Implementation of the new salary scheme of the Nigerian police force; Directed by the Inspector General of Police: Usman Baba.

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It has been reported of the in balances among the policemen. How the police force leadership have refused to remit the up to the last six month areas of the new salary scheme, even after the federal government have released the funs since last year.


Some of the policemen out of hanger and jealousy spoke, revealing that this was meant to be implemented since the beginning of the year, January 2022, only showed up in a onetime areas payment that was done for the month of July, so the question now is what about the remaining months?. Must it always be that until lives and properties are destroyed before the right things are done?
My worry in this case is why should the inspector have waited for this long a time to be able to give an order for the implementation to be done? , what explanation has He to give to the entire public for this kind of news. At this point in time

“They had said such action of the police hierarchy was part of the reasons while there was low morale in crime fighting and a lot of police extortion being reported every day because those policemen have families to feed and they need money to feed them. If the authorities refuse to pay them, they use other available means to solve their problems including extortion from motorists and criminal suspects’ families. link

Now that it has also affected the police force, what is the hope of the Nigerian citizen, it was not like this yet we could not handle the insecurity challenges in the country, how will it be possible now when the leadership of the police force has also decided to join the line of insincere citizens, how can we now trust them, when they have not shown themselves as trust worthy people.

If the security institution of a nation like Nigeria, which we are looking up to, has now subjected themselves to become factors for fellow up and investigation, then there is a call for concern. I do believe that the people responsible for the disbursement of the funds are always receiving instructions from the top, So how would this happen when Clare instructions were duly given?, Now the I.G is only directing the implementation of the act, but I believe he should publicly give due apology the Nigerian citizens and as well sanction the persons that delayed this processes. This funds have been delayed for over six months, and I believe that the delayed money should if invested should yield profit am of the opinion that they should be duly rewarded for the delay.

This policemen are men are ladies with families and responsibility, so when you rape people of their due entitlement, you are making life uncomfortable and emotionally unstable, this in a way will have a huge effect on the life and their official duty. I believe that a healthy mind is a healthy life, when you rape a man of his joy and peace of mind, you are telling the community, how unsaved the place, life and the wellbeing of the people will be. I am not a policeman and as well not a relative to any of them but there is a saying that goes that someone’s brother is on the street, the truth about life is that we do not decide who we meet but we can take responsibility for them when we are in the right state of mind.

Now that the order has been given by the Inspector of police, do we have to be following them up to access the funds or we will need to come to the public space to talk about it again for effective implementation.

We are hopeful that the security of our nation will someday be better, as such we plead to our leaders to completely do away with the “I”. “Me” and “myself” mentality, so that we can take our nation to the height we all desire and to build a structure that will befit us as the giant of Africa. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria.

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