Vaccine Worship & Multi-Million Dollar Propaganda Campaign to ‘Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy’ | AstraZeneca Injection Deemed 100% Safe & Effective As Experts Confirm Cause of Blood Clots, Death - ‘Nothing but the vaccine can explain why’


The propaganda machine is running in overtime in its desperate attempt to overcome ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in its uphill battle to convince the public that the new, unapproved experimental ‘Covid19’ injections are safe and effective, as evidence continues to mount indicating just the opposite. This is the subject of my latest video report that will be published shortly, but since I needed to compile the source links anyway, I decided to just go ahead and make it into a post as I felt this information was important enough to deserve its own entire article, so this will serve both as an overview of the recent happenings on the vaccine propaganda war front, and also as the show notes for the video that will be uploaded to both BitChute & 3Speak soon after this is published.

In the latest phase of Bill Gates’ plan to ‘vaccinate the world’ with an injection that it should be remembered is legally and not medically a vaccine at all (as it doesn’t confer immunity), an unprecedented amount of time and energy is being invested into what can only be described as the longest running, most wide-reaching massive global propaganda campaign in world history, now aimed at convincing a largely unwilling population to receive an unapproved, experimental injection that they absolutely do not want. No cost will be spared in this effort, every possible tactic is being employed, and those pushing this agenda will not rest, they will not relent until they have achieved their goal, at whatever the cost and no matter what they must do to ensure their agenda succeeds.

This ongoing propaganda campaign is illuminating now more than ever that what we are witnessing is indeed the rise of a new world religion, with those who are plugged into the media programming being initiated into this religious belief system that is now fully upon us, and front and center of this religion is the demand that we worship the almighty ‘vaccine’ manufactured by our Big Pharma and government saviors.

Like all organized religions, this religion also has its rites and rituals - mask wearing, social distancing and the like; it demands blind belief, faith, and trust - in the ‘vaccine’, in its Big Pharma manufacturers, and in the government officials and billionaire technocrats insisting that we roll up our sleeves and take the jab; and it demands that we worship at the alter of our new almighty god and savior ‘Jabbo’ as we offer ourselves up to Big Pharma as experimental lab rats, guinea pigs in the single largest medical experiment/‘vaccine’ trial the world has ever seen. Unquestioning obedience is demanded, the willingness to sacrifice our health, our freedoms and even our lives in the name of ‘public safety’ is vitally important and absolutely necessary, and unlike most other religions on the earth, this one insists that the entire global population absolutely must be converted and initiated into the dogmas and rites, while those ushering in the new global technocracy will not rest until they have done so.

Some might wonder if it’s really all that wise or rational to blindly trust politicians who have shown themselves to be career liars, along with ruthless technocrats like Bill Gates whose previous experimental vaccination campaigns in India and Africa have killed tens of thousands and ruined the lives of countless thousands more, and pharmaceutical giants whose profit not only increases as more of us get jabbed, but are also proven criminal enterprises.

Pfizer for example, ironically the manufacturer of the very first ‘Covid19’ injection to be authorized for emergency use in the US, has a long and well documented criminal history, described by Robert G. Evans in a paper published by the NIH as a “habitual offender,”persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.

Those are the words of the NIH report, not mine, and they show up as the top search result in the Big Tech Google when searching for “Pfizer criminal history,” so this is widely publicly available information, and yet we are told to blindly trust Pfizer, its executives who, at least initially opted not to get injected with their own experimental concoction, and its role in ‘saving the world’ through global vaccination.


The NIH report goes on to describe how Johnson & Johnson, coincidentally manufacturer of another one of the only three authorized experimental mRNA injections in the US, has also likely long engaged in deceptive, corrupt and criminal behavior to advance its corporate enterprise.

On January 15 of this year, US federal prosecutors in Boston filed a complaint against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and related companies, alleging violations of the federal False Claims Act and related legislation (Associated Press 2010).

