As ‘Cases’ Fall, Establishment Doubles Down on Ineffective Masks, the Most Ineffective Ones | Deconstructing the Propaganda


Even as both US and global ‘Covid19’ ‘cases’ continue to steadily drop for the third week in a row, the establishment continues to ramp up its push for global societal masking on all fronts, despite the only randomized control trial (the scientific gold standard in medical trials) investigating the effects of mask use on transmission of coronavirus finding no statistically significant effect of mask use, findings that are supported by the conclusions of all such previous studies, with the large body of actual science clearly demonstrating a complete lack of evidence that masks are effective at either stopping virus transmission or reducing confirmed cases of virus-induced illness, including ‘Covid19’.

This doubling down on global masking is being done in the name of fighting a pandemic that doesn’t exist, caused by a novel coronavirus which has to this day never been positively identified as such by the universally accepted scientific gold standard of virus identification (isolation) (and thus by extension hasn’t been proven to exist), which is allegedly responsible for causing a disease (‘Covid19’) that, according to the CDCs own data has a 99.5-99.9%+ survival rate, and that is without taking into account the demonstrably inaccurate and highly inflated official death (and ‘confirmed case’) count along with all the other CDC data that flies directly in the face of the ever-changing establishment pandemic narrative. This narrative is in turn used to push the never-changing technocratic agenda being used to usher in an Orwellian global technocracy with The Great Reset, which has been launched under the guise of fighting the so-called pandemic that isn’t.

And masks are clearly playing a fundamental role in this agenda, even forming a key foundational component of this emerging technocratic world order.


The Evidence for Masks & Fundamentally Flawed Testing

Two of the most pertinent CDC reports in relation to masks include:

  1. A comprehensive review of randomized control trials studying efficacy of mask use in stopping transmission of the influenza virus published in May 2020, which “found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks,” and concluded that: “We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility.”

  2. A randomized control trial conducted in July (study published in September) which found that the majority of ‘confirmed cases’ (positive PCR test results from symptomatic hospitalized patients) were from full time mask-wearers; specifically, 70.6% of trial participants who tested positive wore a mask all the time while only 3.9% of those who tested positive never wore a mask - a sliding scale correlation that appears to indicate frequency of mask use actually increased rate of infection, and definitely shows no evidence that face coverings actually work to reduce infection.


Then there’s the DanMask-19 Trial, the only large randomized control trial conducted during the ‘pandemic’ looking specifically at the effects of mask use in preventing spread of coronavirus, subsequent infection and ‘Covid19’ illness - and by far the most notable study on the matter of masks as a tool to ‘stop the spread’ of ‘Covid19’.

Landmark Danish study finds no significant effect for face mask wearers - The Spectator, November 19, 2020

The study looked at 6,000 trial participants in Denmark, about half of whom were given 50 surgical masks to wear, which were to be replaced every eight hours. The results further confirmed the body of evidence from previous studies that found no significant reduction in virus transmission or confirmed cases of virus-induced illness with the use of cloth or surgical masks.

“In the end, there was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those who did not when it came to being infected by Covid-19,” with 2.1% of the control group (those without masks) getting ‘infected’, alongside an almost identical 2% of those who wore their masks properly.

The importance of the fact that this trial involved the exclusive use of surgical masks cannot be overlooked, as previous medical studies and reviews have found that cloth masks are even less effective than surgical masks, while its findings are also supported by the CDC study referenced above, which findings were also in relation to surgical masks and not the less effective cloth masks.

This, along with all the other science that challenges the establishment narrative, has been summarily ignored, suppressed, ridiculed and censored by the Mockingbird Media, Big Tech cartel and health officials all over the world in favor of all the shaky ‘new research’ that purports to show ‘evidence’ that masks are effective, even when “none” of this “new research” is “bomb-proof evidence,” and “doesn’t provide conclusive evidence,” and is admittedly reliant upon imperfect, “deeply flawed studies” that are “prone to errors,” being neither randomized trials nor in many cases peer-reviewed.

Those few evidence-based reviews out there that do appear to support the efficacy of masks, such as this one, are forced to admit:

Although no direct evidence indicates that cloth masks are effective in reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the evidence that they reduce contamination of air and surfaces is convincing

Whether or not the evidence is truly “convincing” is up for debate and a matter of opinion, but what is not debatable is that they don’t actually know if masks work for the purposes they claim they do.

