Vaccine Casualties & Post-Injection Covid: Over 44,000 Adverse Reactions Including 2,050 Deaths Reported in US & Pattern of Vaccination Seemingly Causing Deadly ‘Covid19’ Outbreaks


Vaccine Injuries Keep Stacking Up

As the vaccine-pushers continue to relentlessly insist the unapproved experimental injections are ‘safe and effective’, a disturbing trend seen over the first few months of this global vaccination campaign paints an entirely different picture. Consistent increase in reported number of adverse effects including death casts serious doubt on their safety, while an increasing number of post-vaccination ‘Covid19’ cases, outbreaks and deaths also seem to indicate they are not truly ‘effective’, and in fact may be causing or increasing the severity of ‘Covid19’ outbreaks.

In the first 3 months of this experimental vaccination campaign, according to the VAERS data published every Friday by the CDC, through March 19 there have been 44,606 total adverse events reported in the US alone, including 2,050 deaths, 7,095 serious injuries, 4,442 hospitalizations, 1,318 life threatening events, 826 permanent disabilities and 52 birth defects. There have been a total of 2,306 reports of anaphylaxis due to allergic reactions to toxic ingredients, 97 reports of pregnant women having miscarriages or premature birth out of a total of 321 adverse events in pregnant women, 535 cases of Bell’s Palsy, and a growing number of sudden deaths, some caused by shutdown of the heart/liver/kidneys.

Approximately 30% of the deaths are heart related, 30% occur within the first 48 hours following injection, and about half occur in the wake of illness that sets in during the first 48 hours. An increasing number of the young and healthy are among the dead and seriously injured.

There have also been reports of neurological harm leading to permanent brain damage, paralysis, blindness, sleep disorders, headaches that do not respond to medication, and much more, including numerous reports of tingling sensations sweeping the body and lingering or reoccurring later, severe fatigue/depression/memory loss/brain fog, falling ill with severe flu-like symptoms and/or fever for several days, along with various heart and blood related issues. And now, even some deaths following ‘Covid19’ or Covid-symptoms are being reported, which further supports the theory that some of these injections may be causing ‘Covid19’, or are at least responsible for worsening symptoms in those who are exposed to the ‘virus’ post-vaccination (or whatever disease(s) is/are being labeled as ‘Covid19’).

The CDC is supposed to investigate every single reported death, but refuses to respond to multiple requests by the Children’s Health Defense to clarify if and how such investigations are being carried out, along with related questions regarding safety concerns the CDC won’t publicly address.

Blood clots and at least one associated death are now also confirmed to have been caused by the most recently deployed AstraZeneca injection which is not yet authorized for use in the US, confirmed by experts following investigations carried out in both Norway and Germany, and yet is declared safe and back in use in many countries across Europe after pauses over these safety concerns, although Canada added a warning label to the injections there about risk of blood clots. AstraZeneca also made the news when it paused one of its safety trials back in the fall when a trial participant suddenly developed Bell’s Palsy and was at least temporarily partially paralyzed, so this condition is likely not isolated to the mRNA injections either. A 27 y/o Georgian nurse also recently died from the anaphylactic shock caused by an AstraZeneca injection.

If the reported adverse reactions only account for 1% of total adverse reactions as historically has been demonstrated to be the case with the voluntary VAERS reporting system, then we are looking at a potential estimated 0.28% fatality rate (comparing March 5 reports with estimated March 5 total vaccinations), and even if 100% of events are being reported we are still dealing with a far higher death rate than the flu shot. For comparison the average ‘Covid19’ fatality rate according to the CDC is 0.26%, so there is a good chance the death rate of ‘Covid19’ said to be caused by the virus that still hasn’t been proven to exist is about equal to or just a hair less than the death rate of the unapproved experimental injections that are very real and demonstrably causing substantial harm.

Do the ‘benefits’ truly outweigh the risks? The evidence increasingly suggests no, absolutely not at all, particularly within the young healthy population that admittedly has a 99.9% survival rate from the so-called virus according to CDC data. Healthy young adults are among those being adversely effected and even killed by (immediately following) these experimental injections.

One such well known risk ignored by the vaccine-pushers and propaganda machine is ‘immune enhancement’, a condition caused by previous unapproved coronavirus vaccines that, in some recipients, causes far more severe disease than would otherwise occur if the vaccinated are later exposed to the ‘virus’.