Pfizer has in the past two decades paid out over $4 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards. Top five offenses include violations of the False Claims Act, unapproved promotion of medical products and safety violations.


Meanwhile billions in US taxpayer dollars funded the development and manufacture of all three currently authorized injections (Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J) along with the likely soon to be authorized AstraZeneca shot, and yet all are selling their ‘vaccines’ for profit, rather than at cost. Taxpayer dollars not only funding organized crime, but also funding a highly profitable business venture run by those organized criminals, an operation which is now being turned against the very Americans who funded it, attempting to force millions of you to accept experimental medical intervention you do not want! But we live in a democracy, right, and our leaders represent us, and Big Pharma only cares about keeping us safe and healthy...


President Joe Biden recently made a public address, his very first presidential press conference, where he announced that he would soon be offering official guidance on what the vaccinated can and cannot do, because unlike what the Covid1984 priests and prophets initially promised, the ‘vaccine’ will not get society back to any semblance of the old normal. The new normal is here to stay, and although they don’t like us talking about it, the experts have repeatedly admitted that the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t offer immunity or stop the spread of the [not so] deadly ‘virus’, plus there’s talk that coronavirus will be with us forever anyway, so get used to the tyranny, and the jabs, because you’ll be needing a new one every few months or every year to fight off the latest variant.

Biden insists that the entire US population must get injected, it’s the only way to end this ‘pandemic’ and defeat ‘Covid19’, and that all Americans will be eligible to receive their shot starting May 1. If enough of us comply, he says, we will be allowed to have small family gatherings on July 4, celebrating on this Independence Day our newfound ‘freedom’ from the ‘pandemic’, but not from the tyrannical new normal, as big gatherings will still be prohibited and we all must still continue to wear our ritualistic masks and practice social distancing and other health guidelines, adhering to all the latest Covid1984 measures even after injection. And if we don’t comply and roll up our sleeves, then dictator Biden might just have to lock us all down again to show us just who’s boss, and how disobedient slaves are treated.

Ironically, the threats of new lockdowns and related measures follow the emergence of ample evidence over the course of the past year that the lockdowns were deadlier than the ‘pandemic’ itself, not only known to have sharply increased poverty and starvation across the entire planet, but with a recent UN report even finding that the 2020 lockdowns caused the death of at least 228,000 children in South Asia alone.

Furthermore, at least 27 studies have also found that lockdowns had little to no effect whatsoever against the spread of the so-called virus.

Studies since March 2020 have documented and assessed the impacts of mass quarantining of healthy populations, a policy never attempted before in modern medicine. A precept in medicine is first do no harm, but lockdowns are proven to do much harm for little or no good.

Summary, study citations and links to all 27 studies proving lockdowns didn’t do what all the politicians and ‘experts’ insisted they did, can be found at Principia Scientific International (in article published in January, 2021):

Ignoring all sense of reason, available scientific studies and thousands of dissenting medical professionals around the world in favor of the new Covid1984 ‘science’ - that is the proclamations and general consensus of the approved ‘experts’ (priests) of the new religion - Biden instead insisted that he will not relent until his goal to vaccinate the entire US population is reached, a statement backed up by the multimillion dollar ad campaign aimed at overcoming ‘vaccine hesitancy’ that will be kicked off in the next few weeks.

On March 15, Business Insider reported the White House was set to launch $1.5 billion ad campaign, while a CNN report published the same day described the coming ads as “part of $250 million Biden administration campaign,” so the exact cost is uncertain. Either way, the White House is set to soon launch a targeted ad campaign funded by hundreds of millions of your taxpayer dollars in a desperate attempt to convince you to do something they know you do not want to do. That sounds like coercion tactics to me, and worst of all they are using Americans’ money against Americans, because attempting to blackball them into compliance with threats of new lockdowns and scary new variants isn’t effective enough anymore. That just shows how persistent this ‘vaccine hesitancy’ has become, and there’s good reason so many of us are so hesitant or straight up unwilling to go along with the agenda, reasons that will not be honestly addressed by the propaganda machine, if they are addressed at all. This is because the reality of adverse reactions caused by these experimental injections challenge the ‘safe and effective’ mantra being mindlessly repeated by those who deny the vast majority of injuries and deaths following injection as even potentially being caused by the ‘vaccine’, even when occurring just minutes or hours after injection, and sometimes within a few days.

