Covid Illusion Continues to Crumble On All Fronts, As Mounting Evidence Destroying Pandemic Narrative Slowly Makes Its Way Into The Mainstream Media

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The sheer amount of available evidence challenging the pandemic narrative used to lock down the entire planet, roll out an experimental mRNA injection technology on the entire global population and form the pretext for the Great Reset project to usher in a global totalitarian technocracy is becoming rather ridiculous at this point. Such evidence is so abundant and widespread, contradicting every single facet of the Covid19 narrative the media's been selling for over a year now, that the mainstream media itself is increasingly being forced to integrate it into its news streams, while simultaneously attempting to perpetuate the very pandemic narrative such evidence so clearly contradicts, further illuminating the clown show nature of western media propaganda.

Starting with the very first claims that set the entire pandemic narrative into motion, the extremely high death toll estimates made by establishment insiders, as it was the fear over anticipated high rates of death peddled by the media that formed the foundation of the entire narrative, and without it the entire narrative begins to crumble. It has already been seen for months now that the initial death toll estimates used to drum up the fear were way overinflated. But as more and more data becomes available, the death rate just keeps dropping, demonstrating that this so-called pandemic is far less deadly than even the 2020 0.26% infection fatality rate (IFR) seen in the US based on the CDC's own best estimates.

According to a recent peer-reviewed Stanford paper published just this March, "the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15%," which translates to an average survival rate of 99.85%, and we should bear in mind that vast majority of deaths are in the elderly, with the average age of death by 'Covid19' the very same as the average age of death of humans living at this time. The study was authored by Dr John Ioannidis, one of the doctors who has consistently played down the media's fearmongering, and whose research last April estimated an IFR of 0.27%, an estimate later supported by the CDC data that estimated an IFR of just 0.26%. And this of course does not factor in the demonstrably overinflated official death count, that admittadly includes all those who died both from Covid and merely with Covid. "Even with the official death statistics being “substantial overestimates”," the Off Guardian notes, "the IFR is still low. Very low."

Now, let’s couch this with all the usual disclaimers: Yes, the virus may not ever have been isolated, and thus has not as yet been proven to exist. And yes, even supposing it does exist, it has not been proven to cause the disease known as “Covid19”.

But, increasingly, the distinction between “no virus” and “a virus that isn’t dangerous” seems entirely moot, doesn’t it?

As the real IFR of Covid is revealed to be lower (and lower, and lower) than the original estimates, it moves further and further into line with the basic background risk of just being alive.

Still, don’t forget to take that experimental gene-therapy “vaccine”. We don’t know if they’re completely safe yet, because long-term trials won’t finish for two years, and the technology has never been used on humans before, but still…you’ve only got a 99.85% chance of survival without it.

It isn't just the mortality rate that's unimpressive, it's also the total number of deaths per capita, in many countries less than previous years, leaving many to wonder how there could be a pandemic if deaths are at or below average. For example, in the UK, 2020 ranked as only the 15th deadliest of the past 30 years, and just the 20th deadliest or 10th least deadly when adjusted to age-standardized mortality rate, as per official UK government data, as documented by @lighteye in this post here. Similarly, analysis of the CDC data for total US deaths showed 2020 US deaths per 100,000 to be right about average, just a hair higher than previous years and right in line with the slowly growing mortality rate in this country, exactly as would be expected in a 'normal' year these days...

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The data from many other countries reveal similar results, for example the number of Scottish deaths in hospitals from 2015-2020, with the data available October 1 2020 putting the year on track to have the lowest number of hospital deaths of the past five years (projected 27,157 through December), right in line with the steadily dropping number of hospital deaths in that country.

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And now, a recent detailed analysis by Kieran Morrissey of all recorded 2020 deaths in Ireland, published on April 13 has revealed a similar pattern there as well, with 2020 having the lowest death rate of the whole nine past years!