Meanwhile, despite assurances this ‘vaccine’ is effective, it demonstrably does not confer immunity, it is not effective in stopping either ‘Covid19’ cases, even after two weeks following second dose when we are told total efficacy begins, or severe outbreaks. Even the mainstream media has recently been forced to admit that such ‘breakthrough’ cases are “popping up across the U.S.,” far more common than we would expect for an ‘effective vaccine’, particularly considering the likes of Senator Rand Paul and many other vaccine-pushers insisting that we are totally “safe” after a second dose and that there is absolutely no evidence of ‘cases’, hospitalizations or deaths after two weeks following a second dose of the injection, despite even the vaccine trials themselves showing that their concoctions did not prevent what are being deemed “breakthrough cases,” in other words revealing that it has been known for months that these injections wouldn’t stop recipients from catching or spreading the so-called virus.

In fact an FDA official even stressed at Pfizer safety meeting that the shot had not prevented symptomatic disease in vaccinated monkeys, although Pfizer insisted it did lessen the duration of the sickness...

So as the establishment vaccine-pushing authority figures continue to stress that mass vaccination is the key to ending the pandemic and returning to normal, the very same establishment has made it crystal clear than the pandemic will not end, ‘Covid19’ is likely with us forever, and even if we do totally eradicate it, things will never be going back to normal, as that would disrupt the plans for our technocratic future that are already in motion.


Even more troubling is the number of severe, deadly ‘Covid19’ outbreaks immediately following vaccination, particularly in nursing homes, retirement homes and other communities of old folk previously unaffected by the ‘virus’, which appears to indicate that these injections are either causing these ‘Covid19’ outbreaks, or responsible for inducing ‘immune enhancement’ in these elderly populations responsible for the severity and number of deaths being caused. Recipients have not and are not being given proper informed consent disclosure in this regard, neither trial participants nor the general public following deployment, both in the US, in Israel, and all across Europe.

As a comparison to the following suspicious examples of exceedingly high post-vaccination ‘Covid19’ death rates, the average ‘Covid19’ fatality rate in the most at-risk elderly (70+) is about 5%. And that doesn’t take into account that a large number of those deaths attributed to ‘Covid19’ are admittedly actually caused by underlying, pre-existing conditions (as many as 94% according to CDC data), with health officials openly admitting that even dying cancer patients in their last week of life for example will be listed as a Covid case if they receive a positive PCR test prior to death, tests that are admittedly expected to produce a 90+% rate of false positives at the current cycle threshold of 35-40 used across the US (and shown in independent lab tests to produce only 3% rate of true positives equating to potential 97% rate of false positives!)

And as the propaganda machine continues to pummel us with absurd fear-inducing propaganda and threats of more tyrannical measures if we don’t comply with alternative tyrannical measures, we should keep in mind that: “Even among those in the most heavily impacted age group (85 and older), only 13.3 percent of all deaths since February 2020 were due to COVID-19.”

The ‘pandemic’, if there ever was one, is by now long over, and Americans (and people the world over) are being played by psychopathic technocrats hellbent on injecting the entire global population with their experimental concoction that may not only prove to be both unsafe and ineffective, but also a major cause of continued ‘Covid19 outbreaks’, along with so-called ‘long covid’ and ‘long-haul’ symptoms (some of which can also be caused by long term mask use), all used as justification for perpetuation of their Scamdemic and the biosecurity state born in its wake, and of course the steady march to global tyrannical technocracy.

Post-Vaccination ‘Covid19’ Outbreaks & Deaths

“A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin.”

On December 29, exactly one week following vaccination of 193 nursing home residents at a NY nursing home, a string of coronavirus deaths begin, leaving 24 dead in less than two weeks, the first recorded covid deaths in the nursing home since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ all the way back in March. The ‘Covid19’ outbreak is said to have started on December 21 due to ‘post-Thanksgiving surge’, literally the day before the injections were given to the residents, with a total of 137 reported positive cases since.

24 deaths out of 139 Corona cases = 17.2% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate, 24 of 193 vaccinated = 12.4% post-vaccination fatality rate.

