Mask Litter, Vaccine Casualties & 2 Pressing Questions to Bring Down the Entire Scamdemic Narrative


Mask Madness

Just one more additional negative side effect of the insane Covid1984 ‘pandemic’ measures being foisted upon humanity is a major increase in litter all across the planet, with masks having now become a leading source of common litter. The photo above showcases five masks and two disposable gloves found in the fairly remote Arizona national forest where I’m currently camping, with four of the masks found far from any motorized roads. Even more so than other common litter, it is unlikely anyone else will ever pick them up and properly dispose of them, so I did the honors, taking care not to touch them.

This is a far from isolated problem, and I have personally seen masks as a source of litter, often the main or only source of litter in some areas, from big cities to the most rural areas, from Montana to Washington, and from California to Arizona, the issue being is as widespread as masking has become. The problem is particularly bad in cities, however, where masks are scattered across parking lots, on the side of highways, and alongside sidewalks, which really speaks to the quality of people who are wearing masks, considering public trash cans are often abundant in the cities where the highest number of masks are piling up in all places outside of those same trash cans. The problem is so bad that lawn care workers have reported finding masks lying in the lawns they mow, and people on the coast have found countless masks accumulating in the oceans, which had already essentially become the world’s biggest trash dump.


Now, 1.56 million masks are estimated to have entered the oceans in 2020 to add to this already worsening dilemma. And a France-based maritime environmental research institution found masks littered in all ten of the European rivers they surveyed last June.

The mask litter is also harming wildlife, swallowed by some land animals, mistaken as food by dolphins, entangling penguin legs, and even seen being chewed on by monkeys.


It isn’t just masks either, but also a massive increase in other ‘pandemic’-related items and countless pounds of excess plastic litter washing up on our shores and lining our streets - all a result of the global Covid1984 measures.

“Our streets, beaches and ocean have been hit by a tidal wave of COVID-19 waste including plastic face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer bottles and food packaging," a 2020 UN report said.

All projections indicate that this epidemic of ‘pandemic’ litter will only worsen as time goes on, with the effects lasting for many years, probably decades following the end of universal masking, if that day even ever actually arrives.

It is interesting that the same authorities relentlessly pushing universal masking are strangely silent on this new epidemic of litter, just as they are strangely silent on the epidemics of global hunger and poverty their ‘pandemic’ policies have also directly caused. The irony and hypocrisy of their silence on the issue of mask litter lies in the fact that these same establishment talking heads have for some time now been repeating the mantra, “build back better,” almost always accompanied by calls for a green world as a part of the ‘new normal’ going forward, a green future, and favorable policies for the protection of the earth and her resources. Sounds great in theory, but these policies apparently don’t include the simple step of insisting that if you wear a mask, you are responsible for ensuring your mask ends up in a trash bin and not as another source of litter on an already overly polluted planet.

Even then, many of the masks that do end up in landfills just blow away to end up scattered across our lands, along our beaches, in our streams, rivers, and oceans anyway. Considering the masks have been shown
to be neither safe nor effective, the better solution is to obviously just not wear one at all.

A CNN report covered the issue of mask litter last June, but ironically not a single US official or major covid ‘expert’ typically seen guiding ‘pandemic’ policy was cited, showing just who doesn’t care to speak out about such pressing issues - those whose policies are responsible for creating them. The same can be said for just about all the other negative effects the global ‘pandemic’ response has caused. It continues to become increasingly evident that these ‘authorities’ just don’t care about solving any of the real problems facing humanity and this planet, only about pushing self serving corporate agendas.

There are calls for fining and even jailing those who refuse to wear a mask, but no calls for fines for mask littering. There are calls for carbon taxes too, but strangely no calls for the end of the military industrial complex, this country’s single leading source of pollution and non-renewable energy consumption. So it is once again clear that those speaking of “building back better” are only interested in building a better world for themselves and their corporate empire of materialistic consumerism and perpetual war, which I think it would be safe to say, together form a larger source of pollution than the entire general population combined.

Bill Gates talks about a green future and about eradicating the meat industry for global sustainability, but not a peep about mask litter or his star model for the new technocratic world order, China, and its role in the wholesale slaughter of dogs and cats for food and fur, not to mention it also being the world’s number one source of air pollution. But I’m sure him and his ilk have our best interests and the interests of our furry friends and the planet at heart when they make their ‘philanthropic’ calls for whatever they happen to be calling for, because it surely couldn’t be about their own interests and profit. They have been deemed philanthropists, after all...

The various ‘authorities’ and ‘experts’ and media talking heads won’t stop their incessant calls for universal masking and the importance of vaccination for all, but they can’t be bothered to address the issue of mask litter, let alone to even stress the importance of proper mask use, if indeed the push for masks had anything at all to do with our health and safety.

