Covid Vaccines MANDATORY after all - Surprise, surprise!

The state has finally admitted what "crazy conspiracy theorists" have been saying all along - the Covid vaccines and passports aren't as voluntary as we've been told! Month after month, we are promised the controversial vaccination will only be pressured on us, but never forced, as that would go against everything we stand for in civilized society. Turns out, they lied. Now, state media is conceding if we don't accept the injection peacefully, measures including the use of violence will be used against us.

Today in Canadian mass media, we're told experts have now determined SarsCov2 will never be defeated. The only hope? To keep it at bay with mass vaccinations.

"There’s a solution, a way we get back to normal without walloping our healthcare system: vaccination. The vaccines likely won’t get rid of COVID-19 entirely, they’re just gonna make it much more manageable, like the seasonal flu."

Across the border, American mass media has suddenly flip-flopped from badmouthing anyone who predicted the jabs would be mandated, to acting like that has been the plan all along.

"This is Coronavirus: Fact versus Fiction. Can the USA require everyone to get this vaccine, and would that be a good idea?" begins Sanjay Gupta on CNN. To answer these two questions, he consult an expert who works at a university.

The answers?

Yes, the government can use force to inject vaccines (or anything, for that matter) into the people (including children). In the case of vaccines, doing so is considered to be for the greater good. In some situations, the target may instead be forcefully taken to a facility for observation and reeducation. Those who don't get vaccinated will be permanently separated from the rest of society, by denying them access to government services, entertainment, family, schooling, religion, commerce, etc.

As to whether or not it's a good idea to force vaccines into people if they won't take them voluntarily, the expert again says yes. "But it's not something to think about right now," and instead "we should be ensuring we have adequate supply of the vaccines." Only if we fall short of 85% compliance will the state need to resort to violence, the expert announced confidently.

On the same day, after a year of steadfast denials, Canada suddenly began claiming that mandatory vaccination may be required! Our mainstream media quietly just announced "the benefits of mandatory vaccination may outweigh potential encroachment of employee rights" and that employers will "impose mandatory vaccination, and it will then come down to whether there are any court challenges". So they are going to force healthcare workers to be injected with these products, and then worry about legality and morality? Unfortunately, my recent upload on How it Feels to be Forced to Take a Vaccine might be more consequential than I thought:

So in both Canada and the USA, it's suddenly a good idea to mandate vaccination, and doing so would be perfectly legal. Or so we're told by the mainstream media and their "experts".

This is NOT okay

Forcing people to take experimental medical procedures goes against the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is also against the Nuremberg Code, established to prevent the atrocities of World War II from happening again, and many other international medical agreements.

I think this announcement is going to drive "vaccine hesitant" people further away from compliance, and reduce the number of people who are lining up for jabs. Unless it's Stockholm syndrome they're going for (and I wouldn't be too surprised). Each of us should be given the chance to inform ourselves fully of the pros and cons of vaccination, and choose to give or withhold our consent to be injected with these experimental, untested, non-approved pharmaceutical products.

Myself? There are probably 100 reasons I won't take the covid vaccine, but I'm going to give you my top 5.

5 Facts

  1. The virus (SarsCov2) isn't very dangerous. The majority of people who get it make a full recovery, as with most other respiratory infections. Nobody under 30 in my province has died with Covid. Of Canadian deaths, almost all occurred in people with multiple serious preexisting illnesses. Very few people under 60 have died. Even though the death numbers include people who simply died with a Covid infection (not from it). The overall recovery rate is over 99.5%. Influenza completely disappeared (zero cases) in the past year because all infections with similar symptoms were assumed to be SarsCov2. Even including all those deaths, numbers are lower today than any point in the past 6 months.

  2. There are proven preventatives and treatments for SarsCov2/Covid which are being ignored, hidden, and smeared. When this all began, I put out a video about colloidal silver and cannabinoids being effective against coronaviruses. It was heavily censored. Other treatments like HCQ and Invermectin are slandered in the mainstream and made to seem dangerous, when they have been used for decades safely, and quickly cure almost every known SarsCov2 infection. Thousands of doctors are coming forward and risking their careers to say they are curing their patients safely and easily, and the vaccine is an unnecessary risk, both for individuals, and for society.

