‘Delta’, CDC Lies & a Tale of 2 Pandemics: Part 1 - An Emerging Pandemic of the Injected


The narrative sorcery coming out of the Covid Clown World these days only seems to be getting stranger and more unbelievable by the day. We’ve already seen how children who have never even had ‘Covid19’ (no symptoms and negative test results) are later being ‘diagnosed’ with ‘long Covid’, an ever-growing smorgasbord of symptoms labeled as long-term effects of the disease; and also how the CDC was caught lying with data to push the demonstrably dangerous ‘Covid19’ injections on children who are at no real risk from the virus. And now, more recently we’ve seen how the establishment is simultaneously employing its story of the virulent spread of the ‘highly contagious’ and so-called vaccine resistant ‘Delta variant’ as a weaponized tool of propaganda in its bid to both reintroduce universal masking, and to pressure the unvaccinated into getting the jab(s) and ‘justify’ the imposition of new ‘vaccine’ mandates to that end.

On August 10, the LA Times reported that California Governor Gavin Newsom had just implemented a ‘vaccine’ mandate for all public schoolteachers in response to the rapid spread of the ‘Delta variant’. Then just two weeks later, on August 24 and also in alleged response to the reported rapid spread of ‘Delta’, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced that a new outdoor mask mandate would go into effect at the end of the week, requiring both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated across the state to mask up - even when outdoors - ostensibly because masks have been “proven” to stop the spread of the ‘virus’ and “keep each other safe,” just like the injections were promised to do.

Maybe a few more people are finally beginning to wake up and see the reality that independent media voices have been pointing to for months: Until the people stand up to this tyranny and make it stop, this ‘pandemic’ will never end.

Americans who still buy into the establishment narrative(s) at this point are no doubt confused by the latest contradictory CDC guidelines and associated conflicting mandates being imposed across the country, and understandably so. We need look no further than the Wall Street Journal, of all places, to find confirmation of the absolute absurdity of the official ‘vaccine’ narrative these days, in a piece by Dr. Michael Segal.

Vaccinated people are supposed to resume wearing masks, lest they contract and spread the virus. Yet unvaccinated people are still strongly urged to get the shots, which are said to be highly effective. How can both these claims be true?

As even a child can clearly see, there’s quite simply no possible way that both of these contradictory claims can be true, at least not without twisting one’s interpretation of the meaning of ‘highly effective’ into something it doesn’t actually mean, or conceding that the renewed push for universal masking has nothing at all to do with stopping the spread of a ‘virus’.

As we will see, a large and growing body of evidence demonstrates that the injections are in fact highly ineffective, at least at doing what they were advertised to do, and this reality threatens to destroy the entire ‘vaccine’ narrative. Indeed, it is already beginning to crumble under the weight of the lies which give it life.

Increasing ‘Covid19’ deaths, hospitalizations, and rising rate of ‘breakthrough infections’ in fully vaccinated across the US

Let us first turn to the revealing data that led to the latest CDC mask guidance reversal, strongly indicative of a highly ineffective injection regimen. In late July researchers found that “breakthrough infections” were responsible for a whopping 74% of ‘cases’ “in an outbreak during large public gatherings on Cape Cod, Massachusetts,” with 80% of those ‘cases’ in the fully vaccinated being symptomatic and four of the five total hospitalizations also being among the double-injected. And this taking place in a state with one of the highest injection rates in the nation, no less, vaccination coverage in Massachusetts reported to be 69% on July 3.

Additionally, the median interval of infection from completion of at least 14 days after the second injection when ‘full vaccination’ status is officially achieved reveals that ‘vaccine efficacy’ is initially far lower and/or fades far faster than we are being told, in this case just shy of three months, and ranging from just six days to six months.

“The data on this outbreak, and the Delta variant [which allegedly accounted for 89% of “sequenced cases”], reportedly helped provide the impetus for the agency's change in indoor masking guidance,” MedPage Today wrote; with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky describing the findings, which included “high viral loads among the vaccinated,” as both “concerning” and a “pivotal discovery leading to CDC's updated mask recommendation” once again extended to the vaccinated public.

