The planning of the scheduled looting.

The planning of the scheduled looting.

It is very important to listen to the attached video because it is something a little strange and we have to try to understand it, and I also ask you inhabitants of the European area, to write me below what you think of this:

It turns out that they are starting to send notices to supermarkets in Europe, especially in the area of ​​Austria, Germany, talking about possible blackouts, that is, I know that we have been talking about blackouts for two years, that they have not happened and people already think that this is not going to happen to happen, but the issue is that we already know that there is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a conflict that is generating very delicate decisions.

A notice has recently been sent to the employees of a supermarket called Spar in Austria, the testimony is presented by the person in the video, it is a girl who speaks German and who is reading the message that was sent to the employees in German.

The message says the following “first what to prepare for possible blackouts and then they tell them how to act in the event of a blackout, they tell the supermarket employees that we are going to give away food and water to people in case there is a blackout".

When there is no electricity you cannot pass a card and if they give you cash you cannot register the sale either, which creates a serious problem for you because if you are a business, you cannot receive cash without registering it, so apparently they decide to give what they have in the shelves instead of getting complicated is not true with taxes.

They also tell them "if the looting starts, the message tells the employees not to intervene, that is, do nothing, they tell them to avoid physical confrontations, fights with people"

and here the interpretation of this girl who was telling us this, is that supermarkets understand that if they try to stop people there could be a situation of violence that causes the facilities, the shelves, the refrigerators, etc., etc. to be broken, so it would cost them a lot more then repair everything to continue working.

Why is this message given? because if I give this message there are many employees of a network, those employees have families, they have neighbors and they tell you, then everyone begins to have the idea that if there are blackouts one is going to go to the supermarket to be able to take everything for free , then it can give you an idea that people go and take everything; then it can give you an idea of ​​doing what you never thought of.

If before there was not enough, let's say, in his cupboard, now he tells him to take everything for free, there people are going to come en masse.

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