9 retired Catholic nuns in Michigan die in ‘Covid19’ outbreak in days immediately following vaccination of all retirement home residents in January, outbreak officially declared just 1 day before injections were given. 9 of 46 corona cases = 19.5% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate, 12 total deaths that month out of approximately 200 total residents = ~ 4.5-6% post-vaccination fatality rate.

Outbreak occurred despite stringent quarantine measures:

After more than nine months without a COVID-19 case among residents, the Adrian Dominican Sisters announced an outbreak on Jan. 14. It said “stringent protocols,” including quarantines, were being followed.

(Vaccination of residents took place on January 15.)

3 nuns in Kentucky monastery of 35 die in ‘Covid19’ outbreak declared 2 days following vaccination of residents in which 80% or 28 nuns are declared to be infected (2 initial deaths, 1 later reported following hospitalization without recovery), = 10.7% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate or 8.5% post-vaccination fatality rate. Again, stringent lockdown of the monastery and Covid-free conditions for months until vaccination began leads to questions of how the ‘virus’ got in...

The question is: How did the coronavirus get in? During the pandemic, the sisters of St. Walburg closed the monastery to visitors and held no religious services in the hopes of staying healthy.

Until last week, that was the case.

"We were very shocked by it because we’ve been extremely closed-down. We have not gone anywhere to speak of, and we haven’t had visitors,” said Sub Prioress Nancy Kordenbrock.

According to local news, outbreak was declared 2 days following vaccination of residents...

But according to an AFP ‘fact-check’ that never actually debunked the headline it deemed misinformation, one nun told the news agency that one of the sick nuns had actually tested positive just before the vaccination campaign, supposedly ‘debunking’ the possibility that injections caused the outbreak (but not ruling out the possibility that the injections may have ultimately been the cause of the severity of the outbreak and associated deaths via ‘immune enhancement’ well known to be caused by other unapproved coronavirus vaccines of the past):

9 of 25 coronavirus patients die in “severe post-vaccination Covid-19 outbreak” in Irish nursing home in January that was declared a week following injection of the residents, with 25 in the 50-bed facility deemed ‘Covid19’ positive, rendering a 36% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate or 18%+ post-vaccination fatality rate:

8 of 31 vaccinated German nursing home occupants die in weeks following injection in January = 25.8% post-vaccination fatality rate, with onset of illness eventually leading to death immediate (beginning on the same day of injection), 11 of remaining living occupants fall ill with the very same symptoms following second dose. Several of these 31 elderly dementia patients who were otherwise extremely healthy for their old age were forcibly injected (and swabbed/tested) against their will in the presence of German soldiers used to intimidate them, while not a single one of them was able to give informed consent as they were not informed of known risks including possible immune enhancement. All tested ‘Covid19’-negative prior to injections, many tested positive in the days following injection, however the symptoms of their illness doesn’t match common ‘Covid19’ symptoms:

Compare every above example to the almost certainly overinflated 5% mortality rate experienced/expected in typical ‘Covid19’ outbreaks prior to vaccination in these same elderly populations, and then please tell me how anyone can continue to insist that there is not something sinister going on here.

As anyone who simply reports these facts is censored, smeared, discounted as crazy, ridiculed, ‘fact checked’ and increasingly forced out of ‘normal’ society, the number of medical doctors around the world who are asking these important questions, demanding answers and requesting investigations into these reported vaccine harms grows by the day, many begging people to refuse injection with these ‘vaccines’ and not to subject themselves to this mass human experimentation project being run by convicted career criminals, lying politicians and demented psychopaths who literally believe that they as the ‘elite’ have the right to own the rest of us human beings as if we are their property. No matter how many thousands of physicians come forward and risk their careers to publicly decry the madness, speak out against the Orwellian Covid1984 agenda, and oppose the global vaccination agenda as they warn of the dangers of these experimental injections in particular, they are only increasingly heavily censored, as their questions, concerns and warnings fall on deaf ears.

Whatever we are dealing with here, we are being lied to, we are being manipulated, and sweeping violations of basic human rights including violations of informed consent requirements are occurring across the entire planet as the march towards mandatory vaccination continues, with the whole human race being used as Big Pharma guinea pigs in what may end up being the single largest eugenics project since WWII.

The Covid Cult must be stopped, along with the insanity their tyrannical new normal has bred.

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