End the Lockdown: Doctors in California Lay Out COVID-19 Data, Similar to Flu, Isolation Weakens Immune System

Models predicted hundreds of thousands of deaths with social distancing, and that hasn't materialized in reality. The models were wrong, yet the decisions based on those wrong models remain in place despite the real life data telling us these measures don't need to be in place.

Using real data, and not bad predictive models that have failed to materialize in reality, look at the real data we have and think about the world we find ourselves in. The models haven't even been in the ballpark to describe how COVID-19 played out.

Do these numbers necessitate:

  • sheltering in place?
  • shutting down medical systems?
  • closing down businesses?
  • having people out of work?

Here is the data as given from doctors (a few days ago) who ran the numbers in California, and the US and the world. There are millions of cases of COVID-19, and a small amount of death, resulting is a small death rate.

In California, there are 12% positives among those people tested for COVID-19. With 35 million people, extrapolating positive test results, it means there are 4.7 million cases of COVID-19 in California. With 1,227 deaths, that equates to 0.03% chance of dying from COVID-19 in California.

In New York, there are 39% of New Yorkers that tested positive among those tested. This extrapolates to 7.5 millions cases of COVID-19 in New York state. With 9,410 deaths, this is 0.1% chance of dying from COVID-19 in New York state.

In the USA, 4 million people have been tested, with 19.6% positive for COVID-19. This extrapolates to 64 million people with COVID-19 in the US. Deaths are at 43,545, which is a 0.06% of dying from COVID-19.

This is within the range of the flu deaths in the US, as per the 2017/2018 flu season. And there is no pandemic talk, no sheltering in place, on lockdown, no closing of businesses.

In Spain, the 2nd most cases with the US in 1st. They had 204,178 cases out of 930,000 total tested. That is 22% positive for COVID-19. This extrapolates to 10 million cases out of their population of 47 million. With 21,282 deaths, this is a 0.05% chance of dying from COVID-19 in Spain.

Comparing Sweden with no lockdown, and Norway with lockdown, one would expect Sweden to have massive outbreaks, and Norway to have nearly none. That's the narrative we are told for why a lockdown was and is needed.

Sweden has 15,322 cases of COVID-19, out of 74,600 tested. This is 21% positive for COVID-19. The population of 10.4 million then has about 2 million cases of COVID-19. Deaths are at 1,765, meaning a 0.08% chance of dying if infected, and a 0.017% chance of dying among the total population (infected and non-infected).

Norway has 7,191 cases of COVID-19, out of 145,279 tested. This is 4.9% that test positive for COVID-19. The population of 5.4 million then has about 1.3 million cases of COVID-19. Deaths are at 182, meaning a 0.014% chance of dying if infected, and a 0.003% chance of dying among the total population (infected and non-infected).

Sweden and Norway and good examples to look at. Norway has a little bit better numbers, but statistically not very significant, especially when you look at the percentage of deaths in a population from the flu: The death rate for the 2017/2018 flu season in the US was 0.0186%.

Regarding the questions posed earlier, is the lockdown worth it? Do the numbers necessitate the lockdown of forcing people to not be allowed to work, shutting down most of the medical system, isolation, increased domestic abuse, increased molestation of children, increased suicide, etc. These are results of government lockdown and media fear-hype panic.

Locking ourselves up doesn't help our immune system. We develop immune responses by interacting with our environment and being exposed to viruses and bacteria. This happens early on as a child. We don't put children in bubble-wrapped rooms and expect them to develop a healthy immune system. That won't happen. People need exposure to keep their immune system functioning well.

You only need to isolate people if they have compromised immune systems. All of this isolation is weakening immune systems and making us more susceptible and less able to fight things off.

People are being fined or arrested for going for walks on the beach or surfing alone, while a bunch of people are going to CostCo. Small businesses aren't allowed to be open and have customer, while big businesses are allowed to be op and have lots of customers go around their store. There are many inconsistencies. It makes little sense.

COVID-19 spreading was new, it was the unknown. The unknown is dark, an abyss in our worldview and psyche. It generates discomfort, insecurity, anxiety and fear. The media helped mold that fear and hyped up a panic to have most people agree to draconian and authoritarian measures to control out lives.

But the flu is just like COVID-19 for the most part. Yet the flu has been around for a century. It's not new. We aren't afraid or in fear of it, we know it. We are used to it. Get over the fear of COVID-19. It's paralyzing us and the world. Fear is letting the government control our lives. Fear is welcoming the erosion of our freedoms.

As soon as the word "safe" starts to be used, what the government, media, YouTube and others mean is: CONTROL.

Watch a doctor in immunology and microbiology from California speak up about these numbers the wrong course of action that has been taken:

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