  3. The vaccine could hurt or kill me. On day 1 of injecting the public, we discovered people with allergies may suffer anaphylactic shock and death. We then found people getting Bell's Palsy (permanent facial disfigurement and dysfunction). Then it was elderly people dying suddenly in Norway and elsewhere. Next it was blood clots, and more unexpected deaths all over. Many prominent political figures and celebrities have publicly taken the vaccine to prove it's safe, and some of them have died. When they survive, it's said to be proof the vaccine is safe. When they die, it's said to be a random accident with nothing to do with the vaccine (ie: the vaccine is safe). Discussion of injuries and deaths is censored on mainstream social media, and almost never mentioned on mainstream news. In the past, such as with the 1976 swine flu, a rushed vaccine killed and injured far more people than the illness it is supposed to prevent. Nothing has changed to prevent that from happening yet again. The makers of the vaccines have legal protection from any damage and death caused by their products.

  4. The vaccine wouldn't stop me from getting infected or infecting others. It's only a vaccine by name - it doesn't work like one. You still have to social distance, you still have to wear a mask, you still can't open your business. Even the makers of these products openly admit they don't know if there is any protection from the SarsCov2 virus, as they only tested for its ability to reduce severe Covid symptoms.

  5. The "pandemic" is already over. It was mostly over a full year ago! Deaths have dropped to nearly zero, even including all influenzas and other respiratory infections. Almost everybody who is going to get it has already got it. The healthcare system didn't collapse (although the economy essentially has). The pandemic exists now only in people's imaginations, stoked by government decrees and mainstream media propaganda. In my area, people are beginning to defy the lockdowns and mandates in greater numbers, as nice weather arrives, official numbers continue to fall, and the only sources of gloom are the experts and officials on TV.

Bonus personal reason:

I'm already immune to the virus. SarsCov2 swept through this area (Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada) more than a year ago, before we had a name for it. I was just getting over it when the mainstream started talking about it in March. I have continued to live my life, never wearing a mask, even in places where masks are mandatory. I take vitamins C and D, Zinc, and colloidal silver. I get sunshine and fresh air. I haven't had a single cold, let alone Covid, in a full year. If my natural immunity were to someday wear off, my immune system will defeat the virus even easier if I encounter it again.

On top of that, for 5 years I have suffered from an undiagnosed neurological and/or autoimmune condition, similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with constant nerve and joint pain, muscle twitching, blurred vision, unexplained sensations, unwanted movements, balance problems, bladder issues, fatigue, insomnia, and a number of other symptoms involving malfunctioning nerves. It's very hard to distinguish my regular issues from that of a cold, like Covid. I have essentially had "Long Covid" since 2016. More importantly, there's no way to tell how my immune system would react to an experimental mRNA vaccine that involves hijacking the immune system. Many countries have banned the vaccine for people with autoimmune or neurological conditions. I currently have no way to obtain proper diagnosis or treatment, with almost everything closed due to the pandemic. Even before the pandemic, I wasn't able to get a diagnosis, because Canada's health care system is abysmal, and I'm not able to find a local GP to take me on as a patient. Taking an experimental vaccine is risky for a healthy person, and indeed, many have suffered neurological damage, autoimmune reactions, and death. For me, the risk is that much higher.

I believe any one of those reasons is reason enough to opt out of this rushed mass vaccination program... if they allow us to opt out.

There are literally only two potential reasons to want the vaccine:

  1. Some recipients (between 40 and 90%) who then become infected by the virus will be asymptomatic carriers instead of experiencing severe illness. NOTE: Even the makers admit, the effects (both positive and negative) will only be known in the fullness of time. The standard 10-20 year human trials begin now, using the public as test subjects. The vaccines are not approved, but are instead being given via special "emergency use authorization".
  2. Vaccinated people will receive a digital "passport" (microchipped card or smart app) to prove their status and regain access to society.

But since I have never carried a smart device, and would never accept digital tracking of my every move, that 2nd reason doesn't appeal to me. And the 1st reason isn't much of a reason at all. I have to ask: What is the point?