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The author did find an excess in deaths in April 2020 and January/February 2021, but the 2020 spike in total deaths did not correlate with the spike in deaths attributed to 'Covid19', a discrepancy which he says, "can only bring you to the same conclusion that I have arrived at. That is, that the NEPHET/ claimed COVID-19 deaths are deaths of older people and people with underlying conditions who died as per normal but were fraudulently classified as COVID-19 by vested interests using PCR tests which have found to produce a high percentage of false positive results."

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As for the 2021 spike in deaths, those immediately followed the vaccine rollout, timing the author does not believe to be merely coincidental.

Furthermore, I conclude that the approximately 500 excess deaths in Jan-Feb 2021 must be related to the rollout of the vaccinations in those nursing homes during that period, and that the excessively high COVID-19 deaths claimed by NPHET/ in Jan-Feb 2021 are contrived for the sole purpose of allowing those deaths to be explained as COVID-19 as per the death records rather than adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Regardless of the particular causes of death, being that there has been no large excess 2020 death toll across the planet in the year of the so-called deadly pandemic, we can only conclude with Dr. Ron Paul that there probably wasn't ever really a pandemic, and whatever there was is by now long gone.

Following the media-induced fear over high death estimates and related pandemic propaganda, the western world quickly began imposing lockdowns as the primary means of controlling virus transmission, or so we were told. But now that a number of states in the US have fully reopened without facing the sharp increase in deaths or even cases that the establishment figures like Dr. Fauci, President Biden and all the rest of the 'experts' warned, people are really beginning to wonder why states like Texas that have been fully reopened for over a month have nonetheless seen steady decline in both cases and deaths attributed to 'Covid19' since eradicating lockdowns. As summarized by the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

A month after Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced an end to all coronavirus restrictions, covid numbers continue to crash in the state. While Fauci was quick to attack Abbott's move to open Texas, when asked this week why the doom he predicted did not come about he had no answer.

Of course this is hard to ignore, and so many people are taking note, and when media personalities naturally start questioning Dr. Fauci as to how this can be, all he can come up with to explain the situation is to say that sometimes the rise in cases following removal of lockdowns and other measures including mask mandates will be delayed, apparently by over a month no less! Of course this doesn't explain why states that do have lockdowns have higher numbers of cases and mortality rates, however.

And since other states never locked down, at least not during the so-called 'second wave' or winter 'surge', and yet had lower mortality rates than those that remained fully locked down, we must ask the question: If lockdowns are needed, why did more people die in US states which locked down than those which did not?

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As you can see, states which did not lock down over the winter, far from having many times more Covid deaths, have actually had fewer – 1,671 vs 1,736 deaths per million. There may be demographic or other reasons that some states have a higher or lower number of deaths than others so we shouldn’t read too much into the precise differences. But even so, if lockdowns are supposed to suppress the virus to low levels and thus prevent ‘hundreds of thousands’ of deaths (or the population equivalent), then how is this possible? The only conclusion is that lockdowns do not work as intended and do not suppress the virus.

This conclusion is reinforced by looking at the death tolls in the four states which imposed no restrictions at all over the winter, the average of which is 1,716 deaths per million, which is still below that of those which imposed lockdowns (1,736). Florida reopened in the autumn, Georgia and South Carolina in the spring of 2020, and South Dakota never closed. Yet overall they have suffered fewer Covid deaths per million than the states which imposed stay-at-home lockdowns this winter.

And to top it off, four of the five states currently leading the country in cases and accounting for 43% of them (as of 4/7) just so happen to also be heavily locked down - Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with Florida the odd ball out. On April 2020, the Wall Street Journal reported that: "Through Monday, about 75% of the previous week’s new cases in the U.S. came from Michigan, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey," same five states leading the country in cases, but now accounting for a whopping 75% of the country's new cases, up from 43% just two weeks earlier.

This sure seems to indicate lockdowns do nothing to mitigate damage of the so-called virus, and if anything make it worse. It shouldn't really be all that surprising, then, that such a conclusion would naturally be supported by the science indicating spread of the 'virus' takes place predominantly indoors, with 27 studies all finding that lockdowns have little to no effect against coronavirus.

