Covid1984: Global Resistance - The Uprising Has Begun

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The world is waking up at a rate of speed never before seen on the planet, one of the few benefits of the Covid Con, and now that the long-term nature of the tyrannical agenda is becoming clear for the world to see, as the illusion continues to crumble and the lies become plain for all to see, global resistance is underway, and our numbers are far greater than the media would ever have us believe. It is becoming increasingly clear that we are the silent majority, and I compiled my most recent video montage in honor of all those who are making their voices heard, who are taking a stand for freedom over fear no matter the cost, and to document the devastating toll the tyrannical measures are taking on humanity.

This is the birth of the Orwellian technocratic New World Order prison planet, their last desperate attempt at enslaving the fast awakening human race, and the People are rising up all across the planet, standing united for freedom in resistance to this insanity. YouTube, BitChute and 3Speak versions of the video are all linked below, followed by a summary of the contents of the video along with some additional information not covered in the video (as I could only get so much info into a video I wanted to be short & direct), to further document just how large the scope of this global resistance really is, the price humanity is paying for standing up, and the even greater price we will pay if we stand idly by and do nothing.

Humanity as a whole is slowly waking up to the reality that this was from the very beginning a plandemic, not a true public health emergency, and the most blatant evidence of this is found in the US CARES Act, the coronavirus relief act, introduced into the record a whole year before anyone even knew there would be a coronavirus pandemic! If we are to believe the lying establishment media liars and political hypocrites, that is... I've previously reported on this in my coverage of this global scam a number of times, but there are countless other proofs that this catalyst for the rise of the global technocracy was part of an intricately pre-planned conspiracy, not at all either organic or a pandemic...

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If one needed any more proof that none of these tyrannical measures have anything to do with health and safety, but rather control and power, they need look no further than the wave of rank hypocrisy put on full display by the very politicians enacting the strictest measures over the fall and winter, who repeatedly exempt themselves and violated their own edicts. 'Rules for thee, but not for me', is how it goes for them, and there is a never-ending and ever growing list of such hypocrisy, as @reallygraceful documented a large handful of examples a few months ago at the height of the US winter lockdowns and mask mandates.

The lockdowns have been great for Wall Street and the nation's biggest corporations while forcing some 100,000 small businesses to close permanently, while the likes of California Governer Gavin Newsome exempts his own personal winery from the closures he so strictly enforces against his population, so those enforcing the rules make out just fine as millions of the rest of us have been put out of work, some out of homes as well.

You are not essential, but Hollywood is, their actions clearly tell us, as a movie set in LA is approved to set up outdoor dining literally right next door to a restaurant owner whose identical outdoor dining setup, albeit a bit nicer, is not approved. See my video for this story, just one small example of how they are destroying the lives of the common man, while exempting themselves and their select chosen elites from the very edicts being hailed as 'necessary' for 'public health and safety'. In reality, the health and safety of the Covid1984 biosecurity state and corporate empire is all that is being protected with these tyrannical communist-style measures, and the media is the real virus infecting humanity, spreading their lies and the non-stop fear, and doing damage control and propaganda stunts for these political parasites and the insane, destructive globalist agenda while ignoring, censoring and smearing qualified medical professionals with a host of valid concerns and evidence of this ‘pandemic’ amounting to massive global medical fraud.

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But still, resistance is widespread, with many people refusing to comply with mask mandates and quite a few businesses refusing to comply with lockdowns or enforce the mask mandates in their stores. The most prominent examples of such resistance are targeted in an attempt to scare the rest of us into submission, and it wasn't all that long ago that a Michigan restaurant owner was arrested for refusing to shut down her restaurant in the face of government threats. Having immigrated from Poland to flee the eastern European communist tyranny decades ago, the brave woman did not live in fear, nor was she shy about taking a public stand for freedom, and was interviewed with local television stations before her arrest, explaining why she was making this stand in the face of threats and intimidation.

“We don’t want this country to be a communist regime that’s going to dictate what we can do and what we cannot do,” Hackney told WOOD-TV the day before her arrest.

