Twitter Mob vs Oatmeal

The secret service should be afraid of we the people.

After writing that on Twitter, people started begging for my removal.

My Green Oatmeal Twitter account is marked as 82% problematic on

They're saying I'm calling for acts of violence.

The irony is Im A Freeman is calling for me to be Not a Freeman.

But my quote is simply a plagiarism parody of a simple thing.

American citizens should not be afraid of the government.

Government, which includes the secret service, should be afraid of the voters.

In related news, they're calling for the arrest of Alex Jones for a similar thing.

I want to simply clarify some of my Twitter drama in this post. I'm including a few links to help archive this situation. This type of thing happens to many people. For more information, check out some of the links which are included in this article here.

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Twitter Mob vs Oatmeal

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-12-17 - Thursday | Published in December of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-12-17 14:59:41 Secret Service Twitter Tweet.png

Secret Service should be scared of we the people

Screenshot at 2020-12-17 14:53:13 Green Oatmeal on Bot Sentinel 82 Percent.png

I'm 82% Percent Problematic according to Bot Sentinel

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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My Tweet

Secret Service should be scared of we the people.

Screenshot at 2020-12-17 14:59:41 Secret Service Twitter Tweet.png

Shut Him Down

Im A Freeman responded to my tweet with

Dear @TwitterSafety, @SecretService & @FBI: The account @greenoatmeal, as measured "PROBLEMATIC" (82%), has issued a tweet here that implies the Secret Service "should be scared" of some kind of violent action. You may want to trace & review this account's origins. @DHSgov

Screenshot at 2020-12-17 15:01:38 Im a Freeman.png

My Response

I did not say that and even if I did, people need to realize that globalists are murdering people and violence against murder is self defense. So, long story short, it is a very long story, very complex, many moving parts which the general public do not get outside of hundreds of millions of people globally who are beginning to understand what globalists, the Chinese Communists, technocrats, and others do. I didn't actually call for acts of violence just for the record but that is not relevant even if I did because Covid Vaccines are murdering people. The tyrants are taking over the world in a variety of ways. So many things are happening in the world. We are in a war good versus evil. I wrote that the secret service and others should be scared of we the people.

Threatening The Secret Service

I was not really attacking the Secret Service or others any more than Alex Jones who said in his famous speech on Saturday, the 12th of December of 2020 in Washington DC. Alex Jones was talking about how Joe Biden will be or would be removed one way or another. That is not really a threat as you may think. When evil monsters are eating your children, should you let them? We have to look at the bigger picture. But to be specific, Alex Jones and others have said they do not want Joe Biden, Soros, Bill Gates, and other depopulation agents to be attacked physically, murdered, attacked. Instead, we are talking politically speaking and we must look at the bigger picture of world history and everything as opposed to only looking at specific isolated fragmented issues. People who already get it know this. Leftists and others end up making excuses for attacking patriots and others who defend freedom. Patriots do not want to be violent and are not trying to be. Black Lives Matter (BLM) of Soros Raised 10.6 Billion Dollars in the Past Eight Months Since May of 2020. Soros funds BLM, Antifa, and other groups. They murder people.

Long Story

This post is a rough draft outline previewing some of the many issues which are related to what I was trying to say in the Tweet. I am trying to raise awareness when I write things. I try my best to educate people on things when I write things online and when I make videos. I make memes and GIFs. I have been doing a series of things for years. For more information about me, check out my About Me page. This web page right here is highlighting just a quick sneak preview of some of the things. But I must stress that some people have no idea what I'm talking about which is frustrating. But I try my best and we should all try our best to make a better future with one green oatmeal at a time.


What happened to me can happen to you and that is how it is relevant. There are many different issues at stake here. One of them have to do with free speech. I should have the right to have some free speech at least in some places and in some context. The whole free speech thing can be debated and it should be. I argue that people should have the freedom to say anything they want. In America, we have a bill of rights which talks about a right to a speedy trial. So, if I say something that causes the secret service to all get murdered, then you could take me to court and try me. Have a trial and have jurors and judges rule. Have my fate decided. That is fine. But Twitter should not act like a courtroom. I am against punishment coming pretrial. I am against precrime punishment.

As Seen in Movies

In some movies, shows, etc, we get a glimpse of how the future can be with precrime pretrials and other things. I've written about some of the fictional works before. You can check out films like Minority Report and Judge Dredd for example. They deal with punishing people before they commit a crime. I would rather wait until after a person does a crime and then take the person to court.

Free Speech and Trials

You can have both. It is very simple. I should have the right to say kill Obama. And if you kill Obama, you could in theory take me to court and have me take the stand. A judge could find me guilty of being an accomplice of the murder. I could try to say I didn't know. I could say it was a joke. I could try to find an alibi. I could have excuses and reasons. At the end of the day, I may be found guilty or not guilty. But regardless, there is a process that takes place and should take place. I am in favor of having both free speech and trials. The problem comes when you try to skip the trial part and say something cannot be said at all. I disagree. I should have the freedom to say even bad things. I should have the right to call for acts of violence. And if people end of stealing like Antifa does, I should be held accountable in the court of public opinion even. But I must stress and emphasize how people try to do away with the actual trials themselves. Leftists especially want people punished instantaneously before they even have even have the chance to defend themselves. I want my day in court before I am found guilty. On top of that, there can be bad laws, judges, jurors, attorneys, lawyers, defense attorneys, etc. That is another can of worms, of course, but I am still in favor of the right to go to court even in light of how the system can be partly corrupt at times.

Globalists Are Attacking Us

But like I said already, monsters are killing people in a variety of ways and some of the people in government are either helping the globalists or they're at least not directly trying hard enough to stop the plutocracy. Some of the leaders and others in the FBI, CIA, NSA, the secret service, etc, are said to be aligned with globalists. They even raided Roger Stone for example. They shouldn't have done that. Police are told to enforce lockdown orders. Police shouldn't. And the list goes on and on. I'm not here to talk about all of these issues in this post right now. I'm just trying to quickly reference just a few of the issues at hand. This is just from the top of my head.


I've been banned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, many different social media networks, websites, forums, places, etc, especially in the 2010's, many different accounts, profiles, pages, groups; I've lost thousands of videos, photos, etc. They've been censoring me and millions of people.

You're Next

One of the purposes of this article here is to help you see you're next. They're shadow banning thousands to millions of people on the Internet. You're next if you haven't already been attacked. It doesn't really matter too much that they want me gone. It's not simply just about me. It's about all of us. We got to stick together or we fall apart separately. We should stand up for Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Tommy Robinson, Hong Kong, Mike Cernovich, Owen Shroyer, Paul Joseph Watson, Kaitlin Bennett, Millie Weaver, David Knight, OANN, RSBN, News Max, NTD, Infowars, Summit News, Wikileaks, Project Veritas, Scott Adams, Random Yoko 2, Syrian Girl, Candace Owens, Rush Limbaugh, Soph, and other patriots, groups, etc.

Do what you can while you still can.

Stand up for others or fall for anything.

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