For it is clearly stated:

Whether wearing a mask of any sort in a community context protects oneself or others is unknown.

And again:

No direct evidence indicates that public mask wearing protects either the wearer or others.

So despite insisting the limited and non-direct evidence for masks is “convincing” (in their opinion convincing enough to inform government policy), it also firmly establishes that in all known scenarios, cloth masks are less effective than surgical masks.

Even now in the midst of its strongest push for universal masking, the CDC admits (here), (archived here):

Data regarding the “real-world” effectiveness of community masking are limited to observational and epidemiological studies.

And while observational studies are not scientifically meaningless, most of these studies were not able to isolate the effects of masks on ‘virus’ transmission from other measures widely in use by the subjects of observation, including hand washing and physical distancing. In other words, there is no real way of knowing in these situations if it was in fact the masks or other factor(s) responsible for creating the observed ‘effects’ attributed to masks.

Furthermore, the observed drops in ‘cases’ in the days immediately following implementation of mask mandates in a number of localities cited by the CDC as substantial additional evidence in support of masks does not necessarily demonstrate mask efficacy, as correlation does not necessarily equate to causation (although it often does). Such correlations are particularly suspect, however, when dealing with tests that are admittedly “not for use in diagnostic procedures” being used as the primary diagnostic tool and exclusive indicator of ‘confirmed cases’; tests that are highly inaccurate, scientifically meaningless, and in which the cycle threshold can be set and adjusted to create a higher or lower rate of positive test results (false positives), thereby manipulating the severity of the ‘pandemic’ (casedemic). This ability, this power to manufacture and dissolve the coming and going ‘waves’ and ‘surges’ of the ‘pandemic’ at will is very real and lies exclusively in the hands of those controlling the tests and the testing protocols, and it remains there for as long as widespread PCR testing is ongoing (or until another PCR test is made for the next new ‘virus’).

Given that many US and European labs have been using high cycle thresholds (35+) that have been shown to give a 97% rate of false positives, it is entirely possible that upon implementing mask mandates, the tests in certain locales were tweaked to lower cycle thresholds that would render fewer false positives, thereby engineering a drop in ‘confirmed cases’ and thus giving the CDC, WHO and governments around the world the very data they could then turn around and use as ‘evidence for masks’ in order to drive the global societal masking agenda.

At the same time, a mere increase or decrease in the number of daily tests being given with the tests set at a high threshold will drive the numbers of daily new ‘cases’ up or down, and we know the media relies primarily upon the number of newly reported daily/weekly ‘cases’ as its ‘pandemic’ gauge. We also know that when testing increased over the summer, so did the ‘confirmed cases’, but these spikes in ‘cases’ (after April) did not see a corresponding rise in deaths, and this occurred in various countries at various times all around the world over the course of the summer and well into the fall.

Bearing all this in mind, it should be noted that from the day the very first PCR test to be approved was announced and unveiled (by Donald J. Trump, acting as Abbot Labs salesman no less!), officials around the world insisted for months that testing was of absolutely paramount importance in the new ‘war on Covid19’, all religiously repeating the very same mantra: “testing, testing, testing.”

What has emerged from all of the pandemic pandemonium is a new world in which there is a vast and often polar difference between what the ‘experts’ say the science says and what the science actually says, a world of Orwellian double speak where reality is totally inverted, where ignorance is strength, slavery is freedom, fear is love, and truth is treason in the empire of lies.

A Second Wave of Mask Propaganda & the Great Cloth Mask Push

Right now the very same global medical cabal whose trusted ‘experts’ originally recommended against wearing masks in agreement with the science is now doubling down on the organized push for long-term societal masking as a fundamental aspect of the permanent ‘new normal’, and the entire establishment - from the top leadership of national governments and health organizations all the way down to the most local health and government officials here in the land of the free land of the slave - is falling right into line.

In a renewed effort to implement universal global societal masking, the ‘experts’ and public officials are pushing masks on humanity like never before, with new and renewed mask mandates continuing to be rolled out around the world as the establishment media propaganda runs on overtime, reaching new levels of absurdity and deception in an effort to convince you and I and everyone else on this earth to wear a mask - “all the time, not just when you feel like it, but all the time,” as CNBC TV host Shep Smith said in his recent report on double masking, which insanity I was easily able to deconstruct in just eight minutes...

