China threatening USA warships in Alaska!

If the crazy and absolutely insane Chinese Communist party warmongering machine wasn't pushing every single border that it could it now decides to test Alaska and the United States.

Sailing threateningly just outside of our territorial Waters and trying to show a force of strength...

China is just proving again it is a bullying and trying to show off a very impotent Navy. This again is just testing Waters and probing for the Chinese sneak attack.

China just released this big huge propaganda list of the next six wars that they're going to have. It's all complete lies and subterfusion wild world thinks that their timeline says they want to take over Taiwan they are going to dive for the United States West Coast as well as taking over Hawaii and establishing A Sea empire.

I'm pretty good with all of this and with the small moves we're basically seeing the repeat of the initial moves of world War II by Germany against Poland as was the annexation of other living space.

We are just seeing for the provocation that is absolutely useless and not necessary especially when the real issue is fight over the South China Sea.

Try to continuing these pushes and America is just going to fold with current administration doing absolutely nothing about this.

And a big question is how come and how were these pilots able to reach this area and harass American forces by towing the line outside of our territory Waters with absolutely no word from our elected officials or major news media.

We have quite a few dangerous moves coming and I have a feeling that the Chinese are not going to tell us when they are going to invade. Meanwhile the United States has given assurances that we will not invade or retaliate against the Communist Chinese party without first informing them.

No matter how you cut this pie it is really bad.

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