Although not in this case, deaths among the fully vaccinated are also beginning to increase across the country, as can be seen in a story from Florida that was carried by mainstream news last week, where at least seven fully vaccinated ‘Covid19’ patients died in just the last two weeks alone, as the number of Covid deaths among the fully vaccinated - those who have received a second injection at least 14 days prior - continues to mount, both across the country and around the world; just one of the many recent examples of the establishment media blowing increasingly bigger and bigger holes in its own ‘vaccine’ narrative with each passing day.

One Florida nurse shared her “disturbing” personal account of these recent deaths with local media, seen below, as reported by the IB Times:

“They were all fully vaccinated, which was disturbing... For one, I got to the hospital, the initial report, he was doing well. 2 liters of oxygen, sitting up, good saturation rate, crashed in 72 hours and died,” Patricia Seemann, a Florida medical practitioner who provides health care services to homebound patients, told WESH 2.

As it turns out, Florida is far from the only place where ‘Covid19’ deaths among the fully vaccinated are on the rise, with the city of Austin, Texas now recording 12 “breakthrough deaths” according to local public health officials. Not all states and localities appear to be publicly reporting or even accurately tracking the so-called ‘breakthrough’ cases, and the CDC is currently only recording deaths and hospitalizations exclusively. The publicly available CDC data does, however, nonetheless indicate that the number of deadly ‘breakthrough infections’ in the US are on the rise, with the CDC ‘breakthrough case’ surveillance system database reporting a total of 2,063 ‘Covid19’ deaths and 8,987 hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated in the US as of August 23, up from 1,829 deaths and 7,887 hospitalizations since the previous report on August 16, an increase of 234 deaths and 1,100 hospitalizations over the past week alone.

“Breakthrough infections now account for at least 20% of newly diagnosed cases in six of seven U.S. states, including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia,” the Times reported, adding that: “The percentage also increased significantly in breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths.”

The bold claims made by the ‘vaccine’ pushers when this vaccination campaign was launched, that these injections would totally arrest hospitalizations and deaths, were quite simply not true, as can now be clearly seen, even publicly admitted by a growing number of doctors and other experts operating within the medical establishment itself.

“Remember when the early vaccine studies came out, it was like nobody gets hospitalized, nobody dies. That clearly is not true,” Dr. Robert Wachter, chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, told The Times.

Nor is this trend of an increasing number of ‘Covid19’ deaths occurring among the fully vaccinated restricted to the US, with Newsweek reporting that in July, “Seven residents of a care home who had been vaccinated against COVID-19 have died from the so-called Colombian variant of the disease, according to media reports in Belgium.”

There is really no way of knowing for sure just how many of these ‘cases’ leading to deaths are actually ‘breaking through’ the ‘protection’ provided by the ‘vaccine’, or are actually being directly caused by the injection itself, but as I have extensively documented, there is a substantial body of compelling evidence suggesting that these injections are actually responsible for causing infections, including unusually deadly ‘Covid19’ outbreaks immediately following initial injection, most notably in care homes and other group housing situations for the elderly under circumstances causing serious questions to arise as to just how the ‘virus’ could have found its way in. This recent outbreak is not much different, apart from occurring among the fully vaccinated, a prime example of the very thing we were repeatedly assured full vaccination would prevent.

"We have no idea how the infection entered the department," said Boydens.

There were, in this case, a total of 20 infections (positive test results) and seven deaths among the fully vaccinated at the Ter Burg care home near Brussels. A mighty ‘effective’ injection, indeed...

It is worth noting that the media outlets reporting on these ‘breakthrough deaths’ make sure to emphasize that a number of the patients had underlying conditions that contributed to their deaths, in stark contrast to the way deaths of the unvaccinated in otherwise identical circumstances have been consistently treated by the media throughout the entire course of this Scamdemic, universally being reported as victims of the ‘virus’, with the very same types of underlying conditions ultimately causing or contributing to the deaths being summarily ignored.