In the US, the priests and prophets of the New World Religion are now advancing double and even triple masking as the most effective way to battle the invisible enemy, because they now admit that cloth masks are otherwise only “50% effective,” while their handy ‘new research’ featured on CNBC television shows double masking to be “75% effective” and triple masking to be “90% effective,” in reference to the alleged filtering efficiency provided.


It is worth noting, however, that medically speaking, “A mask is considered effective if its filtering efficiency is greater than 95%.” (NCBI)

Therefore by their own admissions, cloth masks specifically are not effective for the very purposes we are being told to use them for, even when doubling or tripling up on them!

Indeed, the only randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers (conducted in 2015) provides conclusive evidence that cloth masks are significantly less effective than surgical masks, with findings that showed influenza like illness and laboratory-confirmed virus “were significantly higher in the cloth masks group compared with the medical masks group.”

So what mask does meet the medical standard of filtering efficiency to be considered “effective”? Not surgical masks, and definitely not the even less effective cloth masks, but rather N95s, which have been shown to have a minimum 95% rate of filtration efficiency when properly fitted, thus the name.

And yet at the very same time...

The wearing of any less effective mask, “specifically” a cloth mask, is still recommended by the CDC and top health ‘experts’ as the most effective way to stop the spread of the ‘virus’, while these same quacks like Dr. Fauci and the folks over at the CDC continue to specifically advise the public against the use of what they tell us are the most effective face coverings of all - namely N95s, although N99s, along with various respirators and gas masks are all better - while a number of state and local mandates issued in the name of ‘public health and safety’ allow the use of plastic face shields that are admittedly useless and thus even recommended against by the CDC.

“The gold standard N95 mask is not recommended for the average person, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and instead should be reserved for health care professionals,” a January 26 NBC News report informs us.


So why exactly are the ‘effective’ “gold standard” N95 masks not recommended by Fauci and the CDC, but only the ineffective cloth and surgical masks, to include the nonsensical tripling up on masks despite even CBS News cautioning that, “three masks may be going too far, since that could interfere with the ability to breathe”?

You could have a very good N95 mask, but let's say that somebody isn't wearing it properly or is only wearing it 50 percent of the time," said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and former health commissioner for Baltimore. "I would rather that someone wear a surgical mask or cloth mask 100 percent of the time, correctly and consistently."

The ‘experts’ would apparently rather us wear ineffective masks 100% of the time rather than effective masks only 50% of the time, failing to note that the vast majority of these recommended face coverings are not in fact worn properly, do not have the necessary airtight fit to even be as ‘effective’ as claimed, and most importantly are rarely worn 100% of the time - for these too become uncomfortable and restrict oxygen flow, not to mention being regularly taken off at meals in public establishments where the ‘virus’ can then spread freely, rendering them entirely useless (not being worn 100% of the time, if they ever had an airtight fit to begin with).

If these ‘experts’ truly cared about public health and safety, and there was truly a deadly virus ravaging humanity right now - as they repeatedly insist - then one would think they would be recommending and helping to provide the public with the most effective masks available, rather than specifically recommending against them while at the same time launching a global campaign to push the least effective masks that are out there.

It’s time for them to just cut the whole ‘reserve the best for the healthcare workers’ crap, for they played the exact same BS card with surgical masks back when all this began and within two months there were abundant medical masks for all - now they’ve had months to sort out supply issues and ramp up production of N95s, and instead cloth masks are being marketed and sold specifically as ‘Covid19 masks’ under special FDA emergency authorization with little oversight and no industry standards. This is being done on a massive scale. Just look at the masks being worn and you’ll see the vast majority of the public in cloth masks, despite no shortage of medical masks, and ample opportunity for large scale production of N95s. And yet we are told there is still a shortage of them! Why don’t they try paying companies to make more then, if that’s the case?!? The US spent trillions in so-called emergency and stimulus funding, and they could have easily funneled a few million towards mass production of N95s, rather than using their resources - from funding to public messaging - in a coordinated push of the least effective masks on the public!

Even though the FDA emergency authorization only approved cloth masks to be used as a ‘source control’ measure, “meaning they are not a substitute for filtering face piece respirators or for surgical face masks,” that is exactly what both the CDC and media sells them as - an effective hip and stylish replacement for surgical masks - all while telling you to avoid N95s and other more effective respirators!

And the public gobbles it all up, eager to cling to whatever symbol of salvation their high priests tell them to cling to, none the wiser they are being played by powers that clearly don’t care about them or their health and safety.


