Doctors Defeating COVID-19, No Ventilators, No Deaths, Media Silent

If you watch the mainstream media, they will all engage in hypothetical hope and praise for the vaccine unicorn. As far as they are concerned, it's all about the vaccine.

Other remedies? Nope. Those either don't work, or are "unapproved" and "shouldn't" be used. We "need" the vaccine they are telling us.

People are dying. The coronavirus is such a horrible pandemic, nothing like the flu, they say. But that's not true. They are the master of spin, the masters of deception, the masters of fake news. They want a vaccine world to make their sponsors billions and trillions of dollars.

Many doctors are saving patients lives, with no ventilators, and no deaths as a result.

How? With solo administration or combinations of: hydrochloroquine, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, iodine, hydrogen peroxide.

Watch and see the reality that the media isn't showing you.

Go research yourself and think for yourself. There could have been thousands of lives saved if more doctors looked for real remedies, instead of following their "official" procedures of treatment, such as ventilators which were resulting in 80% of NYC patients dying when hooked up to a ventilator.

All of these deaths worldwide could have largely been prevented. Hydrochloroquine was known to fight SARS coronavirus in 2005. Yet only few have used it to save lives or use other natural treatments. It's a shame the medical industry is so ignorant of natural remedies. As a result of their ignorance and often arrogance to use only "modern medicine", people have died.

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