Concerning this [not so] new pandemic of the injected, Reuters reported just on Tuesday that “U.S. data show rising 'breakthrough' infections among fully vaccinated,” with recently published CDC data based on a Los Angeles County study showing a 25% rate of ‘breakthrough cases’ in California.

A 20-25% and steadily rising rate of ‘breakthrough cases’ among the vaccinated with far higher infection rates recorded in areas with higher vaccination coverage can in no way be made to align with the demonstrably inaccurate ‘95% effective’ claim made by ‘vaccine’ manufacturers and US regulatory agencies and endlessly parroted for months by the media and political establishment. And while this rate of ‘breakthrough cases’ might seem shockingly high to those who actually believed them when they insisted that the under-tested, unapproved, experimental injections featuring never-before-used-mRNA-technology were indeed proven to be 95% effective, it is almost certain that the true rate of ‘breakthrough cases’ is actually much higher, for a number of reasons that will soon become evident, not the least of which being that as far back as April, doctors all across the country were already reporting that over 60% of the Covid patients they were treating had been vaccinated.

‘Breakthrough’ infections, hospitalizations overwhelmingly dominate in most highly vaccinated regions, as data shows injection exponentially increases risk of death in ‘Delta’-Covid patients

Interestingly, like the Cape Cod outbreak data indicates, the places with the highest vaccination rates are also reporting the highest rates of ‘breakthrough cases’, indicating that the injections are in some way actually driving the spread of disease, if not directly causing it.

Israel, for example, “has among the world’s highest levels of vaccination for COVID-19, with 78% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated, the vast majority with the Pfizer vaccine,” as recently reported by Science Mag. “Yet the country is now logging one of the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people.”

Well over half of all new ‘Covid19’ cases and hospitalizations across Israel are now currently among the fully vaccinated. “What is clear is that “breakthrough” cases are not the rare events the term implies,” the author notes, explaining that: “As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier.”

“There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the hospitalized patients are actually vaccinated,” says Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) who has consulted on COVID-19 for the government.

According to Shalit, “One of the big stories from Israel” is that “vaccines ... [do] not [work] well enough.”

At the same time, in an interview with Israel’s Channel 13 News on August 5, Dr Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, revealed that the vast majority of ‘Covid19’ patients at his hospital were fully vaccinated; specifically stating that “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated” and “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people,” leading to the hospital “opening more and more COVID wards.”

Gibraltar, meanwhile, with an impressive 99% of its population fully vaccinated, has recorded a whopping 2,500% increase in daily ‘Covid19’ cases since June 1, leading its government to initiate a new round of lockdowns; ironically the very measures we have all been repeatedly assured would be avoided, if only enough of us comply with their demand to take the jab!

It seems things are working a little backwards in Gibraltar this summer, and in Israel too for that matter...

And in the UK, a report published by Public Health England reveals that a far greater number of deaths attributed to the ‘Delta variant’ have occurred in the fully vaccinated than in those who haven’t been injected, with a total of 390 deaths recorded in the unvaccinated between February 1 and August 15, while 784 deaths were recorded among the vaccinated in the same time, 679 of those being fully vaccinated and an additional 90 occurring over 20 days after initial injection. Additionally, among those 50 years and older, over six times as many ‘cases’ and more than twice as many emergency care visits and hospitalizations were recorded among the fully vaccinated than in those who were never injected, while over a third of total hospitalizations in recent weeks have been among the fully vaccinated.

Furthermore, a comparison of these figures with the previous report reveals that there are not only significantly more deaths occurring among the fully vaccinated, but that the death rate among the fully vaccinated is also currently on the rise, while the death rate among the unvaccinated remains relatively unchanged throughout the period. The data analysis and calculations provided by the UK Daily Expose indicate that if the current trend continues, this is only just the beginning of a very deadly pandemic of the vaccinated indeed.