The reason given for the latest mask push, including the insane recommendations to wear 2-4 masks at once, is the alleged spread of a new, more easily transmissible ‘virus’ mutation, a fast spreading variant that originated in the UK.

Asked at a White House briefing last week whether the new variant would make masks less effective, [Fauci] said that on the contrary, the variants are "the reason why you absolutely should be wearing a mask." (NBC News, Jan. 26)

These reports of a new, dominant, rapidly spreading more contagious mutant strain originating in the UK echo similar findings by ‘experts’ in the US at the end of September, when researchers claimed to have identified a new dominant and more contagious strain in Texas that had mutated to get around the common ‘Covid19’ measures, with the NY Post originally reporting that, “experts say it could be a response by the virus to defeat masks and other social-distancing efforts.”

At that time, fellow virologist over at Fauci’s NAID, David Morens, said that more contagious strains (such as the latest UK mutation), are naturally “better at getting around” masks.

“Wearing masks, washing our hands, all those things are barriers to transmissibility, or contagion, but as the virus becomes more contagious it statistically is better at getting around those barriers.”

Apparently that rule does not hold true to the latest UK variant driving the current mask mania, that is if any of these variants even actually exist at all...

In reality this latest round of mask mania can trace its roots back to the new White House administration’s ‘pandemic’ policy preceded by the official arrival of the long-predicted ‘second wave’ in the fall and associated ‘dark winter’, with both President Biden and VP Harris seen wearing double masks, coinciding with the latest round of MSM propaganda.


For one “infectious disease expert,” Dr. William Schaffner, double masking was an unfamiliar practice which he said he didn’t think “adds anything,” in comments about Biden’s use of a surgical mask over an N95, adding that it might be worn to "give the visual cue that they're taking mask wearing seriously.” In other words, it’s likely just another propaganda stunt aimed at further pressuring Americans to mask up, a symbol of obedience to the new totalitarian normal of the emerging technocracy.


After all, Fauci admitted in comments made to CNN in late May, nearly two months after US official guidelines began recommending them, that he wears a mask “because [he wants] to make it be a symbol for people to see that that's the kind of thing you should be doing” in this brave new Covid1984 clown world, adding that masks are not 100% effective, while nonetheless strongly urging Americans to mask up out of “respect for another person” - in other words to pander to their propaganda-induced fears and as an acceptable form of virtue signaling.

Indeed, even the authors of an article on the role of universal masking in the age of ‘Covid19’ published by the NEJM just days earlier on May 21 pointed out that, because “We know that wearing a mask outside of health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection,“ the reality is that, “In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic” (induced by the media’s incessant fearmongering), noting that: “It is also clear that masks serve symbolic roles” - “not only [as] tools,” but “also talismans that may help increase” the public’s “perceived sense of safety, well-being, and trust” in the healthcare apparatus.

There had in fact long been those in the medical field aware of the symbolic nature of masks in relation to pandemics, such Dr. Shane Neilson, who wrote the following in a peer-reviewed article published in the Canadian Medical Review Journal:

I propose that the surgical mask is a symbol that protects from the perception of risk by offering nonprotection to the public while causing behaviours that project risk into the future.

The symbolic masks do indeed speak, and the message is coming through loud and clear...


Like Fauci (and Trump), it is almost certain that Biden, too, is wearing a mask and particularly two masks primarily as a symbolic act, the latter of which was first noticed (or at least widely reported on) in October, right alongside arrival of the ‘second wave’.

Whereas Trump’s White House advanced the ‘15 days to stop the spread’ campaign in March, which turned into a 10-month campaign that never ceased for the duration of the Trump presidency, the Biden administration as its very first act has introduced its own COVID campaign, dubbed the ‘100 days of masking challenge’, launched on Biden’s first day in office and which is comprised of an executive order mandating masks be worn on all federal properties and by all federal employees, and the official recommendation that Americans mask up for Biden’s first 100 days in office, along with a call for states and local governments to issue their own mask mandates.



Different administrations, same agenda...

Governors across the country wasted little time in caving to Biden’s demands, beginning to respond to this ‘100 days of masking challenge’ with new mandates well before it was ever officially kicked off, all the way back in November when the fakestream media cabal prematurely anointed Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race and his ‘100 days of masking’ initiative was first announced. This development, immediately followed by a resurgence of ‘pandemic’ propaganda peddling across the MSM outlets, conveniently coincided with the arrival of the long-predicted and clearly orchestrated ‘second wave’-induced ‘dark winter’, complete with a renewed push for masking by the Trump administration’s Surgeon General and other top health ‘experts’.

