CNN has a solution to the mask issue: the Digital Green Pass (NO, THANK YOU!)

CNN just solved the problem of unvaccinated people being able to go maskless in society! It's a smart phone app that stores info about each person's vaccination status and wirelessly transmits it to nearby shops, venues, transportation, and more. Those who can digitally prove they've had the injection can expose their faces around others, while everyone else must isolate and mask. Brilliant! Thanks, CNN! Nobody else could have devised such a fix for this sudden pressing issue! (Warning: More heavy sarcasm ahead.)

After the CDC recently announced that only unvaccinated people need to cover their faces around others, the mainstream media noted that some unvaccinated people ("typically conservatives and/or conspiracy theorists") might try to get away with not masking up. For days, CNN has been hinting society needs a way to easily differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Today, they figured it out.

Green Pass!

A solution so simple, it's amazing nobody has tried it before now! And amazing no fiction writers ever dreamed it up!

Now, everybody just swipes their smart device as they enter and leave buildings and areas, or to conduct a transaction, and AI quickly runs their credentials, coming up with a yes or no response. If your Covid shots are up to date (and there are no warrants out for your arrest), you get a "ding" sound and green checkmark, allowing you entry. If not, you get an angry tone and a big red X, and you are denied.

"Basically you have a pass on your phone that turns green after you've been vaccinated, businesses and venues all over the country would be able to say, good news, you don't need to wear a mask!" said an expert opinion-giver for CNN. Apple and Microsoft are already working on plans to upgrade digital infrastructure to interact with these Green Passes. We won't recognize the world by the time things re-open, they promise.

Any resemblance to the Bible's "mark of the beast" on each person's hand allowing them to buy and sell, is purely coincidental, says CNN. Don't be ridiculous, adds CNN. And the same goes for any correlation with the "technocratic control system" or "cashless economy" that crazy conspiracy theorists have been censored for over the past decade.

"You're protected if you're vaccinated, you're not if you're not vaccinated," said the CDC's Dr. Rochelle Walensky. We'll have to use the honour system in public, until we have some way to identify unvaccinated people, she suggested. Of course, that's before CNN came up with the Digital Green Pass, today.

Anyone without a smart device will carry a microchipped access card, which looks just like a modern credit or debit card. People without some form of Green Pass will be assumed to be unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated people are now second class citizens, required to cover their faces around others. Society is divided like never before - a medical apartheid.

And then?

We're told the Green Pass can later be expanded to "protect" us from other microbes and threats (not just SarsCoV2). Its use will be broadened from just commerce and transporation, to every aspect of life, until we literally can't leave our homes without it. At first we'll swipe or tap, then we'll just motion our device in the direction of the reader, and eventually we won't even have to pull it out of our pocket. The readers will be able to receive the necessary data from an increasing distance. The number of checks you are required to do will increase until the point where you need to remain digitally connected to the state's infrastructure, or lose your green checkmark. Some people will choose to have their microchip implanted for convenience, but one way or another, everybody will carry a chip that digitally identifies and legitimizes them.

Always under the guise of providing us more safety, which is something the state has no mandate to do, but takes it upon themselves to provide anyway. We're told not to be paranoid about their odd fascination with our safety. We're told that if we give up a little liberty for increased safety, we aren't going to lose both. We're told to ignore people like me, who say the lockdowns and restrictions aren't about safety, but about control. We're told to bring our healthy children forward to be injected with the mystery serum, to save them from an illness that can't hurt them.

Won't somebody pleeeaase think of the safety of the children?!

The truth of course is that CNN is the 4th branch of US government, and they didn't just discover this idea innocently, or by accident. The mainstream media IS big pharma, and big pharma IS the deep state, and the deep state IS big tech, and big tech IS the surveillance state, and the surveillance state IS the too-big-to-fail banking system, and so on. The technocrats are in control of modern society, and they are consolidating that control now, by rolling out the long-theorized cashless economy and digital control grid. Everything and everyone tracked, coded, calculated, predicted, analyzed.

Tyranny is here

For 15 years, I've warned about the rise of tyranny, and the loss of individual rights. I laid out the conditions for tyranny in a checklist, and if the list wasn't fully checked back then, it certainly is today. Click here if you haven't watched it before, it's just a few minutes. It was one of my first heavily-shadowbanned videos, helping open my eyes to the blatant censorship creeping into mainstream social media 10 years ago. It eerily lays out a picture of what a tyrannical world looks like... and unfortunately, t looks like 2021.

Another truth, clearly demonstrated 100 ways from 100 different angles now, is that NONE of this is about a virus, or health, or safety. It's COMPLETELY about controlling humans. Too many people are still pretending they don't know that.

What's happening now has been the plan since humans first developed computers about a century ago. I believe JFK and many others paid the ultimate price for defying the technocrats. Those who warned of its coming have been called paranoid, and censored. Now, they're rolling it out like it's just a natural consequence of the situation we find ourselves in - needing to differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in public. But even that is contrived. This is the Hegelian dialectic again - problem, reaction, and solution.

This is all so silly, considering CNN announced vaccine passports a few weeks ago, and has been hinting at them since the start of the "pandemic". Now they're calling them Green Passes, and pretending they just came up with the idea today. Typical MSM mind-fuckery.

I remember last summer, masks were becoming mandatory, and the experts came out and said masks aren't to protect you, they're to protect everyone else. That announcement sent shivers down my spine, and I remember thinking, "so that's how they're going to do it". That sinking feeling in my gut hasn't gone away, and it's surreal (but not unexpected) to hear today's announcement of a digital ID pass system. I've been criticized, ignored, and slandered for 15 years for warning that EXACTLY this would happen, and now, it's announced like everybody knew it was coming all along, that it was inevitable. And that it's merely a coincidence current events are mirroring dystopian novels like 1984 and Brave New World.

What can we do about this?

Some things we can do (right away) are things I've been advocating for years:

  1. Get rid of any smart devices you own.
  2. Educate yourself, then speak out against a cashless centralized economy and digital passport society.
  3. Never wear a mask anytime you wouldn't have worn one in 2019.

Remember, these vaccines don't stop transmission of the virus, and because they haven't been tested, their effects (positive and negative) won't be known for a long time. Requiring most of society to take these shots, and prove they'e done so, is risky and foolish at best. At worst, the conspiracy theorists will be proved right (again).

Also remember that masks don't stop transmission of the virus either. SarsCoV2 (if it even exists) is thousands of times smaller than the holes in mask fabric. Only a sealed hazmat suit stops transmission of viruses. The diapers strapped over people's moist mouths and noses are nothing more than virtue-signalling devices that spread illness and reduce airflow. They show your obedience to unjust and harmful regulations, nothing more. You're hurting yourself and others each time you put on a mask, especially from here on.

"You're protected if you're vaccinated, you're not if you're not vaccinated" - CDC Director

Could that statement be any more untrue? We know for certain that you aren't protected if you're vaccinated, and we also know for certain you can be protected without being vaccinated. It's not just an oversimplification, it's a total lie, and everything else is based upon it.

We have to keep calling out these lying bastards, and not complying. Stop going along to get along! You're going to lose EVERYTHING if you don't stand up and exercise your power as a sovereign free being, NOW!

No to the masks, no to the so-called vaccines, and no to the digital green pass!


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