Media Blackouts - one form of Censorship

With media so consolidated and centralized today, blackouts are incredibly effective at hiding information that should reach the people. How does this happen? Are important truths about the pandemic being kept from us right now? Can we do anything about it?

Burning books (deleting content) is one typical example of censorship, but in today's world, many other forms of censoring views and beliefs are being employed by those in power. Censorship is being wielded as a silent weapon against the people, blurring their understanding of current events, managing perceptions, steering points of view, rewriting history. It's far more prevalent than most people realize. Even propaganda, a tactic commonly used by mainstream media, is a form of censorship - because at its core what it does is obscure the truth. And of course, most of us have either had content deleted, or seen clear evidence of censorship, on big tech platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. But today I'd like to focus on one particular type of censorship - the systematic suppression of important topics that should be covered but aren't, aka "media blackouts".

Media blackouts and suppression of truth are difficult to prove by their very nature. Detecting the lack of news coverage is far more difficult than noticing blatant lies when they're printed/spoken. But in various ways, we can detect such activity, and once we do, it leads us to realize just how corrupt and dangerous today's mainstream media outlets really are.

One way to recognize suppression is when it happens to you. When you're the news story, but you're not getting any coverage, you become acutely aware of media bias. It can be a lonely feeling, knowing you have info that everybody else needs, but having something stopping you from getting it to them... and nobody is there to empathize with your plight! Like being in a dream where you desperately need to cry out, but your mouth is stuck shut, or you scream but no sound comes out.

I experienced this as a cannabis activist in Vancouver from 2015-19. Our grassroots protests were NEVER covered by the media, except the really small local newspapers on occasion. The only time we ever got coverage, was when they began printing lies and smears about us, in the leadup to the raids in 2018 (to make way for "legalization", which did not legalize anything we were doing). They stirred up negative sentiment about us, then continued to lie about us as we were arrested and removed from public. But for the years we were running a cannabis farmers market in the heart of downtown Vancouver, with over 25,000 high dose edibles sold or given away, and thousands of dabs of pure THC distributed to the public, and zero major incidents.

We accomplished what "legalization" still hasn't, in the 3 years since it came into effect, with just a grassroots band of hardcore cannactivists... and got zero news coverage. Whenever an anti-Trump protest (organized by Soros) was planned, the mainstream would announce it several days before, with favourable coverage, and tens of thousands would march! But real issues that impacted Canadians, like "legalization"? Nothing. It's not that people didn't care. It's that they didn't know.

(My wife @MediKatie on Robson Street in Vancouver, minutes before being arrested, effectively ending the weekly "Vancouver 420 Farmers Market" after 2.5 years.)

It's happening again

Nowadays, my content is more directed toward the Covid scam, deadly lockdowns, forced economic collapse, vaccine agenda, etc. This is the main event, the moment I've been warning about and preparing for since 2006. I learned a lot in my days of cannabis activism, and I can spot news suppression a mile away. Besides, I'm still fighting the same enemy - big pharma. I know their goals, I know their tactics... and suppression is definitely one of their favourites. I see the same lies, manipulation, and censorship happening again, right now.

What's being suppressed?

I mentioned that one (obvious) way to notice suppression is when it happens to you. Since I contribute as part of the alternative/grassroots media, let's see what has been deleted from my YouTube uploads (censored by Google) in the past 2 years:

The first three are related - they are pushing people toward vaccines and the associated green pass. But why are they trying to hide the protests and rallies popping up across locked down regions? That's news, isn't it?

During this long lockdown, my wife and I spent months trying to find out when/where our local group met each week, because the local newspaper never covered the event! We knew something must be happening, but couldn't find anything. We ran searches that came up empty. FaceBook revealed nothing. We finally met somebody in the community, who manually told us when and where to go, and we've been there every week since! But just think, how many thousands of other people are still out there, trying to find out if anyone else hates the tyrannical lockdowns as much as they do?

Small, peaceful, grassroots gatherings are a threat to the establishment! In my town (and thousands of others) people meet every Saturday from noon to 2pm in a central area. Information is shared (without the censored internet to confound things), people network, a sense of community develops, friendships are formed, and the damage from the lockdowns is partially undone. It's a little bit of real-life magic and love, in tiny pockets of liberty, within a world of deceit, isolation, and pain. It's no wonder the bought-and-owned mainstream media is fighting us tooth and nail.

Also, these protests and rallies show that gathering actually isn't dangerous, as the narrative would have us believe. Of course, people in Texas, Florida, and many other states already know that. As do Swedes, and people in several other nations. But those of us in locked down regions are being heavily censored and propagandized. Many of us don't know we're being kept apart so that we can't network, heal, and plan. We don't realize we're being isolated and tortured. A lot of us have Stockholm syndrome - compassion for the elites who seek to use and destroy us. As a whole, we're not a very organized, informed, or strong bunch right now... and those in power intend to keep it that way. Allowing us to gather again lets the cat out of the bag, and turns the tide back in our favour.

At first, we thought we were the only ones doing it, other than Vancouver of course. Then we heard from people coming from nearby towns - it's happening there, too! And in time, it has grown to where there are similar protests happening EVERY Saturday afternoon, in almost every town in Canada! And in many other countries as well. And yet, there has been no coverage on CNN, nor on CBC, and so on. I was with 4000+ peaceloving freedom-fighters a few weeks ago, but the media didn't cover it. So I uploaded my own footage (although it was not permitted on YouTube). We aren't being allowed to know that protests, rallies, and other peaceful gatherings are happening across the country on a regular basis. We are being kept from knowing our power. And our growth is being checked.

First they ignore you, then they....