See also my video compilation, “Operation Dark Winter”:

On Biden’s second day in office, the newly installed president followed up with a second ‘pandemic’-related mask mandate by executive order, this one designed “to extend masking requirements on interstate travel, like on trains, planes and buses," he said shortly before signing the order. The two unconstitutional orders also essentially gave the CDC exclusive ‘lawmaking’ authority under the parameters set by the Administration, as they “require compliance with CDC guidance on mask-wearing” and other ‘public health’ measures.

Using its newly granted authority, the CDC “issued a mask-wearing rule late Friday that builds on an order announced Jan. 21 by President Joe Biden,” which, as USA Today reports, “makes refusal to wear a mask a violation of federal law.” The order went into effect on February 1 and the TSA, tasked with implementing the order, also announced on Friday that it would be recommending fines ranging from $250 up to $1500 for passengers refusing to comply with the tyrannical order.

Meanwhile on January 31, Western Australian authorities implemented a flash-lockdown that included a region-wide indoor/outdoor mask mandate aimed at ‘forcing’ the citizenry into compliance with the ‘new normal’.

At the same time, establishment media outlets have been dutifully doubling down on their propaganda efforts aimed at further demonizing anyone who dares to challenge the mask agenda, often rabidly attacking those taking a stand for freedom, particularly the policies of any remaining states whose governors have refused to abuse their authority and bypass the standard lawmaking process by implementing unconstitutional mask mandates by executive order.

These propaganda campaigns targeting the few who have yet to cave to the mask agenda combine media shaming and blaming with tours conducted by US officials aimed at pressuring local governments to impose or strengthen mask mandates. Media reporting blames any so-called resurgence of the ‘virus’ on a lack of mask mandates, lax enforcement of existing mandates, and/or widespread noncompliance - seen most clearly in the wording of headlines, such as the Washington Post headline seen below.


And even in the days before the (s)election of Joe Biden, the Washington Post reports that, “Deborah Birx, coordinator of [Trump’s] White House coronavirus task force, has been touring states and chiding those where mask use is low.”

The longer this pressure campaign is maintained and intensified, the fewer holdouts remain and the more widespread compliance with government orders and official ‘Covid19’ guidelines becomes, and yet resistance remains fierce both across the country and the entire world, forcing the propagandists to kick the propaganda up another notch to yet unseen levels of absurdity, along with an increase in the frequency and number of outright lies being sold.

One example of the latest propaganda is the ‘I wear a mask because’ campaign, kicked off by the CDC and Co. right before (S)Election Day in an attempt to further normalize and glorify the almighty mask as the symbolic savior of humanity. This is a renewal of the same campaign launched over the summer by a number of local authorities and organizations when US mask mandates began to spread faster than the ‘virus’.



Most disturbing is this mask propaganda targeting children, with CDC guidelines now recommending masks for all children over two years of age (bumped down from six) and many schools mandating masks if their doors are even open. This is despite both schools and children having been shown to not be ‘super spreaders’, healthy children being at the lowest risk (near zero) of contracting serious disease, with those under ten having a literally zero chance of death from the ‘virus’ according to UK data, and a mere 102 total child deaths (age 0-14) attributed to ‘Covid19’ in the US out of a total of over 300,000 recorded in 2020!


The more recent CDC video compilation is comprised of a number of virtue signaling CDC employees each giving their own personal ‘reason’ for wearing a mask, dutifully making their appearance in cloth masks and encouraging all of us to obediently follow suit, “even if you don’t have to.”

Some of these ridiculous and nonsensical reasons given for wearing masks include ‘to protect your freedom’ (despite being symbols of the new medical tyranny), ‘because my baby can’t’ (despite babies sitting at a near-zero risk of infection), ‘to stop the spread of the Covid19’ (despite being demonstrated to not actually do so), ‘because I care about you’ (classic virtue signaling), and ‘because I want to feel safe sending my kids back to school’ (despite kids having statistically insignificant near-zero chance of being seriously affected), among others.

But let’s get real here and just admit that we’re really all just wearing masks because we are being told to (often mandated by government order), and/or as a fear-based response to either make ourselves or those around us feel safer.

In the absence of any conclusive science backing their use, catchy slogans are employed to indoctrinate the sleeping masses, such as ‘I wear because I care’, ‘wearing is caring’, and ‘don’t make us ask, wear a mask.’


