Homeschooling On the Rise as Backlash to Public School Restrictions

Homeschooling has never been so popular. And it's all thanks to the government's response to COVID-19. Society may be turning into a technocratic wet-dream of increasing control over our lives, but this is one good thing to come from all this authoritarian madness.


Schools have reopened in some places, but parents are avoiding them anyways. But it's not a very welcoming place. It's even dehumanizing as some parents put it. I think that's an accurate statement when you look at how children are being treated. These were the CDC guidelines from May:

  • Strict social distancing tactics
  • All-day mask wearing for most students and teachers
  • Daily health checks
  • No gym or cafetaria use
  • Restricted playground access and limited toy-sharing, and
  • Tight controls on visitors to school buildings, including parents.

School have been compared to being similar to prisons, with their fences all around. But that loose comparison is getting more real. They may not be literal prisons, but they are morphing into prison-like environments.

People even support the government's measures. People are seriously still afraid of COVID-19 like some plague, like a deadly flu of 1918, despite the data showing how it;s akin to a more severe flu season in some places, and like a mild flu in others, even within different US states.

School opening delays were based on fears of killing children. But that's not true, since children are the least susceptible to catching COVID-19. The proximity children have to vulnerable people, like their grandparents, was another reason for keeping schools closed. In terms of contagious transmission, they are the least contagious as barely any parents have gotten COVID-19 when their child got it.

Some parents have been homeschooling their kids for months now, and they are used to it. Looking at how the schools have degenerated, many parents plan on removing their kids from school permanently in favor of homeschooling. Sentiments like a Florida mother, Rachael Cohen, are common:

“Mandated masks, as well as rigid and arbitrary rules and requirements regarding the use and location of their bodies, will serve to dehumanize, disconnect, and intimidate students.”

Many children are going to missing when most schools are scheduled to reopen in the fall, ready for a "predicted" second, third, fourth, fifth or whatever bullshit wave. In a USA Today/Ipsos poll, 60% of those surveyed said they will likely choose home learning even if in-person learning at schools resumes. 30% very likely to do homsechooling.

Governments are worried. They want to force kids into their indoctrination centers. Teachers and unions want to keep the tax payer money flowing. Crack downs are in effect, where schools are trying to block parents from removing their children from schools.

The UK has mandatory/compulsory schooling laws, and they have already said they will fine parents for removing their children from schools.

“We do have to get back into compulsory education and obviously fines sit alongside as part of that," English secretary Gavin Williamson announced.

Schools aren't the best environment for learning, as you don't learn at your own pace. And now it's worse with the COVID-19 crazy rules. The state is showing their mindset of forcing compliance to second rate environments to homeschooling. Homeschooling is winning out in our crazy post-COVID world. Thank you government and media hysteria for helping this happen.

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