Exposing Russian Propaganda: DeepWeb & Ukrainian Arms Trades

I'm sure you came across Russian channels or some of their supporters who are regularly accusing Ukraine of "illegal arms trades". Most of those claims originate from the "Intel Slava Z" Telegram channel, a part of the Kremlin's disinformation apparatus. They're indeed skilled deceivers, which results in many people falling for their scams (especially members of the western audience).

Well, sooner or later, the truth gets revealed. Unsurprisingly, Intel Slava Z once again posted an accusation on behalf of Ukrainians, and stated, that we are selling the American kamikaze drones (Switchblade).

Take a closer look at the map underneath the drone, and compare it with the following picture:

As you can see, that drone crashed in Syria, 7 years ago. Russians are perhaps the best propagandists out there, but the truth fears no investigation. Despite overwhelming evidence that they can't be trusted, thousands of people are neglecting it all, and continue to ride on Kremlin's train, which is heading towards the abyss.

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