Censorship is always one of the primary tactics used by totalitarian regimes, dictators, demagogues, and despots. Information is power. Therefore, the suppression (and manipulation) of information is a source of power. Another thing we know about power is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Full censorship (like successful media blackouts) provide absolute power, and thereby, potential for absolute corruption.

If you can reduce the capacity of your enemy to understand the situation, you gain massive advantage. Is it any wonder Canada's mainstream media, the CBC, is now owned directly by the government, and paid to produce "news"? Canada's government itself is owned by foreign global superpowers, and our media prints/says only what fits the narrative. They are 100% favourable to big pharma and big tech, and completely against the citizens of the country. Sad, but true. Of course, that viewpoint would never be allowed in a CBC comment section, or on FaceBook, but it's true nonetheless.

A typical lie:

A typical lie from MSM lately is "the vaccine will protect you and others around you from the virus", aka "the vaccine is our way out of the Covid pandemic". But as I've been saying from the very start, The "vaccine" is NOT a Vaccine! I have constantly had to counter the mainstream's lies with factual information, taken directly from Pfizer and Moderna's official announcements about their products. These experimental injections are designed to suppress symptoms, not stop transmission. My information is sourced, and confirmed to be true. The media's is unsourced, dispensed by various hired "experts", and easily confirmed to be a lie. And yet, they continue to go on saying it, day after day, week after week, and month after month. Just watch for it next time you're looking at any mainstream media, you'll see the "vaccines stop transmission" lie. It's everywhere, and the whole false narrative is built on that lie.

Not only that, but any attempts to correct this lie by speaking the truth will get you censored. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic and frightening.

The truth is literally not allowed to be spoken, in an increasingly-large part of our lives, especially online. I can literally upload a 10 second video of myself suggesting viewers confirm for themselves that the vaccines weren't designed to stop viruses at all, and YouTube will delete it for "medical disinfo". If that happens, I'll have 3 active strikes, and my 15 year history of 900+ uploads will disappear down the memoryhole forever, as though I had never existed. For telling the truth, without breaking any rules, just gone.

Another example of something being completely ignored by the mainstream media is the finding that spike proteins are the cause of Covid-19. It's confirmed by a respected research institute (Salk) that is pro-vaccine. So why haven't we heard about it? My guess is that it doesn't fit the narrative. Would it completely change how people understand this illness? Yes. Would it change the lockdowns, the masks, and even the vaccine rollout? Yes. Would it expose a lot of lies? Absolutely yes. The story got me my biggest Hive payout ever - $63. Clearly, I'm not the only one who knows it's huge, and impacts major people and events that are part of the official narrative. So it's under media blackout.

This is where we are right now. 1984-level censorship, right in the open, and so many people still refuse to see it, let alone take action to stop it. And so it continues to get worse, exponentially now, as AI is leveraged against the people, under the thin guise of keeping us safe. Not that government (or media) have any business in micromanaging our safety - that's not something in their mandate. Our Charters and Constitutions made sure of that. But since most people remain ignorant to this fact, government continues to meddle in our safety, which they claim gives them the right to hide information from us they deem fake or dangerous.

Yesterday, a headline with the word "protest" caught my eye as I skimmed, and I clicked to check it out. Were they finally forced to acknowledge the gradual groundswell of support our protests are seeing? That it's happening across the country now, and totally grassroots? That more than half of the public is enthusiastically supportive of ending the lockdowns? Ohhh, no. Nothing like that.

A couple families stood at the roadside to protest against the weekly freedom rally in Prince George... And they made the news! "BC nurses counter protest anti-masking rally", oooooh. "Be a hero, wear a mask"?

Meanwhile, that freedom rally itself, which has grown to more than 200 attendees every Saturday, has not been covered. It took months before they were mentioned in a tiny local paper. Tens of thousands of Canadians, every weekend, not a peep from the MSM. But 4 people protest in favour of lockdowns and masks, one time, and they're on national news. Maybe the elite MSM controllers aren't book-burning, but they're purposely obscuring the truth. This IS blatant censorship!

There's one of the signs up at our local freedom rally each Saturday. Instead of telling people they'll be a hero if they obey, it contains a knowledge bomb, and a link for more info. Now that's a sign! But the MSM photographers were nowhere to be seen. The real story doesn't get covered when it doesn't fit the narrative. And the narrative is decided by the owners, which are big tech, big banks, and big pharma.

Fighting back

One way I think we can fight back is to use the power of blockchains to record and share information that can later be accessed and analyzed. We have the truth on our side. Who fears just inquiry? The wicked do. It's the liars and deceivers who need to be worried, long term. All lies are going to be unraveled - and I mean ALL of them. One way or another, eventually, all mysteries will be solved, all deeds will be known, and all secrets will be laid bare. Right back to the start of time, and going down to the tiniest detail.

Nobody knows the future for certain, but that's how I see it. Even if you don't think something like that is possible, surely you realize that blockchains have the power to record data in a way humans haven't had access to before. Maybe blockchain technology is just a stepping stone, but for the moment, it's what I have within my grasp. I'm recording my story, my views, my truths... in a way that is as permanent as I know how. By uploading video to platforms like LBRY/Odysee, which don't actively censor, and may survive internet shutdowns and EMPs, I'm attempting to get my content made as permanent as humanly possible.

In this way, I will defeat the suppression of my views, even if I don't live to see that day. My story will eventually be heard. The more of us who do this, the more accurate our understanding will be, and the sooner we'll triumph over the liars and censors.

Know that you're not alone! There are so many others who share your views. We're being kept apart, and also kept in the dark about our numbers, and thus our power. You're not the only one who knows it is wrong, and working to end the lies, the lockdowns, and the corrupt mainstream media's stranglehold on our society.


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