This White House ad campaign will include numerous different ads, featuring a variety of “unique messages for different groups within the US,” each one targeting a different subset of those who are hesitant to be experimented upon by corrupt, criminal organizations. They will also feature “trusted messengers” from outside government in an attempt to sway the opinions of those who distrust the government.

As the top photo indicates, another tactic now being employed is for a corporate chain to offer a “sweet incentive” for members of the public to get the injection, with Krispy Kreme announcing on Monday, March 22 that it would be giving away a free doughnut to anyone who offered proof of vaccination by showing their vaccination card.

No purchase necessary, and best of all, you can take advantage of the offer all year long, getting one free doughnut every day, all year long in exchange for two experimental injections manufactured by corrupt, criminal enterprises who are profiting off of your fear (or in this case possibly desperation for free doughnuts).

Would you like some free diabetes with your Bell’s Palsy, maybe a ticket to a life of chronic disease alongside your entry into the game of Russian roulette sponsored by Bill Gates & Co.? Offer valid all day, every day, all year long at every Krispy Kreme location in all 41 states in which the franchise operates.

Like some other corporate chains, Krispy Kreme is also offering paid time off to employees who get the shot as motivational incentive, 4 hours to be exact, and company leadership said it hopes other chains start offering similar incentives to customers, like it did with its doughnut giveaway, to support those who get the ‘vaccine’.

Like little kids, we are now being offered little rewards for our cooperation and punishments for our hesitancy to obey, as the social engineers are slowly training the population to go in the direction the establishment wants it to go.

In other news, the propaganda machine has been kept busy combating the widespread safety concerns related to the AstraZeneca injection, particularly over possible links to rare blood clots and deaths observed across Europe, causing over 20 countries to cancel or pause injections with the AstraZeneca shot.

No worries though, AstraZeneca itself has now announced that upon review, its injection actually appears to lower risk of blood clots among the vaccinated, and its latest Phase 3 trial results allegedly show it to be 100% effective, if you can believe that, providing “100% efficacy against severe or critical disease and hospitalization.”

This is despite its trial protocols (along with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s) set up to determine success based upon reduction in mild symptoms, not severe symptoms or hospitilizations... As summarized in the New York Times in September, 2020:

To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.

And just to be clear, AstraZeneca isn’t the only ‘vaccine’ causing safety concerns, with a wide range of adverse effects being reported by thousands of recipients all around the world, recipients of all of the experimental mRNA injections that have been deployed, a number of these being serious injuries including hundreds of deaths.


And while allegedly 100% effective in stopping severe symptoms and hospitalizations, the AstraZeneca injection was only deemed 79-80% effective in “preventing symptomatic coronavirus” in general, whatever that means in relation to the 100% efficacy claim... But best of all, it is totally safe, they say, as “the independent monitoring board (DSMB) found no safety concerns related to the vaccine,” none whatsoever, according to a company statement.

This would truly be a medical miracle, as no vaccine in the history of vaccines has been 100% effective with no safety issues at all! But if you just believe in them, the Big Pharma gods can work miracles for you, even if those miracles only end up being in your mind.

Meanwhile the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has, upon review, also determined that it is safe and “does not raise the overall risk of blood clots,” however they were not able to rule out that the ‘vaccine’ may be linked to such blood clotting in very few, rare, cases. Classic Orwellian Covid1984 doublespeak. Of course they had insisted that it was safe before their review, urging countries to continue their AstraZeneca vaccination programs even before safety reviews had been conducted and completed, so it seems their assessment was predetermined. But France, Germany and Italy have since resumed AstraZeneca vaccination, so it must be safe!

