And If Q Was a PSYOP?


Where would we start? With the biggest of all time? The most well-known? The most famous PsyOp ever? Who in North America hasn’t heard of Q? The rest of the world might be a bit ‘behind the times’ since Q didn’t really apply to them, directly at least, but that wouldn’t matter because the PsyOp wasn’t aimed at them anyway. The “PsyOp” only goes to the target population.

It seems to be the talk of the town. Some select examples that I’ve seen (source anonymity protected 😂 ) are: “a classic 4chan shit-post scheme”; “not a psyop. It was a troll.”; “When are you idiots going to wake up to this psyop? Good grief is Elvis coming back too?”; and “Q is a CIA psyop that controls morons.” I don’t know which I like best, but they do run the gamut from the ‘told you so, you idiot’ type of attack, to the extreme disappointment of being let down, to comic relief.

Saw a great tweet from Euchre Momma whose profile says:

“Midwest Mom - Moderate Democrat - We must learn how to communicate across the aisle. Have more meaningful discussions. Listen more and demonize less.

Sounds like your average well adapted person (can I say that without it being attacked for being ‘incorrect’, or causing someone to get depressed, or even having something think it’s supposed to be humorous?), she seems so to me anyway. Well, wisdom comes from unexpected places:

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals...seems a lot like Q 2me

(Lifted directly from Wikipedia, but at least she is smart enough and rational enough to do that . . . guess maybe she’s not so ‘average’.)

Straightforward logical reasoning: by definition, Q was/is a PsyOp. So why the debate? Why the confusion? Well, many are legitimately confused, and worse yet after being further agitated, or trolled, as we also might say . . . but that’s for another day. The point is, is it really that hard to focus on the facts and use a little common sense?

And just what are the ‘facts’ with this supposed PsyOp called Q? How about calming down a very enraged one half of the population in the most heavily armed country in the world and getting them to peacefully stay home? After having said that, do I really even need to go on with more ‘facts’ on the subject? Or do they all instantly ‘pop into your head’ with that stimulus?

Call it what you will, PsyOp, HypeOp, Hoopla, who cares, as long as we’re all happy, but, whatever the case, and whatever the name, considering the effects, I think we’d have to conclude that it was the most successful, and the most positive of its kind, ever!

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Now, to focus on the real debate: who was/is actually behind Q? The Deep State, or the white hats? 😏

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Euchre Momma’s original tweet:

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