The Crowning of the New Corona Religion

Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Our New Religion?

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Have you noticed that people in the supermarket are acting less friendly? The politeness we took for granted is mostly gone. The establishment's promises of safety, stability and security are now under question by a majority of the public. People have dropped their role as properly conformed adults and adopted a new persona to suit their existential needs. During this government created crisis makeshift masks and plastic gloves is the new uniform. Prophylactic measures like social distancing, obsessive hand washing and the sanitation of all things are the rituals for all of us to observe . Images of the dead are showcased to remind us not to break the holy guidelines that are supposedly keeping us safe from the virus. Dramatic charts, fallacious models and outright confusion brought an already schizophrenic society to its knees. What type of society allows itself to succumb totally to existential crisis? What type of person betrays their own humanity for a false sense of security? Why is it socially acceptable to be a petty-wannabe dictator?

The new paradigm of population control is exploiting people's emotional vulnerabilities to shock us into submission. As we continue to exhaust ourselves with worry over our health and our livelihood the technocrats are introducing us to a new society. Bill Gates tells us we can only return back to the new normal once we are vaccinated against the virus. His advocates & defenders have sanitized their mind of any doubt of his intentions. Instead they doubled-down their suspended disbelief and condemned"truthers" who endanger the public with their questions.

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As we've seen from this "corona crisis" if one particular model is shown to be fallacious the "experts" will quietly adjust them or introduce new ones altogether. If one lie fails then they are ready with the next one. People are skeptical of the political authorities, but their faith in government doctors still remains. A new faith is coming into the horizon during this crisis. This new faith is defended by a an unquestioning public and grows with their devotion to a priest class of scientific experts.

"Face masks –the visual symbol of the Covid19 epidemic– have acquired the status of religious fetish for those concerned over the many unknowns about the virus.."

coronamaskidol.jpg You don't have to be near people - or even alive! - to wear a mask... © Reuters / Mike Blake / Sergio Moraes

Unable to see the microscopic “enemy” and bereft of a scientifically proven cure, those seeking deliverance from the new coronavirus are left with only their faith that the measures prescribed by health experts –our scientific priest class– will work to keep it at bay. That’s all well and good until those who buck the new orthodoxy are scapegoated for the plague.

The virus is not as deadly as imagined by the public but the phantom of fear continues to plague their heart. The readjusted numbers ideally should've stop the virulent spread of fear. Ultimately, it's not about the updated data but the terrifying story as told by the experts that seizes people's limited attention span. Rather than challenge group-think they prefer to absolve themselves of their internal struggle by donning a talismanic mask. This prophylactic measure conceals a deeper hidden truth of which we woefully ignore at our own peril. Behind the mask, some of us shriek in terror at the prospect of personal responsibility and authentic human emotion.

As long as we don't fundamentally challenge the status-quo we are free to embrace any costume which satiate our vanity. Countless years of corporate-consumerist propaganda also remind us that there is no lasting reward for independent thought. The consolidation of social media by corporate interests encourages us to self-censor through the used of biased algorithms. Furthermore, their algorithm exploits our "...human vulnerability:"

Facebook’s founders knew they were creating something addictive that exploited “a vulnerability in human psychology” from the outset, according to the company’s founding president Sean Parker.

This crisis event has further exposed the hidden vulnerabilities present in people's psychological makeup. Instead of embracing freedom and the unknown we've locked ourselves away and cling to every-word spouted by government experts. Our own personal terror projects itself onto the external world. The authorities rely on this critical vulnerability to weave their tale and sell us a new model of thought. Their life-saving paradigm promises to deliver us from our inner struggle with fear of death & the unknown. This new faith can only be realized through total subservience to an external authority.

In my reportage I've underlined the manipulated statistics, the unscrupulous self-interest and the underlying technocractic agenda behind the corona narrative. However, this information-war is not necessarily all about the facts; there's a deeper human element. We have a full spectrum of emotions that are beckoning to be expressed. Instead they are buried with alcohol, work and a constant theater of fear & anger promulgated by the corporate culture. When we turn away from authentic human emotion they make themselves known in unpredictable ways which put us on a path to self destruction.


There's a psychological reason as to why some people choose to ignore the new information that debunks the government experts. A fatalist outlook coupled with personal impotence obfuscate these good news. People intuitively feel there's something wrong with the world. Rarely, do they turn their attention inward and ask, "What part of me powers this system?"

The unknown & uncertain is a perplexing obstacle for those insulated away from their inner world. Being alone with our innermost thoughts spells trouble for those unprepared to exorcise their own sorrow. Years of medical propaganda inverted the natural human emotion of sadness and disregard for authority as unnatural and dangerous.

