COVID-19 Vaccines Are Doing Some Strange Things T0 Your Body - Pfizer Is Worst Offender

Read These Before They Get Censored Even More

I'm not a doctor or scientist. But I have a brain and I can think for myself. I've looked at research. I've looked at numbers. I can't assure all of them are 100% true. What I can guarantee is science is not going to be 100% accurate on all new discoveries as the media is making it look like. Questions needs to be asked. Censorship needs to be fought against.

This was Censored On YouTube

Still Alive With Decentralization & LBRY,-in-three-easy:0?r=FuWwFotRbicqY9GHyWBqDdTNNHpaTgC9

The Highwire with Del Bigtree

This channel got nuked out of YouTube and rest of social media. It's been such huge resource when it comes to learning more about COVID-19 and all sorts of medical conspiracies we are thrown into. BitChute Link Click the link and check out the channel. You're doing yourself a huge favor :)

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