Reclaiming Ourselves

We can use our power of consciousness, imagination and speculation to invent concepts, ideas and beliefs. When grounded in truth and reality, especially moral truth, they can lead us to better paths and ways of living. When they aren’t grounded in truth, we end up creating devolving and enslaving ways of life that are accepted as “good”. Unending arguments have ensued based on one belief vs. another. Wars have been fought over beliefs or ideas.

Fighting for beliefs is as if we are fighting for ourselves. Beliefs get adopted into core identity structures, into our ego-personality-identity constructs. Through conditioning we construct ourselves, our self, and our sense of self, based on falsity and unreality and are in essence falser and unrealer selves. People fight and war over each other based on the need to defend falsity and their false sense of self.

Look around at the world we live and what has happened in history. We are immersed in a false foundation, this illusory grounding in belief, in unreality projected as reality. From government, to religion, to many other aspects of life. Beliefs are man-made, and we created persistent authoritarian structures in history based on those beliefs. Simply because we can create something into reality, does not make it a valid creation to live by and perpetuate. People are accepting the veil of appearances as reality, and do not see the substantive greater truths that unreal illusions mask and cover up.

All the chaos is created from beliefs in falsity; in false as true, in wrong as right, in immoral as moral. We are reflections of what we take in and reflect back out as our behavior and actions. Taking in falsity and reflecting it back out will create that false way into reality. We can mirror ourselves as accurate reflections in alignment with truth and output that back into the world. Or mirror the falser reality, false constructs and beliefs to be a falser self and create a falser reality.

We can recreate ourselves. What do we want to be? What do we want to embody? More moral or more immoral ways of living? Or maybe be apathetic and don’t care? If you don’t care about who and what you are now or who and what you become, then you might as well be dead because of how unconscious you are.


The self which represents who we are and is created. The self should to be created correctly, rightly, as a true self, based in truth. We can overcome our conditioned selves. We can reprogram ourselves to be a truer self that is a reflection of truth and morality. The higher self is the higher self that you progressively become compared to a lower self in that had more falsity within your being. The higher self is based in truth. The lower self is based in falsity. What are we going to actively choose to work towards?

Beliefs are either created to try to answer questions, or created in a maleficent way to manipulate others. Influencing and controlling people with belief is an ancient method of manipulation. We get conditioned into believing in false ways of living. Restricting imagination keeps us locked into that way of being and thinking. It prevents us from seeing or thinking about other possibilities.

There are powers that aim to restrict the ability to see possibilities beyond the programmed indoctrination that is fed through the authorized sources that feed us information. We have bought into things others have created (like authority) and made them real. Some people think an imagined other life after death is the end goal of real life (religion, new agers). We’ve been manipulated with beliefs for so long and keep falling for it.

We can develop a better understanding of what’s going on in the world and in ourselves. We can develop an accurate understanding of the difference between belief and truth in order to categorize the information we receive. To filter it, understand it and incorporate it into ourselves and express it to others through. This requires an accurate distinction between belief and truth in order to ourselves and others justice of getting on the same page and in alignment with reality.

We can propagate information accurately. Something shared as being true is because it can be demonstrated in this way. Compared to other information that we have categorized as a belief because we can’t demonstrate it to be true. We can abstract and build upon other information, to abstract more concepts and ideas.

Beliefs that provide answers, and the feel-good attachment to sustain those beliefs, is important to understand in psychology. Feeding people beliefs that they consume into themselves, into their internal makeup and worldview, can make them feel good. If you take away someone’s beliefs that they use to make sense of themselves or reality, then you’re taking away a part of their identity, a part of themselves or a part of their world. People do not like to lose themselves or lose the world they thought they lived in.

There is a need to understand when we are lost in fantasy, belief, speculation, and unreality. This is required in order to give them up and reformulate our understanding of reality in a more objective capacity. We need to understand how lost we are in beliefs taken as truth. Seeking out the falsity and unreality makes us find more truth and reality. This vision will reveal the false world we live in, and the false selves we are.

We need to accept that we can’t always have an accurate answer. We need to forgo grasping onto straws simply in order to provide something to fill the hole of the gap in comprehension that a question poses. We need to understand that the way out of belief and subjective unreality is to ground our understanding of ourselves and reality in objective reality, while allowing speculative possibilities and beliefs to exist from our subjective realities, but not as definitive answers that are chosen simply to give us some illusory grounding.

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