As for those cases, well they really shouldn't be trusted as the gauge of any so-called pandemic as they're based on highly inaccurate PCR testing, which brings us to the next major measure deployed following lockdowns - testing, testing, testing. As we now know, the PCR tests are set at high cycle thresholds of 35-40 which render them completely worthless, unless the point is to rack up as many unreal cases as possible that is, as such high cycle thresholds will pump out an extremely high rate of false positives. The New York Times, in an article entitled - "Your Coronavirus Test is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn't Be. - previously reported that at the high cycle threshold of 37-40 most commonly being used in the US, up to a 90% rate of false positives would be expected. Meanwhile the test results of the research group of French professor Didier Raoult indicate that, as summarized by Swiss Policy Research in simple English:

if a person gets a “positive” PCR test result at a cycle threshold of 35 or higher (as applied in most US labs and many European labs), the chance that the person is infectious is less than 3%. The chance that the person received a “false positive” result is 97% or higher.

So it is not at all unrealistic to assume that the PCR tests are, in many countries in the west at least, indeed pumping out an estimated 90-97% rate of false positives. But despite such admissions coming from the likes of the New York Times and even Dr. Fauci himself, independent researchers and journalists who have been pointing out these facts have been labeled crazy conspiracy theorists and 'Covid deniers', even though it has been openly admitted on mainstream television news that the so-called virus has never been isolated (and thus never been proven to exist or to cause 'Covid19'). Now this is finally being talked about in the mainstream news again, with the UK's Guardian reporting that: Rapid Covid testing in England may be scaled back over false positives.

Senior government officials have raised “urgent” concerns about the mass expansion of rapid coronavirus testing, estimating that as few as 2% to 10% of positive results may be accurate in places with low Covid rates, such as London.

This estimate by UK government officials obtained through leaked emails seen by The Guardian, align almost perfectly with the estimated 90-97% false positive rate based upon the lab results of the research group of French professor Didier Raoult and the experts interviewed by the New York Times.

On 9 April, the day everyone in England was able to order twice-weekly lateral flow device (LFD) tests, Dyson wrote: “As of today, someone who gets a positive LFD result in (say) London has at best a 25% chance of it being a true positive, but if it is a self-reported test potentially as low as 10% (on an optimistic assumption about specificity) or as low as 2% (on a more pessimistic assumption).”

"Based on the government’s analysis, The Guardian writes, "it would take more than 16,000 tests to find one infected person in London." But many in the government still defend such testing as the best way to identify the so-called 'asymptomatic carriers' and 'control the spread of the virus' which, as we've seen, is not very deadly at all, not even close to the threat to public health and safety it was initially made out to be in order to manufacture this whole fear-based pandemic narrative still being used to sell such arguments.

After the initial wave of pandemic propaganda inducing heightened fear of an extreme number of deaths, followed by lockdowns and widespread testing that creates a steadily rising case count, mask mandates began to be implemented across the planet over the summer, alongside warnings of the threat of 'asymptomatic carriers' spreading the 'virus'. Oddly, all of the science up to that point indicated that masks were ineffective at stopping transmission of viruses, and the health authorities initially recommended against masks, until suddenly that all changed and the march to universal masking ensued. The science never did change, though, and to this day there remains no solid evidence that masks work for the stated purposes given to justify mask mandates and the push for universal masking, while the only randomized control trial conducted during the 'pandemic' found no significant effect for face mask wearers.

Most recently, a peer-reviewed paper was published in the Medical Hypothesis journal in January of 2021, a well cited scathing review of 'Covid19' mask policy, summarizing all of the points made by the so-called 'anti-maskers' throughout the duration of 2020 but from the standpoint of an accredited medical professional whose work is published in an accredited peer-reviewed medical journal. Somehow I doubt that will convince those who are still sold on universal masking at this point, but it is worth quoting the conclusion, to demonstrate once again how at odds the actual science is with the 'science' of the establishment pandemic narrative pushed by the 'experts' like Fauci, Gates, and Co. I highly recommend that anyone truly interested in the science about masks read the entire paper, as it is chalk full of highly suppressed and ignored information, complete with a host of original sources.

