Controlling Consciousness

Understanding ourselves is truly a crucial factor in solving our problems. If we don’t understand the factors of consciousness that led to our current situation, we won’t know if we will or won’t be repeating the same mistakes. Finding solution requires properly knowing the problem and the conditions we don’t want to have.

At the root of our self-inflicted large-scale suffering is a lack of self-knowledge. We, in general, don’t know enough about consciousness, how we operate, what motivates us, how our minds and emotions drive us to do what we do. The knowledge of how we function internally gives someone an advantageous position to exercise control over others who are ignorant of themselves. Others do have this knowledge and understanding, and they have been using it for millennia to manipulate and control our behaviors.

We buy into many things we think are good, or decent, or acceptable as a way of life. Politics, banking, war, etc. If we think we’re getting something out of it, we’ll buy into flawed, poisonous or immoral systems. The sellers of this bullshit have part of the blame, but so do we who buy what they sell. We live according to the deception, but we don’t want to take responsibility for having created it, or continuing to sustain it.

We want to point the finger and have someone else take responsibility for the problem, for someone else to take responsibility to solve our problems for us. We are abdicating our personal responsibility to learn the truth about the condition of our world and how our behavior has contributed to this condition. People run from the responsibility of knowing. They don’t want to know. They want to keep buying into the bullshit being sold, because they don’t want the burden of knowing about it or trying to do something about it.

Knowledge can raise consciousness up, or used to keep consciousness down and manipulate us. The knowledge we lack (ignorance) can serve to enslave us, and it is. Manipulation of consciousness is also known as mind control. Knowledge of mind control methodologies empowers us to prevent being manipulated, while ignorance disempowers us and favors being manipulated, deceived, fooled, tricked, duped, conned, scammed, screwed, bamboozled and hoodwinked. To be empowered to make better choices, the right choices, and live in harmony with truth then we need knowledge.

Society at large is showered in mass mind control programs. We are conditioned to believe things from our upbringing, from those around us who themselves have fallen prey to the manipulations and deceptions. We accept the normalized condition around us as the way things need to be. We pressure each other to conform to the normalized acceptability spectrum of our conditioned way of life. Few will critically evaluate what our way of life involves. We just let it happen and keep it going, willingly.

2020 has shown how strong the social conformity pressure is when fear takes root in consciousness. There are even people who consider themselves awakened. How awake are they really? I consider the ‘woke’ fad to be another level pf social engineering that again diverts attention away from core fundamental problems that continue to be ignored. Time and energy is being diverted to fight minor issues or manufactured issues that only exist as a result of false perceptions.

Fundamental belief systems are programmed into us which we take into ourselves as truths, make part of identity and worldview, and then we live, behave and act in accordance with. That’s the world we have and continue to create. It would behoove us to think more and reflect upon what we are and what we have been doing.

There are general characteristics or qualities that are associated with one hemisphere of the brain instead of the other (rational vs intuitive, planning vs creative, etc.). These qualities can be use together or separately. Some are better suited in some situations, while others are better suited other situations. If you want to go on a trip, you plan where you want to go, not usually just take a plane anywhere. If you want to create something artistic, you might have some planning of what you want to do and where you want to end up, but you will use creativity to come up with something new.

Related to this are some negative characteristics that can occur when qualities of one hemisphere are said to be dominant in an individual. This isn’t to say you can’t have characteristics of both imbalances, which many of us do. An imbalance towards the left-brain type of thinking or being can lead to developing dominator tendencies with a “master” mentality, where control over other people is desired and acted upon. This leads to being dominating and responding with physical aggression when others disobey.

An imbalance towards the right-brain type of thinking or being can result in obedient tendencies with a “slave” mentality, where one follows orders, having addictive tendencies, or develop feelings of self-loathing or unworthiness. With a focus on feelings, imagination, etc. has the emotional brain dominate. One can be a slave to their emotions running the show, or promoting an inability to discern truth/reality in favor of what they want to believe to be true. A positivity focus and passivity or pacifism can also develop where one doesn’t stand up for themselves, contrary to the left-brain dominance of someone being too aggressive.

The world is currently operating along this polarization, where many (if not most) fall either into the slave-driver dominator mentality, or develop the dominated slave mentality, or both. Influencing people to fall into this dichotomy is favored. Those who understand how to manipulate and control consciousness can control both types of people this way. Someone who accepts authority and the dominator mindset can be a master over others and still have a master over them that they obey. Look at the government, police and military systems to see this play out.

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