According to the report since the 1st February 2021 and the 15th August 2021 there have been 390 deaths among the unvaccinated population, an increase of 137 on the last count made in the previous report where the confirmed figure was 253 up to the 2nd August 2021. This equates to 0.2% of all confirmed infections among the unvaccinated population, in line with the average death rate seen since the alleged Covid-19 pandemic began. However, up to the 15th August 2021 the fully vaccinated population has suffered a total of 679 deaths. This in an increase of 277 on the previous report where the confirmed figure was 402. It also equates to 0.9% of all confirmed infections among the fully vaccinated population. This suggests the Covid-19 vaccine actually increases the risk of death by at least 338% rather than reducing the risk of death by 95%.

This is what we’re seeing in the middle of summer, but winter is only around the corner and the evidence to suggest it’s going to be a rough one is overwhelming.

Study indicates risk of ‘Delta’-associated ‘Vaccine’-induced ADE likely, and other possible causes of the emerging pandemic of the injected

The direct correlation between increased rate of injection and increased rate of death and disease attributed to ‘Covid19’ is undeniable. A strong correlation between injection rates and infection rates was already well established before the emergence of the so-called Delta variant as an alleged driver of disease, and now we are seeing the same pattern with deaths in the double-injected. By May, widely available data published in medical journals and by Public Health England revealed a repeating pattern - increased rate of infection and symptomatic disease among the vaccinated in the first month following initial injection, with UK data showing an infection rate increase of 60% among the vaccinated in the second and third weeks following initial injection. Now with the alleged spread of the so-called Delta variant, we are seeing a similar pattern of increasing rates of infection and symptomatic disease, right alongside increasing rates of hospitalization and death, but this time among the fully vaccinated, some who were injected months ago. The only question is why.

One possibility is that the injections are responsible for directly causing disease diagnosed as ‘Covid19’ and associated deaths in the vaccinated, and while this would account for the widely observed spike in ‘cases’ in the month following initial injection as well as the unusually deadly outbreaks that occurred in the days immediately following vaccination campaigns all around the world, it does not seem to explain the recent uptick in severe disease and death in the fully vaccinated unless there is also some sort of time-released component in the injection at play causing a much-delayed second wave of ‘vaccine’-induced disease, as the same studies that recorded spikes in disease in the month following initial injection also found infection rates drop back to (or below) the pre-injection baseline after that time frame, and a great many of the fully vaccinated currently being infected were injected weeks or months ago. This could certainly be the case, however, if the spike protein being injected into the bodies of millions is increasingly beginning to cause disease ‘diagnosed’ as ‘Covid19’.

Another possibility, if there is truly a novel coronavirus responsible for causing disease labeled ‘Covid19’, is that the injection is simply ineffective - at least against new ‘variants’ anyway. This could explain the rising ‘Delta’-associated infection, hospitalization and death rates being seen around the world in the fully vaccinated and especially prominently in Israel; but it still doesn’t account for why, among total ‘cases’, there is a higher rate of death among the fully vaccinated, nor why the ‘Delta variant’ appears to be so disproportionately affecting the fully vaccinated elderly population in particular, as seen in the UK.

There is also a third possibility, and that is an adverse vaccine reaction known as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or immune enhancement, whereby the body’s immune system reacts to the injection in such a way that future exposure to the virus actually results in far more severe disease often leading to death. Essentially, some vaccines can induce an antibody reaction that enhances the disease upon infection rather than protecting against it, and this widely known “significant” risk is described by Dr. Peter Hotez as a “unique potential safety problem of coronavirus vaccines.”

“Because what happens in certain respiratory disease vaccines,” Dr. Hotez explains, “you get immunized and then when you get actually exposed to the virus you get this kind of paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon,” which, first observed during the testing of the RSV vaccine in the 1960s, was responsible for the death of 2 children during testing; and due to its association with previous coronavirus vaccines observed during trials, is a major reason why there has never been a single coronavirus vaccine to be successfully developed and reach the market before the ‘Covid19’ injections of 2020/2021 were first authorized for use in December.