The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death. Governments, policy makers and health organizations should utilize prosper and scientific evidence-based approach with respect to wearing facemasks, when the latter is considered as preventive intervention for public health.

And as to your fellow humans all being seen as enemy #1 to public health and safety due to 'asymptomatic carriers' allegedly being a leading cause of spread of the so-called virus, well a new study from China casts more doubt on that claim as well, the findings indicating that 'asymptomatic carriers' are not infectious at all. Published in the British Medical Journal, "A mass screening programme of more than 10 million residents of Wuhan, China, performed after SARS-CoV-2 was brought under control, has identified 300 asymptomatic cases of covid-19, none of which was infectious."

The researchers conducted a screening programme using PCR testing for viral RNA among the 10 million participants who were aged between 10 and 89. Trained staff interviewed participants on their history of covid-19. Asymptomatic positive cases were those who had a positive result on screening with neither a history of covid-19 diagnosis nor any clinical symptoms at the time of the nucleic acid testing. The researchers found no “viable virus” in cultures from asymptomatic samples.

The asymptomatic positive rate was lowest in participants aged under 17 and highest in those over 60. Further swab testing of 1174 close contacts of the 300 asymptomatic positive cases were all negative.

However, "The researchers said that their findings did not show that the virus couldn’t be passed on by asymptomatic carriers, and they didn’t suggest that their findings were generalisable," despite the findings clearly seeming to indicate exactly this. In any event, these findings are not the first of their kind, and follow many previous studies and the World Health Organization's review of reports from a number of countries doing detailed contact tracing, all finding that 'asymptomatic carriers' do not transmit onward. Given that even Dr. Fauci has explained that virus spread is driven by the sick, I think it is fairly safe to say that 'asymptomatic carriers' are in all likelihood among the 90-97% of the population receiving false positive test results, and there is no reason to be living in fear of your healthy neighbors, with study after study supporting that view, even when the authors claim they don't.

Last but far from least among the Covid1984 measures deployed against this 'virus' (or against humanity, depending upon how you look at it) is the almighty vaccine. For those who may not be aware, it should be noted that the mRNA shots are not, legally or medically speaking, even a vaccine at all, but rather a gene therapy, as they do not confer immunity but only claim to diminish symptoms. These mRNA shots, the Pfizer and Moderna jabs most widely in use in the US and many other countries, are also experimental injections, not yet approved by the FDA but only authorized for emergency use. Emergency use authorization of a vaccine can only be issued in cases where there are no recognized treatments for the disease, which is surely why the number of proven effective treatments such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and herbal remedies have all been rejected as illegitimate and the doctors who have successfully treated dozens to hundreds of 'Covid19' patients with such cures labelled as conspiracy quacks.

In the following video, you can listen to Dr. Ryan Cole explain all of this from his professional medical standpoint, as he is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho, and has done over 100,000 Covid tests. Dr. Cole is also a Mayo Clinic trained Board Certified Pathologist, who has expertise in immunology and virology, so he is no amateur in the field. Here he talks about the science and data relating to public health measures that we may have been missing due to media manipulation and censorship, and what treatments should be available to everybody.

What most people don't realize is that since none of the 'Covid19' 'vaccines' are approved, all of them are experimental, meaning every single recipient is part of a massive safety trial or global human experiment, without being informed of this true nature of the injections and thus unable to give truly informed consent. We are all told the 'vaccine' will save us from the 'virus' and get us back to normal, and yet we are now also being informed that the injection may not protect us from the 'virus', won't stop the spread, and that we will have to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing, and that things will never be going back to normal despite the 'vaccine', which will also need a booster shot ever few months to year or so... So what is the point exactly? Good question, and there's really not a great answer, so a lot of people across the political spectrum are waking up to the nature of this vaccination program as not being all that it was cracked up to be, not quite the magical solution initially claimed it would be.

