Vaccine deaths are being miscounted as Covid deaths

Using official data, I will show you how deaths attributed to Covid are surging where the vaccines are being given.

While analyzing numbers and making graphs for my posts on China's deadly Sinopharm vaccine (here and here), I discovered that while Sinopharm is definitely the deadliest vaccine in widespread use, it's not the only one!


Using official data on deaths from worldometers, and official data on vaccinations from bloomberg, I created some graphics to show the correlation in each country.

The red line is deaths and the green line is vaccinations. The steeper the line, the faster the pace of deaths or vaccinations. The flatter the line, the fewer deaths or vaccinations.

First, some countries using Sinopharm:

Seychelles - most vaccinated place on Earth, majority were given Sinopharm. Completely out of control illness and deaths, and all they can think to do is try to vaccinate even more.

Bahrain - same story. Extremely high vaccination rate, using Sinopharm increasingly recently, with associated spike in deaths. Country is now in the harshest lockdown yet.

Maldives - terrible jump in deaths once Sinopharm arrived in the country. Crates of it were delivered by plane, each labeled "FOR SHARED FUTURE".

Argentina - has been struggling for a full year now, even worse since rolling out the Sinopharm vaccinations.

It's quite clear that once Sinopharm gets into a population, people rapidly die from something that looks a lot like Covid!

But when I drew up some graphics for Israel and United Kingdom, countries that did NOT use Sinopharm, I saw (smaller) corresponding jumps in death that can't be explained. What killed so many people, after the current wave of Covid deaths had subsided, once vaccinations began?

Israel - The blue line indicates when vaccinations began. See how the red line (deaths) was about to flatten out, but then turned upward after the jabs started? Another massive wave of deaths took place in Israel in January and February. Could it have been a third wave of Covid? Seems unlikely, since the rest of the region did not have a matching spike in deaths at that time. And conspicuously, once vaccinations stopped, so did deaths.

UK - Quite a similar story to Israel. The start of vaccinations saw a rise in the death rate. By April, deaths were finally dropping back toward zero, as they did after the original wave a year earlier.

So next I had to check my own country...

Canada - I put the blue line on the start of April, which is when mass vaccination really kicked off here. Very few doses were given before then. As you can see, deaths were flattening out (like they did after the first wave), but then resumed once the "vaccines" started going into arms.

Another way to show this is deaths per day:

There you can see the end of the second wave, but a steady stream of deaths ever since. These appear to be mostly vaccine deaths, as Canada is still injecting rapidly, now moving on to children 12-17 and to adults' second doses.

Germany - A very similar situation to Canada. Notice (again) the bump in deaths once mass vaccination began. Then notice how flat (zero deaths) it was through most of 2020. Why didn't the 2nd wave also end, but instead morph into a steady stream of deaths to be blamed on Covid?

Denmark - Another similar story! Why did deaths increase along with mass vaccination? If these "vaccines" prevent illness and death, why doesn't that show up in the data? Instead, we see the opposite - they're killing more people than they're saving!

Spain - You can see it in the Spanish data, too. Except that there was a jump in deaths when they first started vaccinating, as well as the "usual" surge once injections really ramped up (in most countries, that happened at the end of March and early April).

More and more, it looks like the "pandemic" would already be over, if not for all the vaccine deaths!

Italy - When vaccine supplies increased in April, deaths attributed to Covid surged again. Italy had a brutal first wave that made world headlines, but it's barely a blip now, compared to the second wave. And now they're in a third wave of deaths that appears to be almost entirely made up of vaccination adverse effects.


The world has already injected enough vaccines to "fully vaccinate" 1 in 6 humans, and most of that has been since April. Will anything show up if we chart the data?

That's a lot of vaccinations and deaths represented in one chart, so the lines are pretty "smooth". You can still see the big first and second waves of deaths, though - one in March and April 2020, and the other in December 2020 and January 2021. Then there's a smaller wave of deaths between April 2021 and present. Is that already a third wave of Covid (and/or the flu), which wouldn't normally be expected until next fall/winter? Or is that a wave of vaccination deaths? It certainly matches up with the timeline of mass global vaccination (green line).


The media here in Canada (and likely worldwide) is giving the various "vaccines" credit for ending the pandemic. But did they? Looks to me like the vaccines are directly associated with increased deaths! Unless the official data (which justified a global economic shutdown) are incorrect or fraudulent? Besides, deaths dropped off in February, and the "vaccines" weren't really available until April! Keep in mind our mainstream media is directly owned by our government and pharmaceutical corporations, which might explain their 100% pro-vaccine stance.