Although, on March 23, CBS News did report that:

AstraZeneca may have used "outdated information" when it released data from a late-stage trial of its COVID-19 vaccine early Monday, federal officials say.

While the company touted its most recent trial results as indicating a 100% safe and effective ‘vaccine’, the DSMB expressed concern that by using outdated information, it “may have provided an incomplete view of how truly effective the injection really is.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said "The DSMB expressed concern that AstraZeneca may have included outdated information from that trial, which may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data.

And then the Norwegian experts who did their own independent review of the rare blood clots found in three Norwegian patients who had been jabbed with the AstraZeneca injection and resulted in one death, came to a completely different conclusion, confirming their theory that it was in fact the experimental ‘vaccine’ that caused the immunity disorder responsible for the blood clots. They announced their findings on March 18.


“The reason for the condition of our patients has been found”, chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme announced to Norwegian national newspaper VG today.

“In collaboration with experts in the field from the University Hospital of North Norway HF,” they found the specific antibodies responsible, and after ruling out all other possibilities, concluded the ‘vaccine’ was the only possible cause. “Our theory that this is a powerful immune response which most likely was caused by the vaccine has been found,” the chief physician explained.

When asked to clarify why he says “most likely” in the quote, Holme confidently responds that the reason for these rare cases of blood clots has been found.

“We have the reason. Nothing but the vaccine can explain why these individuals had this immune response”, he states.

I suppose when they tell us to blindly ‘trust the experts,’ they don’t mean these experts! Only ‘experts’ who espouse ‘facts’ that support the narrative that all vaccines are totally safe and effective are allowed, all others are automatically conspiratorial misinformation if they challenge the establishment narrative in any way, shape or form whatsoever. Which is increasingly difficult to do, as even the approved ‘experts’ are contradicting themselves on a nearly daily basis at this point.

A Georgian nurse also had a severe allergic reaction from the AstraZeneca injection that immediately sent her into anaphylactic shock, and then led to her untimely death. Ironically, this 27 y/o nurse had insisted during a public televised statement at the time of her injection that vaccination was “necessary”, right before she fell into shock.

As reported by RT, her death is “leading to fears that many locals will now be wary of being inoculated,” as opposed to leading to fears that more of those who do get inoculated end up falling ill or dying like this unfortunate nurse. This just shows how the elite and the propagandists look at humanity, not caring about our health and safety but only about whether or not we get the injection. This disturbing attitude is quite telling, and can be seen all throughout the propaganda.

Canada also seems to be at the forefront of the propaganda charge to ‘overcome vaccine hesitancy.’ In fact if you type the phrase “overcome vaccine hesitancy” into your search engine, you’ll find new results being pumped out almost by the hour. It has become THE focal point of the propaganda machine.

One CBC piece informs us that: “Manitoba's premier says he understands the importance in rolling up his sleeves in public to overcome vaccine hesitancy,” sending the clear message that vaccination for our leaders isn’t primarily about stopping a ‘pandemic’ or protecting themselves against a ‘virus’, but only about convincing the masses to take their injection. He ‘has to get a vaccine’, but only to convince the Canadian population to accept it, at least that was his message when interviewed on whether or not he was open to getting jabbed in public as part of a photo op publicity stunt aimed at helping to ‘overcome vaccine hesitancy’.

"I want Manitobans to get vaccines and I want to demonstrate that I think that's important, so I have to get a vaccine," he added. "On the other hand, I want Manitobans to get their vaccines, too."

The contradictions in the propaganda are also easily seen, with some ‘experts’ insisting ‘anti-vaxxers’ are overwhelmingly white, while others speak of overcoming the widespread hesitancy among blacks and other minorities.

