Global vaccine hope Sinopharm in question as deaths surge in countries using it

We already know most of the so-called "vaccines" for Covid don't stop transmission, but now we have evidence that some are actually worsening the pandemic! Sinopharm, made in China and being distributed to much of the developing world, appears to be causing spikes of illness and death. Bahrain and Seychelles, the most-vaccinated countries on Earth, are struggling under a massive unexpected wave of sickness - and both are using Sinopharm! I drew attention to this tragedy over a month ago. As the dead continue to pile up, official news outlets are beginning to cover the story. How many more will die if we go ahead with the plan to inject another 1.5 billion humans with this product?

Sinopharm is a 2-dose vaccine from China's state pharmaceutical corporation. It was given early approval for use in September 2020, and is being widely distributed in South America, Asia, Africa, and the middle East. Sinopharm uses a deactivated version of the virus to stimulate the immune system to generate spike proteins, not the new mRNA technology going into most of the Western products. Sinopharm is considered less effective but cheaper and more available.

As for safety, it looks more and more like Sinopharm is one of the worst Covid vaccines in use - and that's saying something, considering AstraZeneca's blood clots, Moderna's nerve damage, etc!

See what happens when you plot Covid deaths against Covid vaccinations in Seychelles, the most vaccinated place on the planet, primarily using Sinopharm:

For the first year of the pandemic, the country had plenty of outbreaks, but nobody died. Just after vaccination began, so did the hospitalizations and deaths. Eventually, the pace of vaccination leveled off, but illness and death show no sign of stopping. They're out of bullets, and the monster's still coming, bigger than ever!

Something just killed 50 people in the island nation of 100,000. Covid? Sinopharm? Bit of each?

Either Sinopharm doesn't stop Covid whatsoever, or it actually gives people Covid symptoms. Could the conspiracy theorists (and others who are vaccine hesitant) be right? Could the cure be worse than the disease?


Let's look at another country that started vaccinating early and heavy with Sinopharm - Bahrain. Situated next to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain experienced Covid illness and deaths between June and October of 2020. When they began mass injecting with Sinopharm around the end of the year, people started dying again, and this time, in MUCH higher numbers.

At this point, Bahrain is completely out of control, but has already vaccinated almost every willing person. The supposed cure, said to be the only hope of ending the pandemic, isn't working... and it may actually be making things a lot worse! What a nightmare!

Officials in these countries are raising the alarm, and this week, American state mouthpiece Washington Post reported that Sinopharm has had its "reputation darkened".

The article goes on to say that millions of doses are rolling out from China every day, and at least another billion humans will soon receive this injection.

It has recently become common (mainstream) knowledge that Sars2 is likely a man-made bioweapon from China. We don't know who ordered the gain-of-function research, and we don't know if it was released on purpose or through carelessness. What's clear is China's vaccine doesn't work, and actually seems to be spreading illness and death. They were at least partly responsible for the pandemic, and the solution they're offering is killing even more people. Will anything be done?


Here's what it looks like when a country doesn't use Sinopharm in their mass-vaccination effort:

They've jabbed everyone who will take it, and didn't even hit 60%. Yet their deaths have flattened essentially to zero, in stark contrast to the countries where Sinopharm is being used and deaths continue to spike.

Rejecting Sinopharm, the vaccine-of-choice in the region, Israel exclusively used Pfizer's product. That's not to say Pfizer is safe (note the corresponding wave of deaths after "vaccinations" began), but it does appear to be safer than Sinopharm. That said, we have no way to know what other unwanted effects will show up in the coming months and years. We are truly experimenting with our lives.

Meanwhile in the USA...

VAERS, the most conservative estimate for Covid "vaccine" deaths, lags 2 months behind and contains less than 10% of actual incidents, but shows well over 5000 deaths already. The 1976 swine flu vaccine was shut down after just a few hundred confirmed injuries and 25 deaths! The Covid "vaccines" are already 200 times worse, yet there's no talk of calling them off!

"GET YOUR VACCINES" is the only message from the state and their media outlets, and plans are underway to issue "digital passports" to bolster compliance.

What are we doing? These "vaccines" aren't working, and more and more, we're seeing that they're killing people left and right! Meanwhile, any discussion of these facts is buried, hidden, and outright deleted by YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, and every other mainstream big tech platform. Recently, the Salk Institute proved that the spike proteins (not the Sars2 virus) are the cause of Covid! These "vaccines" prompt us to create billions of spike proteins - what could possibly go wrong?

I've said it before, but it bears repeating:

You can always choose to get injected with these products. Every human will have access (if they don't already) to any number of shots, usually "free of charge", now and forevermore. You can always get vaccinated. But you can NEVER get unvaccinated. Never.

How many millions of people, who took the Sinopharm jab (or jabs), are seeing the results come in, learning that what they allowed into their body was toxic? That not only are they not immunized from the virus, they're probably at higher risk of illness and death?

With the pandemic itself long gone in most parts of the world, the majority of deaths attributed to it now are actually from the unnecessary "vaccinations" still going on. These deaths are being classified as Covid deaths to drive up fear, pushing more people to take the "vaccines" - including Sinopharm.

Anyone who survives the injections will be hooked up to a digitial ID and scheduled for yearly booster shots - each with a new-and-improved cocktail of technologies. This constitutes almost total control over every aspect of society, and is the stated goal of the world's technocratic elites.

Personally, I believe this needs to be resisted.

One way to help

Mass awareness is key, but it's hard getting this content out there. This topic is pretty much the biggest there is right now, but the mainstream has completely blocked itself off from the truth. Taking the injections (and associated passports) is the only official way forward, and everything else is suppressed or demonized.

Even here on the Hive blockchain, censorship is alive and well. Reach is determined by votes and payouts. A few people with large stake and uncontrolled egos have recently dedicated time out of their busy lives to hiding and demoting my content. My posts (especially about these "vaccines") are often heavily downvoted by a few specific whale accounts. This prevents those posts from appearing on the trending page, reduces my overall visibility, and takes potential funds out of my pocket. I work very hard to research and edit this information, only to have it censored by small minds who can't debate it so they pay to have it suppressed.

Your support helps counter that censorship, allowing me to get this knowledge to more of those who need it. All text and images are mine, and links to source info are included. Thank you.

In places that have been heavily injecting Sinopharm, Covid deaths are out of control. All these "vaccines" are unsafe and ineffective, and their adverse effects have yet to be fully seen. We're told they're our only hope, but the more we take, the worse things get. As state media turns its attention to little children and toddlers, saying now we must vaccinate them to end the pandemic, it's beyond time we end the censorship and lies, take a good look at the data, and halt this unnecessary twisted campaign of madness.


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