In fact, vaccine hesitancy appears to be far greater than the media is willing to admit, as now, with only about 25% of the US population fully vaccinated, the country has already hit a 'vaccine wall'. It's looking like they may begin to run out of willing volunteers for this massive experiment at about just the point the nation reaches 30% uptake, not even the projected 50-60% of people planning to take the injection according to their polls...

America hits the vaccine wall: Thousands of appointments go unfilled as states across the nation warn that 'hesitancy' to get the shots threatens to derail rollout, recent Daily Mail headline reads.

  • Evidence is growing that the US vaccine rollout is beginning to stall out
  • Supply is now outstripping demand in many states, with appointments unfilled
  • Experts fear vaccine hesitancy will derail attempts to end the pandemic
  • Pause in J&J vaccine may only spur more vaccine fears among the people

On Friday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a desperate plea for residents to get vaccinated, as clinics in the state reported hundreds, if not thousands, of available appointments that were not being filled each day.

'The appointment availability does give us cause for concern because it's indicative of hesitancy, which really is the challenge to come,' said Alison Beam, the state's acting health secretary, who joined Wolf at a news conference.

She said the fact that nearly half of Pennsylvania's nursing home workers have declined the vaccine is further evidence of 'how far we have to go and how much of a challenge overcoming this vaccine hesitancy will be in the near future.'

60% of US nurses and at least 40% of US military personnel have declined to receive the experimental injection, and there's a good reason, for the Covid shots have the largest number of reported adverse effects of any vaccine in use, and because the chance of death from 'Covid19' is so minuscule that many don't feel the need to take an experimental injection, safe or not, simply because there is no reason to be vaccinated against such a low-risk disease. Certainly this indicates that those in opposition to receiving this experimental injection outnumber those who believe we should all be forced to take the jab, just one of the many indications that we who are dissenting from the establishment narrative are in fact the silent majority, contrary to the fake reality painted by their propaganda as seen on TV.

And, if you may still get sick and die from 'Covid19' after being fully vaccinated, is it really as effective as they claim? The CDC has now announced that 5,800 fully vaccinated Americans have gotten COVID, and 70 of those people have died. The establishment talking heads and vaccine pushers claim this is well within the threshold of a highly efficacious vaccine deemed to be 95% effective, but at the very same time these 'breakthrough cases' are being used as the reason why even the vaccinated must continue to wear masks and engage in all of the other tyrannical 'safety' measures, because who knows just who those unprotected few really are. This isn't a very appealing sell for an experimental injection with a high rate of adverse reactions being reported, that's for sure!

Vaccine hesitancy as it is being deemed is no doubt also on the rise following the pause of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine over 6 reported cases of blood clots developing, and yet these few cases are but a fraction of the tens of thousands of adverse effects being reported across the board in all of the Covid shots, including thousands of deaths, far far more than any other vaccine in use.

Dr. Fauci made a public safety announcement to quell some of the fears over this vaccine pause, to reassure Americans that all is well in the realm of the global experimental injection campaign, despite reports of injuries being serious enough to warrant the CDC and FDA to pause J&J vaccine rollout entirely while undergoing a safety review. And boy, did he lie through his teeth in this one. Here's what you need to know about the vaccine pause according to Fauci: "Absolutely, you should get vaccinated."

Screenshot_2021-04-24 The White House on Twitter.png

The big bold lie Fauci told is this, that, "There have been no signals that there's any safety concerns about adverse events among those tens of millions of people [who have received Pfizer and Moderna shots]."

Absolutely untrue, as there have been far more reports of adverse events from Pfizer and Moderna in the US than J&J, by far! But I guess tens of thousands of adverse events reported including thousands of deaths doesn't amount to any signals whatsoever that there's been any safety concerns at all, what a boldfaced disingenuous lie coming from a Big Pharma vaccine pushing deceiver. So many reports of adverse reactions and evidence of these shots seemingly causing COVID, it isn't even funny.