If they really want this ‘new normal’ to somehow help create a green future, then it seems they’re gonna have to start making all the masks green, because as far as I can tell that’s the only way a green earth is going to come out of all this Covid1984 universal masking insanity.

But this hypocrisy pales in comparison to the greater implication of the silence on this issue when one simply takes a closer looks at the mask narrative, and realizes that if the covid narrative were at all real, then the silence on the issue of mask litter is far more sinister than the political hypocrisy we’ve become so accustomed to accepting as normal in this clown world.

Universal masking, they say, is so vitally important to stop a really dangerous, deadly virus, they say, because it can help stop the spread from all the ‘asymptomatic carriers’ everywhere we turn to the rest of us who have apparently somehow not yet been exposed. Masks do this, they say, by catching virus particulates from our mouths and noses when we sing, talk, breathe, cough and so forth. Masks are admittedly only 50-90% effective, however, meaning some virus particulates get through the mask and are therefore trapped on both the inside and outside surfaces of the masks. These used masks, a great many of them now clearly dangerous and deadly biohazards, are in turn being carelessly thrown out in public spaces, the deadly virus in high concentration now left everywhere one turns to further spread the virus to innocent passerby’s, who are now at a high risk of death, or at least hospitalization, because of this reckless, unacceptable disposal of dangerous biohazard materials in every public place imaginable.

This would, if the establishment narrative held any water, further spread the virus to anyone who came within 6 feet of the mask, for another 24 hours after its initial disposal in any place other than an approved trash can. People who mistakenly step on a discarded mask could track the virus into every store they go on to shop in that day and even back to their house, spreading it to their poor kids or vulnerable grandma. And if you recall, that’s why we’re all supposed to be wearing masks to begin with, to protect grandma.

Also keep in mind that the virus will be in highest concentrations on the mask if the mask does its job as they say it does, especially since many people wear the mask all day or even multiple days before discarding it, making this a terribly pressing issue that somehow none of the ‘experts’ has thought to publicly address. They’ve had since at least June to launch a media campaign to counter this public health threat or at least get around to addressing the public a time or two, but I guess they’re just too busy cramming masks up our faces and needles into our arms to get around to it just yet.

None of the clowns continually insisting we wear the mask for ‘public health and safety’ is speaking up to address this issue on behalf of our health and safety, and this littering of the planet with dangerous, virus-laden masks has been going on for months now. This is absolutely unacceptable. And the question we should all be asking is, WHY? Why is this most pressing issue not being addressed? Why do they seem to not care about this major threat to health and safety, and why can’t they at least spare a media segment or two to demand we stop the mask litter, if not for the planet then for ‘public health and safety’?

The answer of course is the exact same answer to all of the questions that everyone should be asking about this ‘pandemic’, but that no establishment media outlet dares to touch with a ten foot pole.



Vaccine narrative crumbles as casualties soar

Meanwhile the US Senate just passed another $2 trillion ‘Covid stimulus’ package that will give a measly $1,400 check to most Americans, with the rest sent to line the pockets of the the same corporate cabal of pandemic profiteers that has been given trillions from the previous ‘stimulus’ packages along with the billions in profit from all of the other Covid1984 measures as well. And of course a large chunk of this cash is going to fund vaccine distribution, despite there already being more vaccine distributed than there are willing recipients, with entire batches piled up in warehouses going bad because people don’t want to take the experimental Big Pharma poison. But not even a few million dollars can be spared on education efforts to curb the mask litter problem, and they claim to care about the earth!

This leads to the second major question I will address in this post, arguably far more important, and that is why do they continue to rabidly push this dangerous, unapproved ‘vaccine’ on the entire general public as the most important end-all-be-all solution to the ‘pandemic’ when it admittedly neither offers immunity nor will it prevent the spread of the ‘virus’ (and in fact has been causing numerous ‘Covid19’ outbreaks), and has not even been tested to lessen severe symptoms (meaning it is for all intents and purposes ABSOLUTELY USELESS)?

Yes, the ‘vaccine’ is quite literally by the legal and medical definitions of a vaccine not even a vaccine at all, as vaccines must confer immunity, not just lessen mild symptoms, and by referring to these experimental shots as “vaccines” rather than gene therapies, “the U.S. government is violating its 15 U.S. Code Section 41, which regulates deceptive practices in medical claims.”

And yet this injection is being peddled as the grand ‘solution’ to a problem that has still to this day not yet been proven to exist, and if it does exist has a 99.9% survival rate in the healthy general population according to official CDC data. Furthermore, it is now being openly admitted that it won’t even ‘allow’ us to go back to life without masks (or end the others ‘pandemic’ measures either), despite the repeated promise that all of this ‘new normal’ BS was only going to be around until the vaccine was rolled out... Figure that one out.