..."we need all of our emotions for problem solving, in order to remember, retrieve, transfer and connect new information to what we already know." image/source

The individual who chooses to rebel against the holy symbol of the mask triggers the underlying authoritarian complex behind the Covid1984 facade. The initiates of fear promptly shame these sinners for disrupting the comfort of the crowd. The believers are inspired by their own personal impotence, phobias and self-contempt. They are resentful of those who openly embrace their moral convictions, because they've lost their own passions long ago. The adherents to this new faith are not dissuaded by the facts, they are persuaded by the comfort in group-think during times of uncertainty. When we don't allow ourselves to authentically express these emotions we scapegoat Others. When we incarcerate ourselves inside our own mind we become the Oppressor. Why should Others be free when I am locked away by FEAR?


Before the lock-down, the artificial prosperity created by central banks fooled people into a false sense of security. There was no need to question our Self and the world around us. Government-approved public personas were safe as long as the false economy kept us plugged-into endlessly self-serving consumerism. The collapse of the economy coupled with the draconian lock-down inadvertently disconnected us from the corporate collective. This sudden disruption of the cultural program resulted in an opportunity to some and a dreaded challenge to others. Sadly, they are those who turn away from the Shadow-work and decide instead to adopt new mask, and embrace the "new normal."


Modern man’s compulsive need for external authority turns him to stone. His embodiment of the master’s will makes him psychically rigid or armored. His capitulation to their vile rule occurs chiefly because he inhabits the profoundly anti-psychological age of their making.

By avoiding Shadow Work and turning away from inner archetypal guides and teachers, modern man offers up his soul to the disciples of Thanatos, working to give him exactly what he desires most – oblivion.

This is a multidimensional war which unfolds in the domain of the mind, the body and the spirit. The powers-that-shouldn't-be exploit the full spectrum of human emotion to manipulate a reaction and later condition us with a new model of approved behavior. Uur in-authentic Self, tepid emotional content and our very fear act as their paint & brush which they use to redesign society. If the corona narrative taught us anything is that natural human engagement is an obstacle to our "brave new world." Consequently, this spontaneous harmonious order as expressed by free human beings must be shamed out of existence.


The endless stream of lies from the oligarchs also keep us playing wack-a-mole. This tactic of distraction eventually wakes more people in the long-term; there's always a bit of good in the bad. However, let's be honest, the establishment does not lose power when people "raise awareness" about their crimes. Typically, when the Average-Persona wakes-up to the criminal cartel they call for more regulations, more government programs or look for another clown to select. For example, the public may have expressed outrage over the Epstein case but eventually their convictions wane. The powerful co-conspirators such Ghislaine Maxwell, Les Wexner and many others walked away free and the public is mostly silent.

Before the lock-down millions of people across the world were marching in public squares, banking centers and joining forces with former police turned protesters. The public's anti-authoritarian conviction was effectively placing world leaders like Macron in a stalemate. In Chile, President Pinera declared a war against the massive demonstrators who placed the country in a people's lock down. The populist outcry in the Middle East targeted the banking & political corruption that constricted the development of a free democracy. This pattern of world-wide resistance came at a time when the "experts" were losing control of the economy. Trump reassured Americans that his administration's economy was the greatest ever...despite the millions of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, and the 63% of Americans without savings. This was the external reality around the globe the last few years. The Corona story hijacked our attention away from this struggle, and turned our attention inward. We locked ourselves indoors as we faced a potential existential demise. Inevitably, those unprepared to look inside their own Souls turned their attention to the shadow play on the television.

The inner-realm of experience is freighting to those who are hypnotized to believe that their material condition is the only truth. Consider the crisis hotlines that are overwhelmed with desperate people looking for emotional comfort. The general anxiety created by the corona myth is causing some people to turn to self-destruction. Instead of finding the spirit within some people are finding their spirit at the end of a bottle..."Americans are concocting cocktails to cope with the coronavirus — and lots of them."

The collective unconscious of the masses has been thoroughly rattled by a theater of fear. Tragically, this "crisis" event exposed the true source of our existential dread. The threat which perturbs our perception of reality comes from within; "we are our own worst enemy..." When we ignore the ugly side of our persona we give authoritarians an opportunity to exploit our limited perception. Our inner-storm of unresolved trauma anchors us to the tales of deception as told by demagogues:


The establishment's stream of lies is purposefully placing people in check by exploiting our unconscious emotional content; the shadow we choose to ignore. The theater of fear riles our passions to such an extend that it drowns away our intuition leaving us exhausted & rudderless.

The ultimate objective of the coming techno-tyranny is establishing total control over the individual. The promise of a techno-paradise in which we are liberated from the burden of quotidian existence is a trap that ensnares passionless individuals. Establishing a balance between our conscious and unconscious mind will guide us through this engineered crisis.

Debunking every conspiracy is not the way forward. Reacting with anger when people betray their humanity is not a solution either. The ultimate solution does not lie in convincing the general public with facts. The solutions begin when we disengage from the cultural-conditioning an pursue our intuitive imagination into the unknown & beyond.

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