Music Inspired; War - What is it good for?

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As a history buff who is very realistic about the approach I take toward understanding humanity and our tendency to cause chaos, I've read a lot of relevant literature about warring times and I've also witnessed war in this current era.

Even in recent times, we've all heard of wars of high magnitude between countries and my immediate reaction to any news about war is a feeling of disgust towards the whole thing. You know, it hasn't even been that long since the Russia-Ukraine war made headlines.

Can you imagine the number of wars that have taken place since then?

I'm quite sensitive to the topic of war and it comes from my deep study of Ancient Asia during the era of the Mongols, Khitan, Goguryeo, Silla, and Qing Dynasty. If you know anything about this era, you can already imagine what it must have felt like to experience all those wars, slaughters, and a long list of other signs of catastrophe which was part of the lifestyle in those days.

One of the things I've learned from widening my knowledge about that era is that war makes people very resentful and there is no true winner whenever there is war. Then, why go for war when other less catastrophic options can be explored?

That's the big question.

Whenever I listen to WAR, a song released by Edwin Starr in the early 1970s, my mind takes a deep dive into a thoughtful unrest. For the record, I think everyone needs to be buzzing this song every morning before they start their day. Also, this needs to be played on the radio while they give us their usual pieces of depressing news.

First, listen to the song. Then, think...

The song is titled War (What is it good for) and it's a song that will surely ring a bell if you are one of those who watched the Rush Hour trilogy. Edwin was spitting facts in each lyric of the songs and I pray you caught those while listening to the song.

It isn't obvious to me that those that are already at War are going to retreat from that even when they see the drastic effect of their actions. You'd be surprised to know that someone out there is still entertaining the idea of waging war.

Well, let's take our chill pill, shall we?

We've got to embrace our humanity. Nothing good comes out of war. Edwin already made points about that in his song. Check that out and meditate upon each line of the lyrics.

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