Anyone who researches the reports of adverse reactions or pays just a little attention to the news can easily see straight through this most blatant Fauci lie. I mean, who is seriously going to tell us that out of 502 reported heart attacks, 84 miscarriages, 3145 severe allergic reactions, 321 cases of thrombocytopenia/low platelet count, and over 3,000 deaths, that not even six or more of these cases are likely to be actual adverse events?

They chose six reports of blood clot in J&J vaccine to justify a pause and pretend they care about safety, and ignored hundreds of other reports of blood clots across the board with far more reported in the mRNA injections and dozens of others following J&J shots, as if only those 6 count, and the rest of the hundreds of blood clots and other adverse events - tens of thousands of reports, historically accounting for only 1% of actual vaccine injuries according to Harvard/DHHS study - are all somehow irrelevant, fake reports or totally unrelated to the injections. Such a claim is insulting to our intelligence, Dr. Fauci. Certainly the highest rate of adverse events ever reported in vaccine history is a signal of safety concerns...

Just a few more recent reports of likely vaccine injuries to show how insane Fauci's claim really is:

22 y/o Israeli woman develops heart inflammation after Pfizer injection, dies in hospital after staff neglect to give her care.

‘Young, healthy’ South Mississippi man suffers stroke hours after receiving J&J vaccine, family certain vaccine "is what caused the stroke."

University of Cincinnati student’s death after J&J vaccine under investigation, 21 year old John Foley died just one day after receiving J&J shot.

Devastated mother demands answers after her son, 20, with muscular dystrophy suffered a seizure and died less than 12 hours after receiving a Pfizer jab, the UK mother is convinced the vaccine killed her son, who first developed pain at the injection site, followed by a fever and then seizure that took her son's life before paramedics arrived.

CDC Investigating 3 Deaths After J&J Vaccine, New VAERS Data Include 584 More Reports of Deaths After COVID Vaccines (April 21), "VAERS data released today showed 86,080 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 3,186 deaths and 10,152 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 16, 2021."

The above is just a small sample, but you get the idea, the media has reported a large number of the deaths, but always claim there's no evidence vaccine is cause of death, even when healthy young person dies just hours after injection. How long until people realize, that even if it's only a relatively small risk, there is certainly a very real risk inherent to these experimental injections, and they most certainly have very real safety concerns that aren't being addressed by psychopaths that care more about corporate profit and technocratic agenda than they do about your life, your health, your safety, and truly informed consent, which is totally absent during this 'vaccine' rollout?

Furthermore Fauci also claims that: "The danger of COVID-19 as a disease, clearly, overwhelmingly outstrips any risk of an adverse event from a vaccine." But since the danger of COVID posed to children is literally zero (no chance of death), it seems in some cases this is absolutely not the case, especially considering children in the current vaccine trials have died following injection. At the very same time, Norwegian health authorities strongly disagree with Fauci's assessment as far as their country goes in regards to the AstraZeneca shot (also proven to cause blood clots that have in some cases led to death), very similar to the J&J injection. "Norwegians run a greater risk of dying from being inoculated with AstraZeneca's vaccine than from COVID-19, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) concluded in its analysis," Sputnik News reported. And they aren't even willing to offer it on a voluntary basis, out of concern recipients may not fully understand the risks involved, a stark contrast to Fauci assuring Americans that the risk is so low, even with J&J, that nobody should be concerned and everybody should get vaccinated.

“We believe that such an alternative may appear unethical and with a high risk that those who make such a choice have not fully understood the risk to which they are exposed,” the institute said.