If there turned out to be no real risk of ADE with these injections in regards to the initial viral sequence they were programmed to ‘protect’ against, and yet were able to induce this reaction in the vaccinated when exposed to a new variant, and this was the case with the ‘Delta variant’, then it could account for why there is a higher rate of infection leading to death among the fully vaccinated in England, as well as for the situation in Israel, and could also explain why there is a steadily increasing rate of death among the vaccinated globally that is coinciding with the alleged spread of the ‘Delta variant’.

As it turns out, the findings of a recent scientific study published in the Journal of Infection appears to indicate that this is indeed a likely possibility. After concluding that “ADE is not a concern” for those exposed to the original ‘virus’ strain spike sequence, the authors state that “the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants may tip the scales in favor of infection enhancement,” adding that: “Our structural and modeling data suggest that it might be indeed the case for Delta variants.”

The paper concluded that: “ADE may occur in people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors) and then exposed to a Delta variant,” explaining that: “Since our data indicate that Delta variants are especially well recognized by infection enhancing antibodies targeting the NTD,...it may represent a potential risk for mass vaccination during the current Delta variant pandemic.”

There are also other more subtle possible causes for the correlation between injection and infection/death rate, the most notable one I can think of being fear. It has been well established that fear is a major cause of disease, and I think it is probably safe to say that a good many people lining up to get their shots are acting out of a state of intense fear - fear of ‘Covid19’, fear of the ‘pandemic’, fear of new lockdowns, etc. - and they have been living in a perpetual state of heightened fear for almost a year and a half now. There can be no doubt that those most afraid of the ‘virus’ would be the first to line up to get the jab. The ‘pandemic’ fear that the media sold for 9 months before the global vaccination campaign was launched was designed to sell the ‘vaccine,’ and although the injection has been with us for over six months now, the fearmongering hasn’t let up. A majority of the vaccinated population are likely plugged into the media programming, and although their fear of the ‘virus’ may have initially waned after injection, the media continued to stoke their fears - fear of the unvaccinated, for example, and, in recent weeks, fear of the scary ‘Delta variant pandemic’. As has consistently occurred throughout this entire Scamdemic, whenever the fear of the people begins to wane, the media programmers manufacture or latch onto a new fear-drivien narrative and the fearmongering is put back into overdrive.


So it is quite possible and I would say probably likely that, although not directly caused by the injections at all, in many cases there is a direct correlation between vaccination and increased rate of disease precisely because there is also a correlation between those getting injected and a level of heightened fear in their minds which is causing disease being labelled as ‘Covid19’.

Another possibility is that the injections weaken or suppress the immune system in general, which would explain the less immediate rising rate of disease, although it would likely also result in an increasing rate of all* disease across the board and not just ‘Covid19’. A detailed analysis of all US medical reports, emergency care visits, hospitalizations and deaths accompanied by vaccination status would need to be undertaken, along with the actual isolation of ‘SARS-CoV2’ accompanied by a re-calibration of the testing regimen to identify a complete viral sequence rather than the partial sequence of non-purified ‘virus’ currently being used, in order to more accurately determine just exactly how and to what extent the injections are ineffective and responsible for increasing rate of disease.

But whatever the reason(s), and I suspect it is likely some combination of possibilities, there is a very real pandemic of the injected, and that much is becoming plain for all to see.

When all else fails, inject, inject, inject again - 3rd ‘vaccine’ dose rolled out as ‘solution’ to failing ‘vaccine’

The ‘experts’ blame this emerging global pandemic of the injected primarily on a the alleged spread of the ‘vaccine-resistant’ ‘Delta’, and to a far lesser extent on fading ‘vaccine’ efficacy in general. In other words, the injections don’t work, at least not at what they were promised to do.

But instead of admitting failure, the vaccine-pushers just push back with the latest addition to their agenda - a third dose of the injection hailed as the new ‘solution’; already being widely distributed in Israel, where it was on August 24 made available to all residents 30 years and older with over 149,000 Israelis now triple-jabbed, and soon to be authorized for use in the US among the immune-compromised including children 12 years and older.