My family and I will not be "vaccinated".

The virus is not very dangerous, and there are several safe methods known to prevent and treat it. The vaccine has known risks - including death - and doesn't prevent infection. The pandemic is already over. Threats of looming waves and terrible mutant variants are having an ever-decreasing impact.

Facts are increasingly chipping away at the crumbling official narrative. But that won't stop some people!

Here's a typical response to my attempts to reach pro-vaccine statists:

Pro-vaxxers won't look at the data or have the debate. On the other hand, I welcome debate, I INSIST on looking at the data, and I don't make health decisions based on politics. Let's look at the facts, and welcome discussion! Truth fears no just inquiry!

According to government experts, the lockdown strangling Canada's economy - and people - must be tightened as we enter into a third wave. No gathering, no socializing, no non-essential work - Canadians are being told to avoid all activities and remain alone for the next several weeks, as frightening variants supposedly ravage the land. The vaccine rollout is finally getting underway now, with more doses arriving next month. But even the inflated death numbers have already dropped to nearly zero, making it harder and harder to justify the continuous lockdown.

Where is the third wave?

Where are the deaths? Currently, this "pandemic" is killing less people than fishing accidents!

Data shows mental health crises and suicides have suddenly spiked in the past year. That's a lot of people who are killing themselves because of lockdowns. Their blood is on the hands of the government and media "experts" keeping this going!

"This is a time where we need to take those little sacrifices — all of us," said Bonnie Henry, one of B.C.'s most hated people of all time. The message is clear: 'You will stay locked down until we allow you to move.'

It has now been 2 weeks AND ONE YEAR of lockdown, to "flatten the curve" and "avoid collapsing the health care system". Now they say we have to isolate until we reach herd immunity - that doesn't even make sense! Will they give us our markets, rights, and society back? If not, we must TAKE them back.

Rolling out the vaccines

After months of delays, with new variants rendering previous formulations irrelevant, the vaccine rollout is finally getting underway in Canada. Currently almost nobody has been fully vaccinated, but as you can see by the death figures above, the "pandemic" is over before it even started.

And yet, enforcement of lockdowns is increasing. Mask exemptions are being removed. Censorship is rampant. Rhetoric against unmasked and unvaccinated people is common. Businesses are being shut, many forever. Now we're being told the vaccines are going to be de facto mandatory.

Deaths peaked around Christmas - I even spotted it at the time and reported on it. What caused the dropoff? Clearly it wasn't the vaccine, because early rollout was botched, and the product was recalled. Almost no jabs were given in February or March, as the media stalled the public. Now we're being told the new formula is ready, and shipping. But has it even undergone the brief human trials the first one did?

Another issue: How could the vaccines end the "pandemic", if they don't stop transmission of the virus? They're just symptom blockers at best, according to the companies making the products. That leads me to again ask what is the point?

If the vaccines aren't going to stop the virus (and the state is preventing herd immunity with lockdown), why the colossal push to get them into people?

Some are worried the vaccines will kill almost everyone who takes them. I think it's more likely they will only kill an amount that can be explained away and justified by government and media "experts". Just like past vaccines, they'll kill some, wound others, and be ineffective for the remainder.

I think the real threat is the covid vaccine "passport". Everything else is about getting us onto the passports - or whatever they end up being called.

"If you are thinking of going out for a birthday celebration or someone invites you to a wedding celebration somewhere — do not go right now." - source

These people have either lied or been wrong about EVERYTHING they have said, for the past 54 weeks. They have worse than zero credibility. There's no way I'm going to start believing them at this point, so when they say we should avoid gathering, I believe the correct course of action is to gather. Have that birthday party. Attend that wedding or funeral.

It's time to reopen, time to end the nonstop fear, time to cast aside the liars and frauds!

As a small personal step toward these goals, I attended a local anti-lockdown protest this weekend, wielding this sign:

In addition to speaking face-to-face with a human for the first time since last summer (aside from at the grocery store), I reached about 500 people with my message. It's a small start, but I plan to continue and expand my offline efforts. No new normal, no great reset, no cashless economy, no forced masks, no forced vaccinations!

In Liberty,

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