comprehension and consciousness. This process of force of expansion to evolve consciousness can be called Love in its highest form or true essence.

Truth, what ‘is’, existence, reality, is what amplifies awareness and consciousness. We consume existence to expand consciousness. We can understand more about what is happening in the world and ourselves and act upon that knowledge. By understanding where we are and how we got here, we can develop the wisdom of right-action to correct the problems that are present. Defining the expansive force of consciousness as Love reveals Truth to be the source that makes that expansion possible. Truth is Love, Love is Truth.

The truth will indeed set us free. To be set free is to have freedom. Truth, and more specifically moral truth, will set us free from the progressive enslavement of those who exercise control over us. The degrees of slavery present in society is proportional to the degree of immorality that is. Conversely, the more moral a society is, the freer it is.

Raising, expanding or evolving consciousness is the solution to end the deception, manipulation and immorality of external control over our lives. Gaining the understanding of moral truth will evolve our consciousness and show us the true condition of the world. The degree to which we can see clearly is proportional to our level of consciousness. Lower consciousness is to be less able to accurately discern truth from falsity; to have lower awareness, less clarity/visibility and be wandering in the dark in some way.

The problems all boil down to us. We have to point the fingers at ourselves for what we have allowed to rise up through what we have accepted, supported or participated in. Wars? Do you think they fund themselves? Where does that money come from? Ultimately, it’s tax payers paying for it. The wars are being accepted and supported by the people. And so too are most of the enormous problems a result of our actions or inactions. Be it the crooked scammy banking system, or politics itself; we support them, we participate in them, we use them.

Our consciousness is the problem, and our consciousness is the solution. The problem has the seeds to its own solution. In order to stop engaging in behavior or support and participate in modalities of being or system that are against our betterment, we need to be aware of them. Our lower consciousness states of ignorance require the knowledge of quality truths to raise us to a higher state of consciousness. That’s how we get out of the mess we allowed to happen or helped to create.

A core part is to understand ourselves better, such as how we operate and what motives for our behavior. Understand what is taking place within us that culminates in the behaviors that produce this world requires examining our thoughts and emotions that leads to our actions. That is the trinity of consciousness: thought, emotion and action. This will help us understand why things are as they are, not only what, when, where and who is doing it. ‘Why’ is getting to the nature of a condition, situation, event or problem.

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