If vaccines are ending the second wave, then what ended the first wave? There were no vaccines (or even masks) back then, but deaths returned to essentially zero for the 2nd half of 2020. I've asked a lot of pro-vaxxers that question, and they can never answer it.

Lytton, BC

A respected local doctor in the small mostly-Indigenous town of Lytton, British Columbia blew the whistle after Moderna made several of his patients seriously sick. (One of his patients also died shortly after the vaccine, but the death has not been officially tied to Moderna.) In just 700 patients, dozens were ill, and several were seriously and permanently disabled. When I covered the story, YouTube banned me and deleted the video, and it has been VERY hard to spread the word. Many people, even here in BC, haven't heard about this tragic and alarming situation. I can't help but wonder, are there other BC towns that began vaccinating early on, already seeing a large number of adverse events in their small populations? Maybe it's happening all over Canada, or even all over the world? It's probably not just here in my back yard where I happen to be looking.

There's very little incentive for media to attribute deaths to the vaccines, but massive incentive for them to attribute deaths to Covid.

After 27 years, Dr. Hoffe had his medial license revoked, and is no longer Lytton's doctor. His statements, open letters, and opinions have been labeled "fake news" by high-level government officials. He is banned from telling his story.

I mention this because it shows there is a very real possibility these "vaccines" could be causing quite a few deaths, as the data seems to show. Anecdotally, within my local community of activists and freedom-lovers, quite a few know someone who died after taking the "vaccine", generally from massive blood clots. It's not just a few, but DOZENS of people locally who have friends or family that have died, not of the disease, but of the cure. Again, that's not scientific or peer-reviewed, it's just a sampling from my local group. But it seems to add more credence to the idea that people are being killed by reactions their bodies are having from these injections.

Spike proteins are the CAUSE of Covid-19

The prestigious Salk Institute (original inventors of vaccine technology) have discovered that the spike proteins (the same ones our bodies generate after getting instructions from a Covid "vaccine") are toxic, and the true cause of Covid-19 symptoms. Covid isn't caused by the SarsCoV2 virus, but by the artificially-added spike proteins (courtesy of Fauci and China). So is it any wonder people are getting sick and dying after taking these "vaccines"?

Every vaccine death that gets counted as a Covid death is a double-win for the state, mainstream media, and big pharma. Then they can have it both ways - Covid is (falsely) more scary, and the "vaccines" are (falsely) more safe!


This is a pretty big alleged crime, and all crimes have a motive. Why would someone want to make "vaccines" look safer than they are, and make Covid look scarier than it is?

Cui bono? Who benefits? "Follow the money", they say. In 2021, money (currency) is obsolete because it can be printed by the trillion with nothing backing it. Today, it's all about the power - the control over other humans. Fiat currency is just a tool for them to accomplish that control.

How would mass vaccination achieve that goal?

One major way is via "vaccination passports" which are digital IDs with medical history and financial capabilities built into one app (or chipped card). This is the cashless economy, the death of privacy and free markets, and the total technocratic slavery that we've been told could never happen in the civilized world. Vaccination passports are essentially "the mark of the beast" which biblical prophets warned about. They mean the end of Liberty (or what's left of Liberty).

He who chips and controls everyone else, wins. Believe it or not, there are evil people out there among the 8 billion, and some of them have amassed great wealth, influence, and technology. A subset of those have decided to get the rest of us on digital passports, so we need permission to come and go, to transact, and to interact. And to do that, they've connected the idea of passports with the idea of vaccinations. If you're injected, you get the tracking chip. If you're not injected, you don't.

Clearly, getting as many people injected as possible is the goal of these elite globalists. Not necessarily because of what's in the "vaccines", but because of the associated tracking and control. And the scheme doesn't work unless a large portion of the population is on board, which is where the misguided obsession with herd immunity comes from. They need us to think it's in our best interest to mass vaccinate - to believe that Covid is dangerous and the "vaccines" are safe. Once we're begging for the injections, the digital passports will be easy to implement. Et voila, world domination.


It's imperative we free humans not caught up in the psyop continue to spread awareness of the scam. In this case, they're passing off vaccine side effects as Covid!

This essay is my daily contribution toward propagating knowledge of this huge issue that has been hidden everywhere else. All content was created by me. Your attention and assistance are greatly appreciated!


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