In “How one public health advocate is overcoming vaccine hesitancy in her community,” one young Canadian female ‘public health’ junky focuses her efforts on minorities, particularly blacks, who are described as particularly ‘vaccine hesitant’ due to a history of racism, discrimination and criminal medical experimentation upon the black community, such as in the famous unethical Tuskegee experiments, where US authorities, while promising participants they were giving them medical treatment, instead gave them placebos and allowed their illness to worsen in order to study the disease, in this case syphilis.

Despite acknowledging that the skepticism is warranted based on corrupt and unethical history in government (and Big Pharma, I might add), she somehow misses the point that the same corrupt entities could in this case also be acting in a corrupt or unethical fashion. We must blindly trust them this time, because they truly care about us and have our best interests at heart this one time. Her method of holding community presentations at local, trusted locations, as she has done at places of worship during their Sunday services, is aimed at getting her audiences to let their guard down and trust her, as she is one of the “trusted messengers” spoken of by Bill Gates and the other ‘experts’, people who are more likely to be trusted by the local community.

Elsewhere, however, ‘experts’ insist that: “The overwhelming whiteness of the anti-vaccine movement is worth noting,” claiming that this group is “fundamentally led and funded by the right wing, particularly unregulated quackery,” apparently oblivious to the wholesale medical quackery being sold to the publicon a global scale, now part and parcel of the establishment pandemic narrative.

So are those hesitant to take the experimental injection overwhelmingly white, or particularly found among minorities, especially the African American community? I would imagine actually both as polls have revealed, and that such narratives focusing on one group or the other exclusively are meant to further perpetuate the black vs. white agenda to keep Americans as divided as possible, when in all reality there are millions of Americans of all colors, creeds, backgrounds and political affiliations that are all united in their skepticism and opposition to the tyrannical Covid1984 agenda and the emerging technocracy.

And so they must be vigilant in their propaganda efforts, trying to get at us through “trusted messengers,” which include prominent preachers and televangelists. While many pastors are admittedly anti-vaccine, advocating that their members refuse the injection, others are attempting to persuade their fellow preachers to not only drop their anti-vaccine stance, but actively push the jab on their congregations. Not least of these is the son of the famous Billy Graham, not only urging fellow pastors to support the vaccination campaign, but going so far as to absurdly claim that if Jesus was alive today, he definitely would have used the ‘vaccines’ being touted as God’s gift to mankind.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), in “Franklin Graham Urges Clergy to Support COVID Vaccines, Says Jesus Would Have Used Them Too“. , states that, “evangelist Franklin Graham is urging pastors to encourage their congregations to trust in the vaccines.”

Not trust in God, or Jesus, or even in the power of their own God-given immune system or the power of belief now documented by modern science with the ‘placebo effect’, but trust in vaccines. This is a new religion, folks, and even the religious elite appear to be eagerly selling their souls to the beast, not unsurprisingly in many cases I guess, urging congregants and other pastors to shift their trust from the Creator to the almighty ‘vaccine’, their new god and savior, ol’ Jabbo.

“I would hope that the pastors in the pulpit would tell people how they can be saved from God's judgment," Graham said. "I think for a pastor to tell someone not to take the vaccine is problematic because what would happen if that person got coronavirus and died?"

"I think if there were vaccines available in the time of Christ, Jesus would have made reference to them and used them," he added.

Maybe he has forgotten his own theology, that teaches Christians go to heaven to be with Jesus when they die, now absurdly claiming that a spiritual healer who is said to have had the power even to make the blind see and raise the dead back to life would have run to the experimental injections manufactured by corrupt criminal enterprises like Pfizer. Makes a lot of sense, but he isn’t alone.

It’s a shame more Christians don’t see the irony of pushing this ‘vaccine’ on its adherents, when they’ve warned for decades that the ‘antichrist’ who will ‘deceive the whole world’ will be coming soon to setup a tyrannical beast system requiring all humans to receive its mark, the ‘mark of the beast that ‘without which no man might buy or sell’, even as we are being quietly but consistently told through predictive programming that soon all of the basic services of society will be denied to those without vaccine passports.