And when all such methods of ‘gently’ prodding the sheeple into their symbolic muzzles fail, more extreme methods of persuasion on top of government mandates must be employed...

And so one of the recent ploys being used to disparage those who question the establishment narrative, particularly on the mask issue, is to smear all ‘anti-maskers’ as racist, die hard Trump supporters. Easy to do, considering for four years they’ve falsely accused Trump and his supporters of being racist, white supremacists, setting the groundwork for inaccurately lumping all ‘anti-maskers’ (another largely inaccurate label given to us, just like ‘anti-vaxxer’) together as die-hard Trump supporters who are desperately clinging to their racist, white national roots (also largely false).

Instead of addressing the actual science, they simply say the science says otherwise, cite the ‘authorities’, and then move on to demean and disparage all these concerned citizens and freedom lovers as if they were truly all grandma-hating, Nazi death machines whose only reason to resist masking up for life is out of a hatred for their neighbors, particularly blacks and other minorities. In doing so, the blatantly obvious total inversion of reality is becoming more and more clear for all to see, at least all those who are not completely and totally caught under the spell of fear that has been cast upon the earth.

Deconstructing the Propaganda

A perfect example of this insanity can be seen in a recent Guardian propaganda piece authored by Annette McGivney and published on February 2, that contains just about all of the talking points of the current establishment narrative and takes a hit at just about every establishment ‘target’ out there. It casts minority natives as victims of a white, libertarian leaning conservative government that refused to take decisive action to mandate masks combined with a selfish, misinformed populace of conspiratorial white Trumpists that resisted the urgent call to mask up, with 77 y/o Navajo elder Mae Tso - who passed away just last month - at the center of the stage.


It further normalizes fear of ‘Covid19’ by quoting the Navajo elder’s daughter as saying: “My mom was not afraid of much but she was very afraid of Covid.”

Glancing right over the massive red flag that Tso is said to have become ill in December and eventually died from ‘Covid19’ in January, despite not once stepping foot in public since February, 2020, it goes on to state that: “The uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus in Mae’s home town Dinebitoh came amid a dire surge in cases across the state of Arizona this winter,” using the most fear-instilling language possible (‘uncontrolled’, ‘dire surge’), a common pattern seen throughout the piece and all establishment coverage.

How this poor grandma - the stereotypical ‘victim’ of a mask-shunning population according to the likes of Bill Gates, CNN and all the rest of the media establishment - how she managed to catch this ‘virus’ that we are told is spread by human to human transmission after over nine months “in the isolated family compound” is never addressed. However it wouldn’t be the first time the ‘virus’ just seemingly appeared out of thin air to wreak havoc on a previously Covid-free area by infecting those who haven’t yet been exposed to it by a human carrier.

Her unfortunate death was ultimately caused by a severe case of pneumonia, which we are told was caused by ‘Covid19’, but like so many other deaths wrongfully attributed to the ‘virus’, and given the total lack of any accurate, scientifically meaningful diagnostic tests, there is simply no way of knowing if the [not so] deadly ‘virus’ was truly the culprit.

One important point regarding the unfortunate death of this old lady, is that the onset of the illness ultimately leading to her death admittedly followed many months of isolation lived in great fear of ‘Covid19’. Forget the spiritual laws of our universe that state we will each eventually attract that which we fear the most, anyone who doesn’t think this scenario could be the cause or contributing factor to her illness is just being intellectually dishonest with themselves, for we live in a world where fear has been scientifically proven to cause illness, human contact and interaction has been shown to be a necessary component of a healthy life, and even the company of a houseplant or pet has been shown to extend the life of the elderly by months and sometimes years! But you’re not gonna hear any of these fakestream outlets talk about how this ‘new normal’ of isolation and living in perpetual fear is creating the perfect conditions for the onset of all manner of disease, because the knowledge of the power of your mind to both create and cure physical illness is surely the biggest threat to Big Pharma and its monopoly on the medical industry.

The Guardian’s heavy reliance upon the statements of ‘experts’ and media talking points rather than the actual science is impossible to miss in this piece, and with it the disparagement of ‘anti-maskers’ also begins, seen in the following statement:

Arizona health officials have been alarmed not only by the scale of the spread in all areas of the state but also by the cavalier attitude of many residents toward health safety measures.

One ‘expert’ “said he attributes people ignoring health safety mandates to the state’s ‘very libertarian viewpoint’,” painting freedom as the ‘problem’ and obedience as the ‘solution’.

