Taliban falling apart under the strain

Hahahahahaha! They can't even keep this together.

And better? They can't feed or pay thier troops.

And they get millions of aid from the Biden administration...

And then ask for more while conducting a civil war in return they are to attack the India province.

Most Taliban fighters have t gotten paid in months. Let alone getting fed. Ha! Funny. I'm glad they have to beg. The humanitarian crisis and rights abuses.

Banks closed and the entire administration of the Afghanistan people fell apart.

People are talking 1 billion of aid for Afghanistan to commit atrocious and human rights abuses.

This is a joke. And just is getting India to be embroiled in a war that has been awaiting and working its way around.

The Afghanistan situation is going to be a long term scam apparently as I can only see the Taliban taking advantage of any aid whatsoever and misappropriate as many funds as possible. There was never a honest government in Afghanistan and this is just going to accelerate the corruption within the Taliban and encourage more in fighting as each one of these groups jockeys or as much humanitarian assistance as they can hijack.

There is an absolute 100% chance that any and all funds given to Afghanistan under the guise of humanitarian aid will be quickly taken advantage of. As well as you know that anything the Taliban gets hold of they are just going to use to consolidate their own control and feed their own fighters without regard to the common people of Afghanistan because of course why would the caliphate really care about the common people.

There has been no stories from our returning soldiers about the integrity or anti-corruption measures in place in the Afghan government.

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