Sinopharm is the deadliest of the Covid Vaccines in widespread use

The world is being given Sinopharm. Everywhere China sends their vaccine, hospitals suddenly overflow with Covid patients, and the death toll unexpectedly surges. In response, officials demand more people get vaccinated, even offering 3rd doses and injecting children. But this just leads to more illness and mayhem, which gets blamed on Covid. China is promising a further billion doses to be shipped in the coming weeks. Why is the world so hellbent on rushing Sinopharm into people, when data clearly shows countries using it are killing more people than the infection ever did? With people dying faster than ever before and the global economy in the balance, is this simply another case of cheap Chinese products, or is something more sinister going on?

Some of the most heavily-vaccinated countries are the ones that have been using Sinopharm. We can plot their Covid deaths and vaccinations through time to see the correlation.

First, here's what you would expect to see in a country using a "vaccine" that only causes a modest and temporary increase of deaths:

Israel approved Pfizer early on, and injected everyone who would take it. They didn't even hit 60% compliance, but after a spike in deaths when vaccinations initially ramped up, eventually people stopped dying from the vaccine and the virus.

Now, here's what happened in countries that chose Sinopharm:


"Despite of all the exceptional efforts we are making, the Covid-19 situation in our country is critical right now." - Peggy Vidot, national health minister

Seychelles primarily uses Sinopharm and is the most-vaccinated place on Earth. They had no deaths until Sinopharm came to the country. At 70% compliance, they can't find anyone else to accept the jab, despite ongoing pressure campaigns. And yet, they have no other plan to deal with the exploding cases and deaths hitting their isolated island chain.


"..has seen its worst wave of cases yet in the past few weeks, and the government has implemented a two-week lockdown in a bid to tame the outbreak." - Washington Post

Officials say they will try giving 3rd doses, and finding anyone they can who has not yet taken the vaccine, but have no other strategy. Some are beginning to raise the alarm about Sinopharm - something is wrong!


"Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives Zhang Lizhong said the donation was a sign of the bonds of friendship between China and the Maldives and the donation fulfills China's commitment to making the vaccines as a global public good." - Xinhuanet, March 26

"On May 20th, the country reached its peak.. becoming one of the worst-hit nations, surpassing even the United States, Brazil and India." - Health Analytics Asia

Maldives is the 2nd most-vaccinated country, using a variety of brands, before being given a large amount of Sinopharm by China at the end of March. Deaths shot up soon after they began injecting with it, overwhelming their capacity to handle the situation. Their only strategy is to continue pushing the vaccines.


"Argentina faces one of the worst outbreaks of COVID-19 in the world and needs to ramp up its vaccination campaign. The country approved Sinopharm's vaccine for emergency use on Feb 21. The first batch of the vaccine arrived on April 25 and the country has already received 4 million doses. We are facing a powerful second wave, with great impact in the major cities, making it necessary to enforce restrictive measures.. to keep vaccinating a greater number of people." - Dr. Javier Farina, Argentine Society of Infectology

Argentina is a poor country currently experiencing hyperinflation, but has been donated some Sinopharm, which has been decimating their population ever since it arrived. The other "vaccines" caused a small initial rise in deaths, and then Sinopharm came along in May, followed by the mayhem now seen in their hospitals.

United Kingdom

The UK started injecting early in the year and has continued at a strong pace, but has NOT used any Sinopharm.

There was an increase in deaths when vaccinations began, but within a couple months numbers came down, now to the point where almost nobody is dying of Covid (or anything that resembles it). Their pandemic is over, and they haven't even hit 55% compliance.

Conclusion: Sinopharm is by far the most toxic Covid vaccine in widespread adoption. In every example, deaths surge (and continue to climb) once Sinopharm goes into use. So far, countries that aren't using it are seeing far-less-disastrous results of mass injection campaigns.

How I see it? Ramping up the pace of Sinopharm vaccination to try to reduce Covid deaths is like drinking ocean water to fend off dehydration.

ALL the "vaccines" are killing a significant number of people

Something else interesting to come out of this analysis is how clearly it shows that ALL of the "vaccines" cause a jump in reported Covid deaths - some more than others. Thus far, the Western mRNA injections seem to kill off fewer people, but is that really a selling feature? ("Not as dangerous as the other brand!" Yikes.)

The data plainly reveal what most of us already knew - these injections ARE deadly. And why wouldn't they be? We learned recently that the spike proteins our bodies generate as a result of the "vaccines" are toxic, and actually are the CAUSE of Covid!

These products - in various ways - all make us produce these spike proteins, forcing our immune system to form antibodies to attack anything that looks like a spike. Vaccinated people are full of toxic spike proteins! So to see them dying off shouldn't really surprise anyone not fooled by the psyop. In fact, I wrote a few months ago about this exact possibility - that a wave of deaths caused by the "vaccines" would be blamed on Covid and used to justify more lockdowns and injections! Unfortunately, here we are.

Will the correlation between Sinopharm injections and reported Covid deaths become obvious to mainstream analysts and reporters soon? It seems abundantly clear that this product (if not ALL of them) needs to be immediately halted. Instead, China is ramping up production and shipping out literally billions of doses. Sinopharm is going to be THE main vaccine for planet Earth, but it went through essentially no safety trials, was authorized before even being created, and is now being pumped into people as "the ONLY way forward".

Free Sinopharm?!?

Send it back with a note saying "NO THANK YOU"!


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