So as more and more people continue to lose their livelihood as lockdowns continue to remain in place across much of the western world, it is no surprise that global protests and demonstrations continue to increase in size, scope and intensity all across Europe in 2021, with a number of protests also popping up in Australia, Canada, Israel and the US. Most recently, on Saturday, March 20, a massive world-wide rally for freedom was organized, with protests and rallies held in over 40 countries around the world, people uniting for freedom to stand against the fear, the tyranny, and the establishment media liars and their deadly deception. On the blockchain, @lighteye has been doing a great job documenting the European protests throughout the months, with the entire month of January a boiling pot of protests across Europe, culminating in the massive March demonstrations around the entire world, at which time hundreds of peaceful protests were arrested and jailed for violating lockdown orders to attend protests. Protests had also erupted throughout 2020, most notably with Germany rallying what was estimated to be over a million protesters ignoring the ban on protest to make their voices heard, in the largest German protest since the days of Hitler.

And with no end in sight to the tyrannical measures and policies responsible for increasing poverty and skyrocketing commodity prices around the world, on April 9, VOA reports that: “Lockdown Protests Snowball as Europe’s Libertarians Fret About Freedom”.

Of course it isn’t just libertarians who ‘fret’ about freedom, it is absolutely everyone being adversely affected by the lockdown tyranny who are desperately seeking to retain or regain the basic human right to live. This is not a libertarian issue, this is a human rights issue, and everyone under this western imperial siege of humanity feels the the yoke of tyranny as the noose continues to tighten around their necks.

In recent weeks, protests have snowballed with pandemic demonstrations mounted in Austria, Britain, Finland, Romania, Switzerland, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Netherlands and Romania.

Protests continue into April, and the most recent ones at the time of the writing of this article were held in Rome, where the people simply aren’t able to survive any longer without work, and are running out of options, desperate to just be allowed to live without being punished for it.

On the streets of Rome, frustrations with pandemic curbs boiled over this week as desperate protesters, many of them restaurant owners and small-business owners, complained that restrictions and repeated lockdowns aimed at suppressing the transmission of the coronavirus are ruining them.

"We can no longer go on like this," 51-year-old pizzeria owner Ermes Ferrari told reporters. "I just want to work."

Outside the parliament in the Italian capital, protesters Tuesday called for an immediate end to Italy's grinding lockdown. At one point they clashed with riot police. The protesters chanted repeatedly, "Libertà, Libertà."

For many, the choice is simple, resist the lockdown insanity in order to provide food for their family and risk insane fines and jail time, or go hungry and homeless.

Many of the protesters, who emphasized they are not COVID-19 deniers, are members of the burgeoning "I'm Opening" movement of bar and restaurant owners, who defy curbs, break rules and incur hefty fines for doing so.

"I had to spend €10,000 to adapt the pizzeria so that it was in accord with virus safety precautions, then the government made us close down. It's shameful. I have no more money left. My employees don't have money to eat," Ferrari told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

It is all too common throughout all of these lockdown zones for business owners to spend ridiculous amount of money to conform to the insane government guidelines for being allowed to operate, only to still be denied permission to remain open after going out of their way to ‘comply’.

It is clear that these politicians don’t care one bit about the health and safety of the populations they are impoverishing to death, and common people across the board are finally beginning to realize what the truth movement has been warning for years, because these policies are now targeting everyone equally - those of all religions, all political affiliations, and all colors , with only the establishment insiders exempted. So more and more people are beginning to directly experience that the politicians don’t care about them at all, whatsoever, because it is clear that these tyrannical measures are policies of hatred, not safety measures.

For even in the face of such human suffering, the politicians have the audacity to continue to insist that these lockdowns are for our own health and safety, and they continue to use the threat of prolonged lockdowns to force cooperation with other facets of their agenda, such as a means of encouraging acceptance of the new experimental injections. They continue to use lockdowns despite the WHO itself even specifically recommending against lockdowns, due to their harm being far greater than any good they may achieve, at least someone over at the WHO making some sense in the face of the insanity consistently coming from the Director General (who’s in bed with Bill Gates).