“Yet again, officials have been forced to backspace their initial claims regarding vaccine advice,” notes Alex Blair. It isn’t the first time they’ve done so, and it surely won’t be the last; because the reality, as will continue to become increasingly clear in the weeks and months ahead, is that the promised ‘way out’ of this ‘pandemic’ was never a means to that end, but was in fact the end itself.


“The triple dose is the solution to curbing the current infection outbreak,” Anat Ekka Zohar of Maccabi said in a statement, as Israel announced it had lowered the minimum age for Pfizer boosters to 40.

As if on cue, just as the distribution of the third dose was expanded to include those over 29, Israeli PM Naftali Bennet also took to the stage to push the third dose on his people, boldly admitting that: “The most vulnerable population, in a paradoxical manner - are the ones who received two vaccine doses, but not the third dose.”

Instead of waiting for the production of a third dose specifically formulated to immunize the population against these ‘vaccine resistant’ variant(s), which the ‘vaccine’ manufacturers have said they can do in just 90 days (and ‘Delta’ has been with us that long, according to the narrative), a third dose of the very same injection that has been demonstrated to be highly ineffective against this ‘Delta variant’ will be foisted on the population as the ‘solution’.

Consequently, the Israeli ‘green pass’ issued to the double-injected which permits residents to fully function in society is set to soon come with an expiration date, and getting that third injection will be required for issuance of a valid vaccine passport. According to Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, “This is simply because, in terms of its effectiveness, the vaccine is valid only for a period of five or six months. After about half a year, you have to get a third dose. Otherwise, the vaccine loses its power.”

Welcome to the technocratic Covid1984 future they have planned for humanity, where it seems the Gates-funded mRNA ‘operating systems’ (as Moderna openly calls its injection technology) are coincidentally not only mandatory but also function just like a Gates-built Microsoft operating system, with a built-in operational life span and always needing constant updates just to ‘work’. But instead of waiting for a new update designed to fix the latest ‘bug’, they’re just going to go ahead and install an identical version of this same broken program into the bodies of thousands and call it good (until next time).

Israel, as it has long been doing, is leading the way into an Orwellian Brave New World of Big Pharma’s dreams, where forced perpetual injections continually line their pockets, until the day arrives on which they openly admit the ‘solution’ is perpetually injecting the population, a day that seems to be fast arriving.

The US and UK are already primed to follow suit with 3rd-dose rollouts, and the Big Pharma profiteers just sit back and laugh, watching their profits roll in faster by the day, as more and more people injected with their magic potion continue to get sick, hospitalized and die - both with ‘Covid19’ and the countless adverse effects these experimental injections have been reported and in some cases proven to cause - including anaphylaxis, blood clotting, heart failure, stroke, Bell’s palsy, myocarditis, transverse myelitis, miscarriages, and over 13,000 deaths reported in the US vaccine database (VAERS) alone.


You wouldn’t know it tuning into the Mockingbird Media, but there’s a whole lot more causes of this pandemic of the injected than the only one they kinda sorta sometimes partially admit when it helps them push that third dose of this ‘safe and effective’ experimental injection on a population of test subjects.

Meanwhile the US establishment continues to push the initial set of injections on the unvaccinated with increasing force, as the CDC, Dr. Fauci, President Biden and practically the entire mainstream media has officially declared a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’. And this, the latest inversion of reality brought to you by the almighty sorcerers over at the Covid Death Cult headquarters in black magic land, will be the subject of our second half of this tale of two pandemics.

Don’t miss the revealing Part 2 - The Fabrication of a ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ & CDC Lies Behind the Psyop.

And don’t forget to get your shot; we all know it’s totally safe and effective. Although just who it’s safe for (recipients or Big Pharma pocketbooks) and what it’s effective at doing (‘protecting’ people or advancing a dark agenda) is currently still a matter of contentious debate.


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