Even the Catholic authorities who object to vaccines made from fetal stem cell lines due to the fact they were initially derived from and necessitated abortions appear to be accepting these ones and recommending them to members, as only the J&J ‘vaccine’ is said to use fetal cell lines, with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s thus given the go ahead by most Catholic leadership. Even the Catholic Church in Tanzania stood against the country’s president on his anti-vaccine stance, begging him to comply with the destructive directives of the imperialist technocratic Covid1984 agenda, and he was even a member of their church!

Ironically, one fellow Virginian minister who took the shot that all these vaccine-worshipping preachers are pushing on fellow clergymen is no longer around to spread this message of ‘hope’ to her own congregation, because she fell ill and died just hours after receiving the experimental Pfizer injection.

She is just one of hundreds of similar cases of deaths following injection with these experimental mRNA shots, but the media and entire medical establishment claims, every single time, that there is no evidence linking the deaths to the vaccine, even when these deaths occur minutes after vaccination! It’s the same story every time, they know it’s not the ‘vaccine’ because the ‘vaccine’ was proven safe in trials, but an investigation to look for the cause will be conducted. How can they know what it wasn’t before they’ve investigated what it was? This is the insanity of the vaccine-worshipers.

It’s like someone getting their hand bitten off after sticking their arm into a lion’s mouth, and the observers stating that there’s no evidence it was the lion because the lions they’ve studied don’t bite off human hands, so they’ll investigate to see what actually caused it, but it’s definitely not the lion! This reasoning is absurd, and it breeds the insanity we’re currently seeing unfold before our eyes. But insanity is exactly what we’re being indoctrinated to accept as ‘normal’, forming the very foundation of the new normal.

Such insanity can be seen in one Norwegian media outlet, the author of this particular piece such a blind adherent to the new religion that she entitled her article published on March 14 (as translated by Google): “I like to die from the AstraZeneca Vaccine”


Her opening paragraph says it all, if the title itself didn’t:

It probably sounds very brutal. But some must be sacrificed in the war against the corona. That's the way it is in all wars. This time it may well be me.

This is the ideology society is being indoctrinated into accepting as ‘normal’, as we are programmed to become willing to offer up even our own lives as a sacrifice to Big Pharma on the alter of the almighty Jabbo, in the name of safety from a ‘virus’ that admittedly has a 99.9% survival rate. This particular lady then goes on to brag about her willingness to receive even a dangerous experimental injection:

But even if it turns out that it is the AstraZeneca vaccine that has caused blood clots or cerebral haemorrhage, I have no doubt: If I get the offer, I will take it anyway.

Because, sorry to say it so bluntly: Someone has to sacrifice in order for the rest to be safe.

Because the ‘vaccine’ is the only way out, our only salvation from an invisible enemy that is verifiably not even a threat, if it even exists at all... Just like the endless ‘war on terror’.

And we're still at war. Against the corona. And our only weapon is vaccines. Vaccines are simply the way out of trenches. The road to peace.

This is sickening, this is the result of brainwashing, the result of the spell of fear that the high priests of the new religion have cast upon the earth. Interestingly, the word translated ‘sorcery’ in the Bible is the Greek word pharmakeia, which is also the root of pharmaceuticals. It means drug-related sorcery, such as the practice of magical arts. Specifically, black magic is defined as magic used to overrule the free will of others, and that is exactly what the high priests of the new religion are doing with their spells, their propaganda campaigns, the fear, and the selling of an experimental injection as legitimate medicine and the solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. They are practicing black magic, Big Pharma cartels are the pharmakeia sorcerers of the modern age, and the new Covid1984 ‘science’ based upon decree rather than actual research and medical studies is their religion. Their drugs cause so many ‘side effects’ that people end up taking 20 pills just for one health issue because they won’t treat root cause but only the symptoms, while their television programming convinces you to buy these synthetic poisons that cause more harm than good, and they profit off of your chronic disease. That is pure evil, and some of them are proven to be criminal cartels, and yet they are allowed to continue to operate as such because politicians of both parties and all regulatory agencies are in their pockets, along with a whole host of doctors they bribe as well.