How dare those pesky freedom-lovers sit shoulder to shoulder in crowded restaurants the ‘experts’ have proclaimed should only be at 50% capacity, and without their masks on no less, acting like free and normal human beings when “we are in the middle of our worst surge ever!”

How dare any of us ignorant peon serfs live without fear of the horrible, super scary and [not so] deadly coronavirus!

But if that’s how you see those choosing to go about business as usual, without masks on and not afraid of healthy human contact - as living without fear - then the Guardian would like to correct your misperception of reality, and they’ve found the perfect ‘expert’ to quote to do so.

The establishment wants you to know that those walking around without fear of the ‘virus’ and thus without masks on are actually the ones living in the greatest fear, and those who mask up out of fear of the virus are actually the ones extending love to both themselves and their neighbors! How can this total inversion of reality be, you ask? Good question, and Dr. Tommy Begay has the answer for you - “defiance is actually fear” - not fear of the ‘virus’ mind you, but fear of people of color! The only way to wrap your head around this mind-boggling view of things is to read it for yourself.

Dr Tommy Begay, a cultural psychologist at the University of Arizona’s college of medicine in Tucson, sees some Arizonians reluctance to wear masks in public places as more than just a show of swashbuckling independence. “Some people are obviously going out of their way to defy health mandates,” Begay said. “And for many it is a political statement in support of what Donald Trump stands for, which is white nationalism and a disrespect for science.”

Begay grew up on the Navajo reservation and he views the wild west nostalgia that is mythologized in Arizona as really being about “a time when everybody knew their place”.

He believes that despite the state’s high Covid-19 death rate, many Trump supporters are following the mask-disdaining example set by the former president as a way to cling to that past. “Their defiance is really fear,” he said. “They are afraid of the new majority in our country being made up of people of color.”

Of course the majority of us who don’t wear a mask in public are die-hard Trump supporting white nationalists who are terrified of minorities, and of course Trump is a white supremacist, which is why he got the biggest black voter turnout in US history, and we all “disrespect” the “science” so much that most of us just can’t shut up about all the randomized control trials and peer reviewed medical studies that document the evidence that masks are both ineffective and harmful, presumably one of the ‘conspiracy theories’ our refusal to mask up keeps us connected to...

In Begay’s view, the act of not wearing a mask keeps people feeling connected to Trump and conspiracy theories.

One such ‘conspiracy’ brushed off by the Guardian as self evidently false without actually being addressed, has to do with potential harm of long term mask use. Brandy Carothers is the perfect example of why such ‘conspiracies’ driving resistance to societal masking are ‘harmful’ to ‘public health and safety’, and it helps that she’s also a shining example of just the kind of misled serf the media’s so fond of. She got sick, ostensibly with ‘Covid19’, and was then hospitalized after developing pneumonia, just like so many other victims of the ‘virus’.

Carothers’ husband didn’t believe in wearing masks. “My husband generally doesn’t wear a mask because he’s rebelling and he doesn’t like the way it feels on his face,” she said. “And he thinks the long-term use of masks is bad for your health because you are inhaling bacteria.”

Fully aware that such claims about masks are false,” the Guardian adds, “Carothers frequently urged her husband to mask up, even to wear a double-layer mask, she said.”

It should be noted that one cannot be “fully aware” that an accurate claim is false, and the Guardian’s casual gloss over this claim without addressing it or attempting to demonstrate how, let alone even that it actually is false, speaks volumes. They are definitely banking on their audience not being aware of the facts surrounding this claim, that much will be crystal clear to any researcher who actually takes the time to look into the issue of documented harms of long term mask use...

And oddly, despite being the most compliant with mask mandates and CDC guidelines, the Guardian goes on to note, minorities have also been hit the hardest, surely not because the masks and isolation are ineffective though. Maybe the ‘virus’ is just racist too...

And as for those claims about long-term mask use being unhealthy, there are in fact a myriad of documented harms caused by long-term mask use, with the inhalation of bacteria being just one piece in the puzzle forming a complex web of greater harm that long-term masking may ultimately lead to.

Do masks lead to bacterial pneumonia? - video by @tlavagabond:

Stay tuned, as I’ll be picking up my next post right up where this one left off, with a deep dive into all of the numerous documented harms directly caused by and potentially associated with long-term mask use, and how this facet of mass societal masking may soon play into the greater Covid1984 agenda - and in fact may already be.

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