Government Knows How to Create Demand for Itself

The government (or the people that work in government to be more precise) is good at creating demand for itself. Just think about it. What is going on right now? Well, we recently "celebrated" the 7 month anniversary of the government forced lockdowns, forced unemployment, forced social isolation, etc.

Just 2 week they said. Just to flatten the curve they said. What a joke. Have you seen the curve? Look in any country, or nearly any country.

For countries nearing the equator, they got their wave int he summer/fall time, which is how the virus seasonal pattern works all the time.

And that's why the US is having more deaths than other countries, because it had the winter/spring season like other mostly northern hemisphere countries, and also the souther part matches the pattern of the more southern coutnries:

Everything is following standard patterns of seasonal virus infections, and the "burning the dead wood" of the frail old or sick people that get swept up each year by the flu or other illnesses.

But this year, more lives are ruined. Sars-Cov-2 didn't do this to everyone. The government did. The government had forced people out of work. The curve is flat, and still they are going crazy trying to control a virus with lockdowns, when that was known even by the flawed over exaggerated Imperial model to not be the purpose of the lockdown. The lockdown only delayed the infections to flatten the curve. Well ti's fucking flat.

People have been forced to run to the government and grovel at their feet for handout to survive. The keep preventing people from earning a living. The media is also to blame with their fear-hype doomsday deception. People aren't engaging in economic activity. Jobs are being lost and the debt is mounting to bailout the big businesses and give free money to big corps that were never failing.

People are paying for this through their taxes, if they even have jobs. The depression is coming. The government has created more supplicant beggars who will do what they are told in order to survive? What your check? You better jump through the hoops we got coming (biosecurity scanning and identity, vaccines, vaccine passports, etc.) or else you won't be eligible.

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