Mandatory Mask Mania Marches On as Montana Joins States With Executive Mandates


I was a little shocked to discover that the Montana Governor has through executive order on Wednesday issued a statewide mandate requiring people to wear masks in all public places of business and public gatherings. It only applies to 25 counties though, those with four or more cases, but somehow this (four cases in a county) is now a health “emergency” necessitating the emergency order mandate!


Despite many Montanans already wearing masks, he needs MORE of us to “mask up,” so he used the executive power widely handed over to him by the legislature in response to this so-called medical emergency to issue this nonsensical and useless freedom-trampling mandate.

“Many Montanans answered the call to mask up – a call that came from our hospitals, nurses, and doctors, our vibrant small business community, our frontline workers, and our high-risk neighbors,” Governor Bullock said. “I thank all of those who take seriously their personal responsibility and their role in stopping COVID-19. But we need even more Montanans, and the visitors who come here, to mask up.”

And we can expect this to be exactly how the vaccine rollout will be pushed through. At first it will be voluntary, then required by corporate chains and states through executive order when ‘enough’ people don’t ‘vaccinate-up’. The writing is clearly on the wall. All they have to do is scream pandemic and the mindless masses will bow to their every wish and whim, it’s insane.

Montana and Alabama are two of the most recent states (or should I say their dictators) to jump on this trend of enforcing statewide mask-wearing mandates, making the growing total of states jumping on the insanity bandwagon now up to 36.

Meanwhile Walmart has just announced that it will be enforcing a similar mask-wearing mandate starting on July 20 on all customers nationwide, which will also cover states not yet mandating masks. And Texas ‘law enforcement’ is now pushing people to wear masks even while in their own homes! See video below.

A Texas sheriff argues that, while masks which are already mandatory in all public areas in Texas supposedly protect the public from the virus, people who leave their homes might contract the virus and thus should for the sake of safety continue wearing their mask while at home. If they only listened to their own arguments, the nonsensical nature of their requests and mandates would be quite apparent... Either masks work, or they don’t. And if they won’t stop you from contracting the virus while in public, how the hell will they help stop the spread to those in your home?!? How stupid do they think the people really are?

This tyrannical nonsensical nightmare is reaching levels of insanity I don’t think many people could have ever imagined just a matter of months ago. And the craziest part of all is, as I have recently documented, There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that masks help stop the spread of viruses. It’s a baseless claim flying in the face of all available studies on the matter, one by the CDC themselves, the same CDC pushing these recommendations being enforced nationwide.

In fact there are some six studies showing that even the N95 respirator masks, the most effective high end mask almost nobody is even wearing, do nothing to decrease number of infections to those exposed.

There is on the other hand, however, at least one study that found that wearing cloth masks actually increased chances of infection among wearers! And the vast majority of Americans are wearing cloth masks, as recommended by the ‘authorities’. Ben Swann discusses all this science, which conclusively demonstrates how the push for mandatory masks is a massive hoax in and of itself, even if ‘Covid19’ were to be the deadliest pandemic the world’s ever seen, which of course it isn’t...for it is admittedly no deadlier than the common flu...

So if all the well documented science going back a decade and into this very year shows that masks are ineffective at stopping transmission of virus, then why are over half of US states and now corporate chains also beginning to make it mandatory in the name of health and safety? Furthermore, why do such mandates apply to the entire population when a large number of those claimed to be infected are asymptomatic, and asymptomatic patients don’t even spread the virus? Shouldn’t they be exempt?

Asymptomatic carriers spreading ‘Covid19’ is ‘very rare’ says WHO doctor:

In other words, asymptomatic carriers are not contagious! Listen to another doctor discuss this:

But despite all this scientific evidence, let’s not only encourage masks, let’s mandate them! It makes so much sense, once you realize this has nothing to do with health and safety, and everything to do with pushing agendas.

This has to be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, and despite so many no longer buying the bs, there are sadly still many plugged into the corporate fakestream programming who do buy into this madness. These are stuck in a deep state of perpetual fear that inhibits them to receive any of these reason-based facts and scientific evidence, and are cheering on requirements that actually do nothing to stop the spread of the so-called virus that is admittedly no more deadly than the common flu.

Welcome to Covid1984, the never-ending sci-fi nightmare. Welcome to the new 9/11, where reality has been so inverted that only the most indoctrinated are still buying the bs. And still the mask-wearing mania marches on...

Resistance anyone? #MaskOff

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