Some in the mainstream media are beginning to speak out on the vaccine issue, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson who has repeatedly voiced concern about the vaccines and vaccine agenda, most recently declaring that they are either effective and must bring an end to masking and other pandemic measures or they don't work and shouldn't be used. Even more recently Bill Maher made headlines for criticizing liberal media and government pandemic "panic porn" and generally voicing dissent over the establishment narrative, saying the choice to get a vaccine shouldn't have been politicized. Listen to the segment for yourself below.

From The Defender:

Political commentator, comedian and host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” calls out the media for pushing COVID “panic porn.” Maher said polls show Dems are “wildly off” when it comes to how many people are in danger of being hospitalized for the virus.
Bill Maher’s latest new rule is this: “Don’t spin me when it comes to my health.”

“When all the sources for medical information have an agenda to spin us, you wind up with a badly informed public,” Maher said.

The truth, on the other hands, Maher explained, is that only between 1% – 5% of people end up needing to be hospitalized for COVID, despite the media’s non-stop “panic porn.”

"Over the past year, the COVID pandemic has prompted the medical establishment, the media, and the government to take a scared-straight approach to getting the public to comply with their recommendations," Maher said. "Well, I'm from a different school. Give it to me straight, doc, because in the long run that always works better than 'you can't handle the truth'."

Not only that, citing figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maher said 78% of people who end up “hospitalized, ventilated or dead” from COVID are obese — something news outlets are “too polite” to talk about.

“I don’t want politics mixed in with my medical decisions,” he added.

In his “New Rule” segment, Maher — whose political views are largely seen as ranging from liberal to libertarian — revealed findings from a Gallup poll showing about 70% of Democrats were “wildly off” on the key question of how many people who get COVID end up being hospitalized. The poll showed liberals have a “greatly exaggerated” view of the danger of COVID, and of the mortality rate among children.

“If the right-wing media bubble has to own things like climate denial,” Maher said, “shouldn’t the liberal media have to answer for ‘how did your audience wind up believing such a lot of crap about COVID’?”

It's clear that the media is driving the fear that is driving the pandemic narrative, and slowly but surely the truth is leaking out into the very same mainstream media responsible for perpetrating the grand deception that got us into all of this insanity. Just one more example is an analysis by The Telegraph that found warnings of a 'third wave' in the UK, used by Boris Johnson to perpetuate the lockdowns into eternity, are flawed, "needlessly negative and out of date." Most revealing is that these establishment models went so far as to forecast that this 'third wave' would in fact be driven by the vaccinated, because that makes so much sense coming from those who claim vaccines are effective, right? And no, this is no joke. The Telegraph reports:

There is an extraordinary paragraph buried in the summary of modelling submitted to Sage by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M) which discusses who will die in a third wave.

It states: “The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60 per cent and 70 per cent of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups.”

Yes, you did read that correctly. The third wave deaths will predominantly be driven by people who have been vaccinated.

How can this be, if the vaccine is supposed to save us?

Their reasoning is that around 10 per cent of vaccinated over-50s will not be protected by the vaccine, based on around 90 per cent efficacy - which equates to about 2.9 million people.

That's right, so I guess it doesn't work all that great after all. Not good enough to end the 'pandemic' anyway, it will never work quite that well, so get used to the new normal, because in case you don't remember, they said all the way back in last April that it was here to stay for good. And now they tell us to prepare for a permanent pandemic. And you might get paralyzed or die from that safe and [in]effective experimental injection that may or may not protect you from a virus that still hasn't been proven to exist and if it does it still has a 99.85% average global survival rate, even higher if you're under the age of about 70.

But yay fear, and 'science', and tyranny, aren't you getting excited about owning nothing and being happy, while Bill Gates and his merry band of billionaire technocrats and bankers own everything including your body and every inch of this planet? It'll be wonderful, for all those who survive to see it... Or maybe the global resistance will bring their totalitarian technocratic plan to a grinding halt, I'm rather feeling that outcome myself, personally, as I hear the sound of revolution in the air. Peaceful revolution, of course... Either way, it's a most interesting future we're in for, like nothing the world's ever see before, and it's already here.

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