Hilarious Hypocricy of New YouTube Censorship Policy, Dr. Shiva Exposes the Scamdemic & Other CoranaGate News

Well, this is quite interesting, and rather hilarious, as YouTube’s new censorship policy on coronavirus related content has put content creators into quite the pickle!



Who said there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the so-called virus? That’s right, the WHO said that.

And YouTube is no longer permitting users to question the existence of the virus, “dispute its transmission,” or post any content that challenges the “scientific consensus.” Users are urged to rely on the CDC, WHO, and NIH as reference for what constitutes acceptable content in line with the “scientific consensus.”

This “scientific consensus” and all of the ridiculous social distancing nonsense currently being pushed and instituted based upon that consensus is that the virus is transmitted from person to person. We are not allowed to challenge this notion. We are instead urged to seek our data from the WHO, who actually does challenge this... So what do we do YouTube, rely on the WHO for our data, or don’t challenge the scientific consensus?!?!

For those interested in who exactly ‘owns’ the WHO, that is who finances and thus controls the supposedly independent organization, this information is quite revealing.


That’s right, many of the very same entities profiting massively off of this scamdemic, through the widespread implementation of their agendas, are the same entities who effectively own and run the WHO. The top two contributors I believe are Bill Gates and the US government, and other top contributors include the UK government, Australia and Bloomberg, among others. But it’s probably just a coincidence that the major forces pushing this scamdemic are the same ones using it do implement their pre-planned agendas. Particularly Bill Gates, who ran the Event 201 simulation predicting this very exact scenario, being used to push mandatory vaccination program - mandating Bill Gates’ vaccines of course!

In other news, the White House Cornavirus Task Force, upon being questioned by the press about inflated corona death count statistics due to current CDC reporting guidelines and faulty tests, have openly admitted that it is their intention to over-inflate the death count numbers as much as possible, though not in those words, and never answering the question posed in a direct manner, in typical political fashion. Nonetheless, the answers reveal the government’s intent to intentionally over-inflate the reported deaths listed as coronavirus even when it is known that not all of those being listed were actually deaths caused by the virus or even people who had the virus...

The tests are admittedly inaccurate and easily render false positives (identifying bacteria as the corona ‘virus’ according to the FDA), while the CDC guidelines instruct hospitals to list Covid19 as cause of death based merely on “assumption” and even when it is known to only be a contributing factor and not the underlying cause of death. The Coronavirus Task Force nonetheless praises the current methods of reporting which will, based on the government’s own admissions and official guidelines, result in inaccurately high official numbers.

Meanwhile the government and media have gone out of their way to do their best in convincing the American population to stay home this Easter Sunday. They claim public gatherings, particularly church services on this holiday, are not ‘safe’. On the other hand, the public gathering in large numbers in close proximity to one another are apparently ‘safe’ at Walmarts across the country, in Congress, and for NY nurses in front of NYC hospitals, according to these political psychopaths who refuse to adhere to the very same guidelines they are attempting to enforce upon we mere serfs and peasants.

It has become clear to me that this has nothing to do with stopping the spread of the so-called virus and everything to do with seeing how far the American public will go along with this insanity. It is an experiment to see how well the sheep will blindly follow the nonsensical mandates of the state. If church gatherings are not ‘safe’, then neither is shopping at Walmart, but this just fine in their book, showing this to be a blatant assault on freedom of religion and assembly, a test to see how much of the population will comply and how much will go on acting as free humans, ignoring these insane and hypocritical mandates.

Contrary to the media programming on the issue, people gathering in public do not put the fearful at risk of catching the so-called virus, but rather the fearful leaving their homes put themselves at risk, and no one is forcing the fearful programmed people to leave their homes and expose themselves to potentially infected people who choose to gather in public!!!

And, to finish off this post, I would like to share an amazingly informative interview I saw with Dr. Shiva, who blows the whole coronavirus hoax out of the water. No, he doesn’t say the virus itself isn’t real, but rather exposes how it is truly a scamdemic with the entire government/media reaction to it not being in line with reality. The real problem isn’t the virus (if it even exists as such, and even then if it can be transmitted person to person), it is weak immunity, for all humans already live in a sea of viruses and bacteria. Waging war on the virus is therefore the wrong approach, when everyone should be focusing instead on building up their immunity so that this and other viruses do not make us seriously ill.

Much more suppressed info surrounding this subject is also discusses, and Dr. Shiva does an amazing job exposing the entire fraudulent medical and scientific establishment, which is not based on true science and medical knowledge, but rather on the narratives and actions that will render them the most government funding. The entire system is based not off of a combination of unbiased scientific studies and putting the patient’s wellbeing first, but rather on greed and profit.

To trust such a system to tell us the truth on this or any other major medical or even scientific issue is thus absolute insanity! Hence the need for such widespread censorship to suppress these and all other truths and information that challenges the official narrative, as by doing so they threaten the entire fraudulent corrupt system.

And for those who haven’t checked out my latest in-depth, info-paced post on all the evidence exposing this massive hoax, you can check it out here:


Have a great week, happy Easter, and stay free out there! Fear, not covid19, is the real virus. Rise above all fear, and no virus on earth will ever threaten your peace of mind.

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