Covid-19 lockdown day 24 – the deep state is blinding us with science

Problem – Reaction – Solution, is what we have here yet again with this virus lockdown scenario. Create the problem, this time a global pandemic which is deadly, invisible, asymptomatic, and anyone could be the carrier. React by invoking panic in every nation, in all 7+ billion people on the planet overnight (except Sweden). Solution – create a state of emergency, a lockdown, and last but not least, a vaccine from your savior Bill Gates.

This is an engineered false flag attack on the planet, not just USA like with 9/11 or WMD or the numerous others. This problem is engineered like a charm. Look at the reaction, a global panic. Add to that the voluntary call for the solution. Create enough panic and the herd will run to the government for the solution. And that solution was their agenda all along. Implemented by Bill Gates and his Foundation. Vaccinate the world, in a mandatory scenario and make it impossible to act without PoV, proof of vaccine. And Dr Fauci, the adviser to President Trump is a vaccine proponent of note. These criminals are destroying the world with fear, poverty, depression and more.

Now you may or may not know that Bill Gates is apparently the third generation of Bill Gates with this agenda. His grandfather and his father Bill Gates 1 and 2, were already massive eugenicists and sterilizers of the herd. This Gates is the third in the line of this lot. So he was born and bred as a villain to the masses. In the name of helping the oppressed they will inject the masses and thus make billions of dollars as well as chemically manipulate you. Gates never invented Microsoft DOS. He went and used his family wealth, bought someone else’s idea and patented it. He and his rich daddy bought their way into being the inventor of Microsoft.

He is implementing the desires of the deep state. They want to manipulate you, hurt you, control you and make you a source of mass profit. Dr Fauci, the adviser to Trump is in the same boat. These are villains and Trump is being swindled by those around him. This is the con of the century. 9/11 was a tame walk in the park on a sunny day before lockdown. The “one size fits all medicine” or vaccination program is a type of medical Fascism because we are individuals, with differing systems requiring personalized medicine. It’s criminal.

Take the vaccine or be disqualified from public amenities, like transport, health, education or other services. Submit to their control or be excluded from the UBI. And that vaccine will have the ID2020 chip. You will be tracked and watched, every move you make every breath you take they’ll be watching you, as the Police once sang in their 80s pop hit. And that chip will be activated wirelessly by the deep state to send you your drug, your UBI and your everything. You will be hooked up to their mainframe and freedom will be a memory from some distant past, like some small mom and pop corner store who once sold you hand made bespoke artisan items.

As the economy collapses and all the small businesses go bankrupt, sending millions into poverty, the big agri, Monsanto, big pharma, big supermarkets, and big business will take over everything. Here we are, in the Great Depression, the worst since 1929, with mass unemployment, mile long bread lines and total control of more people than ever, faster than you can imagine, in a more insidious and dictatorial way. It’s top down rule to impress any historic tyrant from bygone history. They are using modern technology to push us back into a social dark ages. Neo-feudalism is here and we are the serfs, the slaves, devoid of freedom, free speech and remembrance of our true nature as eternal consciousness.

The problem – reaction – solution paradigm is as old as the hills, but here it is yet again. The old people who take a lifetime to see this going on and gain the experience, they die out and the youth are fooled by the same con game century after century. The ancient ways, the old natural solutions or remedies are being denied to us, the knowledge of our own power and gifts are being hidden from us, so that the machine-made NWO can control us and manipulate us like sheep in a herd.

This is a psychological, technological, medical and consciousness war, and the enemy is you and I. This is becoming a civil war between the people and the deep state, and it’s on the way to becoming Planet China, where there is no workers’ power, no people’s power, it’s state power, top down control. There is no proper capitalism in the west and there is no proper communism in China. It is all a brand of Fascism. It’s the merging of state and corporation. And we are simply products from which to make profit for that corporation. Watch the youtube interview linked above. It is only one source saying the same as several others, but very succinctly.

The removal of freedom and the control of the truth narrative today with this lockdown is engineered to hijack our physical and mental health as well as our financial independence. Big pharma are still at it and their leader Gates 3 is carrying on their Orwellian takeover, while we sit in our homes going broke, crazy and becoming systematically enslaved. Well some have seen through the ruse and have had enough and are standing up against the Fascist global takeover. This is WW3 and it is being fought by the NWO against you and I. You are the enemy of the deep state. So what are you going to do about it?

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