“We at the the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.”

And yet imperial psychopaths continue to use lockdowns as the primary means of control of their people in the name of fighting a virus, and as a weapon to blackball hesitant populations into receiving the new experimental injections.

The ‘cure’ sure is worse than the disease, not only in number of deaths and amount of suffering caused by lockdowns versus those attributed to ‘Covid19’, but also regarding the long-term ramifications of the loss of freedoms that, once taken, will never be willingly given back to the People.


And being that the establishment media is the main force responsible for perpetuating the entire scam and painting anyone who speaks out in defense of basic human rights and common sense as crazy conspiracy kooks, it is no surprise that 2020 saw mainstream media hit all-time low ratings at the peak of the so-called pandemic. And, as of March 15 of this year, CNN had lost 49% of its prime time audience since December 28, 2020, with its entire viewership not really faring any less dismally, so it looks like a mass exodus from the propaganda machine has also begun. More recently, and probably a good indication of why millions of Americans are tuning out of the corrupt news network altogether, a hidden camera caught the CNN technical director admitting what all independent thinkers have known for years - that fear sells, and CNN’s brand of fear being sold in 2020/2021 is pandemic propaganda, among a number of other startling admissions.

Meanwhile at the political level in the US, the resistance has more recently also begun to shift to a state level, as more and more states drop tyrannical restrictions in contravention of the establishment guidelines and in the face of desperate pleas by the ‘experts’ and harsh scolding by Dr. Fauci and his ilk. Texas made waves in the establishment and across the country when its Governor announced the dropping of all Covid measures and complete reopening of Texas over a month ago, what would end up sparking a rebellion against the Covid1984 tyrannical status quo by a large number of states, starting with Mississippi and soon followed by over a dozen others. Joe Biden called the choice of common sense and freedom made by Texas and Mississippi leadership “Neanderthal thinking,” but, ironically, Texas ‘cases’ have steadily dropped since the day people went back to normal there, leaving Biden looking like an idiot and Dr. Fauci dumbfounded.

Speaking of Dr. Fauci, all of his lies and his constantly contradicting his own previous statements is beginning to get a bit old... First, there’s definitely gonna be a second wave, then there doesn’t need to be (if we all obey his orders), then there is (according to the media); and then (now) there’s definitely gonna be a third wave, then there doesn’t need to be (if we all obey his orders), and then states are like screw the orders, we’re going back to normal and now the ‘third wave’ really only appears to be hitting states with strict lockdown/mask mandate measures still in place (Canada, Europe, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)... All this and more discussed in The Ron Paul Liberty Report below.

14 states have now done away with their mask mandates, joining the 10 that never implemented them to begin with, so nearly half of the US, or 24 states now have no state-level mask mandates! New Hampshire and Utah are the most recent states to join this freedom party, and it isn’t stopping with masks either.

The entire siege is finally being lifted in some states, with Texas and Florida among the highly populated states that are now fully open, and interestingly not being ravaged by the ‘virus’. A number of states that have dropped mask mandates also dropped all lockdowns and other related measures, all without incurring sudden mass death and destruction to their populations as Biden and Fauci’s rhetoric would suggest as the most likely outcome, demonstrating that it is possible to simply ignore the ‘pandemic’ and go back to normal.

Those propagandists who continue to insist that it is a ‘virus’ keeping the world locked down are once again being proven liars in real time, as it always was and always will be the government bodies and dictators who imposed these tyrannical measures and not some ‘virus’ responsible for them, the only virus capable of imposing a lockdown being the government, and it is that same government and only the government that can at any time of its choosing withdraw and repeal such lockdown orders. We can now all see very clearly that the ‘virus’ can’t keep us locked down, only states using force and threat of force can do that, as states lift ‘pandemic’ measures in the face of a super scary 3rd wave without falling into the dark ages.

But some states are going even further in their resistance to the technocratic Covid1984 agenda, with Florida and Texas governors once again leading the way in the fight for freedom at the state level, by issuing executive orders to ban the use of vaccine passports in their states, with Montana, Idaho, and Arizona having now also followed suit with similar orders banning vaccine passports. Florida’s and Montana’s were the strongest orders, prohibiting even private businesses from requiring customers show proof of vaccination as a condition of doing business with them, the others only applying to the state or state-funded institutions.