So why the push for global vaccination when this vaccination by their own admission can’t infer immunity and won’t stop the spread of the ‘virus’ it is being deployed under the guise of fighting? Different question, but the very same answer. There is no pandemic, it’s all a scam, and Big Pharma is standing in line to be one of the biggest pandemic profiteers from this pandemic that never was, if only they can find a way to continue to inject their concoction into a largely unwilling population. I’m sure they’ll think of something, since their ‘vaccine shortage’ narrative hasn’t done much to increase the number of willing volunteers in this massive global human trial of this experimental whatever it is.

All I can say is there is a very good reason that over half of the country’s nurses won’t willingly get injected with this shot, and that is because they see firsthand the widespread damage it is causing in recipients and hear the stories from their fellow frontline workers, some of whom are unfortunate enough to experience these harms themselves. I know this as a matter of fact, because my sister is a nurse, and she canceled her vaccine appointment at the last minute after hearing numerous troubling reports from numerous colleagues about common adverse reactions.


This ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as they call it is not based upon a few fringe conspiracy theories and unfounded fears, but rather countless real life experiences of healthy people being severely harmed by what some doctors are now beginning to call a weapon, some even warning this vaccination campaign could be the start of a modern global holocaust. And still the push to vaccinate the whole world marches forward.

The establishment media and puppet politicians can call it ‘safe and effective’ all they want, but the world can clearly see that it is quite obviously far from safe, and the only thing it seems to be effective at doing is causing more deadly outbreaks of the very disease it is claimed to be designed to fight against, along with a whole host of other harms being called adverse reactions, many of these denied by the Mockingbird Media as having any correlation to the shot in spite of the unmistakeable connection glaring them in the face.

Crazy how when, time and time again, death immediately following injection with this experimental concoction in healthy members of the population is without exception immediately deemed ‘likely not due to vaccination’ (here’s just one of many such examples, covered in the mainstream news a while back, a healthy 58 y/o Virginia minister who dropped dead just hours after injection), but when anyone falls ill with practically any kind sickness at all these days, it is automatically deemed to be ‘Covid19’, no matter the symptoms. When the elderly die following injection, they explain it away as being normal, expected death among those in their last days, but when the elderly die following ‘Covid19’ diagnosis, it is deemed an unacceptable casualty of the deadly ‘virus’. The hypocrisy, doublespeak and outright deception could not be any more clear, and the deaths that keep stacking up are all too real.


This vaccination campaign is wrong, it’s dead wrong, and it must be brought to end. It’s making people sick, it’s causing severe allergic reactions, it’s paralyzing people, causing irreparable neurological damage, hospitalizing countless previously healthy members of the population, with even blindness and deafness now being reported following injection, and the death count is quickly stacking up, especially among the healthy elderly population, the same population in which the most ‘Covid19’ outbreaks have occurred immediately following nursing home vaccination campaigns.

Worst of all, injections are literally being forced upon unwilling elderly nursing home occupants in Germany, and reportedly elsewhere as well, with the health of most of these same forcibly injected elderly people beginning to quickly deteriorate immediately following vaccination, a number of them going on to die just days later. 8 dead out of 32 vaccinated is a staggering 25% death rate in this particular instance. Video footage documenting this horrific crime against humanity in a German nursing home, perpetrated against the most vulnerable among us, along with discussion of the points referenced in the following paragraph can be seen in the video report below, by @tlavagabond:

As the independent doctors who are investigating and keeping track of these reports are now saying, this clearly seems to be a case of homicide, if not outright murder; and everyone from the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these injections, those responsible for forcing them on unwilling recipients, the nurses giving out the shots, the governments funding these vaccination campaigns, the politicians and technocrats who are relentlessly pushing them on a largely unwilling populations, and the media outlets who are complicit in this crime against humanity are all implicated.

We can’t say the writing wasn’t already on the wall, just see my documentary exposing Bill Gates and his role in this global vaccination campaign I compiled just before the vaccine was unleashed on the public:

And all this for what, to stop a ‘virus’ that has a 99.5-99.9+% survival rate, with a ‘vaccine’ that is admittedly doing absolutely nothing to stop it? Of course not, it’s all about control, corporate profit, and possibly a far more sinister plan targeting specific ‘unwanted’ segments of society in what may turn out to be a massive global eugenics program, courtesy of yours truly, Bill Gates & Co. Time will tell, but what we do know with certainty is that the world has been scammed with the biggest hoax in modern history, and people are now paying the ultimate price with their health, their freedom and even their lives. It’s wrong, it’s dead wrong, and it must be brought to an end. The whole world is waking up to the truth, but what are we going to do about it?


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