They are so intent on getting this injection into every man, woman and child on the planet that the ‘experts’ are now saying vaccinating children is key to ending the ‘pandemic’, despite children standing at literally a 0% chance of death or serious illness from ‘Covid19’, officially not considered ‘super spreaders’, and schools actually having been found one of the safest places with the least spread of this so-called ‘virus’. But we must inject the children with a mostly ineffective, demonstrably unsafe, rushed experimental ‘vaccine’ that hasn’t even yet been fully tested on adults and isn’t even approved by the FDA. Because that makes so much sense, only in the framework of those who are worshiping a vaccine, and only to those who aren’t concerned about ‘stopping a pandemic’ but rather only with their agenda of global vaccination.

No matter, the ‘vaccine’ trials in children have already begun, despite a history of vaccines adversely effecting children in ways unlike adults, often far worse. Swine flu vaccine effects in children are just one example.

From (Irish News), Swine-flu vaccine side-effects so bad 'that children were like schizophrenics':

Children who developed narcolepsy after being given the swine flu vaccine were affected by such serious sleep-disorder related conditions that some were initially thought to be suffering from schizophrenia.

Some of these widespread effects from that vaccine are truly horrendous:

Many suffer from cataplexy - loss of muscle tone - causing them to collapse like a puppet when experiencing extreme emotions. They also suffer from sleep paralysis, rendering them unable to move while they experience hallucinations.

But let’s just pretend it’s totally safe and normal and acceptable to be testing a rushed, unapproved, experimental injection featuring never-before-used mRNA technology that has thousands of reported adverse effects across all user groups and ages, with J&J even planning to test it in infants as young as 6 months old...

Meanwhile the ‘experts’ are still quietly talking about the need to ‘make vaccines mandatory’ as the only way to truly overcome the stubborn ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in the way of total vaccination, as recently as March 23.

“The most effective approach may involve the im­plementation of policies or regulations for certain activities,” including making vaccines mandatory for air travel, requiring them for work or to patronize certain businesses, the UH [University of Hawaii] report noted.

This will of course be accomplished with so-called immunity passports, that are really vaccination passports as natural immunity will not qualify citizens to receive one, only injection with the experimental shots.

It’s crystal clear exactly where this is heading, a society in which the only ‘choice’ that will allow a citizen to function is the choice to bow down at the alter of ol’ Jabbo in reverent worship of the almighty ‘vaccine’. No reason, no free thought, no questioning is allowed. Only belief, faith and trust in the ‘experts’, in the government, in the technocrats, in Big Pharma, and in the lies that they sell.

“I’m not asking what’s in the infusion. I’m not looking up all the ingredients in the infusion. I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.”

That’s the mantra they are implanting into the minds of the masses, that’s what the blind obedience of vaccine worship looks like, and it’s a perfect example of the only acceptable attitude for initiates of the new world religion, and it truly should be the new Covid1984 pledge of allegiance! Although I’m not sure why she’s calling it an “infusion” rather than an “injection,” honest mistake, ignorance, or a Freudian slip, perhaps, if she’s a paid propagandist rather than a genuine believer?

Welcome to the Orwellian technocratic new normal, and in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, it ain’t never goin’ away until We The People stand up and make it go away, by refusing to take the tyranny, the fear and the insanity any longer.

The world is waking up, thus necessitating such relentless, prolific propaganda campaigns, so the only question is whether we are waking up fast enough to stop this agenda, and whether enough of us who are awake will stand together to put an end to the madness.

Additional links to video content not referenced here and references for non-linked material cited above.

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