Utah has also joined these states in the fight against mandatory vaccination, but did so through law rather than executive order, which is of much more legal force and weight, with the Utah law banning vaccine passport requirements by state facilities which includes college campuses, so there will be no mandatory vaccination in Utah schools.

Tennessee is also likely to soon join these states in similar manner to Utah, by law through the legislature rather than executive order, as a bill to ban vaccine passports and strip power from county boards of health (responsible across the country for much of the ‘pandemic’ tyranny) has already passed the Tennessee Senate and has the support of the governor, needing only to pass the house to be passed into law. Tennessee is coincidentally also one of the only 10 states to never impose a mask mandate through this entire ordeal.

But, as some states are making moves against the mandatory vaccination agenda, other states are steadily marching forward to the beat of the totalitarian technocratic drums, drawing up plans and introducing their own versions of vaccine passports and passport programs, with New York having already developed one, Orange County California working on one, and Hawaii’s new digital passport still in the works. Israel not only has a functional digital vaccine passport, but is acting as the world’s technocratic testing ground on this matter, with the state-sponsored ‘green pass’ program banning those who will not get vaccinated from participating in society, and welcoming those who do take the experimental injection fully back into a relatively normal life.

Ron Paul Liberty Report on Orange County vaccine passport plan:

As the global march to total technocratic tyranny keeps pushing forward,
massive global resistance is underway, the uprising has begun, and lines are being drawn in the sand.

Having just traveled from Arizona to Arkansas, I went from New Mexico where mask mandates and other measures are in full effect, to Texas which is fully re-opened, and the difference was as clear as day. In NM nearly everyone was in a mask due to strict enforcement of the mandate, and Covid propaganda was everywhere - “Nobody wants another New Mexico Surge,” one electronic road banner read. Such propaganda was mysteriously absent in Texas, the roadside signs once again full of relevant messages, such as asking drivers not to text and drive. The only sign of anything out of the ordinary was the remnants of those still wearing their masks, a mere 10-25% of the population, in many cases primarily or only employees in businesses still requiring them (while customers largely ignored all such ‘requirements’ without hassle).

But my experience in Arkansas was even more surprising, where I did not see one single person in a mask, not one, in town after town and store upon store. No employees at any gas station had a mask, not even a bandana around their neck or a mask under their chin. Nothing, nobody, absolutely no sign of a pandemic or fear of a virus whatsoever, no conversations about the latest Covid news as is so typical elsewhere, until finally at the last gas station I stopped at before arriving at my destination I saw one lone shopper hiding behind a mask, surrounded by normal humans not living in perpetual state of fear. The exact opposite of New Mexico, where the lone person standing out in the crowd was the one without a mask on, and yet somehow everyone’s not dropping dead in Arkansas for ignoring the ‘deadly virus’ ‘pandemic’ fearmongering!

The lines are being drawn, but it’s not between states that are safe and those that are dangerous, it’s between those where there is some freedom left and those where there is next to none. The states and the populations ignoring the ‘pandemic’ that never was, are now proving what I have been saying all along, that the easiest, fastest, most direct cure to this coronavirus is turning off the television, or better yet, throwing it out the window and never tuning into the programming again.


As more and more people unplug from the matrix, the global resistance continues to grow. It is clear this resistance is more than a few disgruntled far right conspiracy nuts or a passing phase, this is humanity fighting for survival, this is worldwide battle between freedom and fear, and for the first time in months it appears that freedom could be starting to come out ahead, certainly making massive headway over the past couple months. If 2020 was the year of the plandemic, totalitarian insanity and awakening, then 2021 is looking to be the year of resistance and global uprising.

And so it is that indeed the New World Order will fail, and the People will prevail. Freedom will triumph over fear after all, as the truth is rising and the hypocrisy and lies are being exposed plainly for all to see, as the illusion continues to crumble along with the empire for which it stands.

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