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No more power for Ukraine, no more water, the unraveling has begun!


Russia are complete noobs at waging propaganda and information war, they say what they mean, and mean what they say. That's not a problem, that's a virtue, except in war. The Ukrainians on the other hand they massacred dozens in Bucha and blamed the Russian soldiers who for 5 weeks lived among the population without incident, even the mayor was living there. They claimed that Azov were being evacuated, to Siberia, and even rebranded their Nazi Azov Glorifiers with the Ukraninan Trident. Then they blamed the Russians for bombing the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which they controlled from early March!

Yet despite their information war, the Ukrainians make up and much more for the lack of effective propaganda from Russia with all the Pro Russian Propaganda they produce for free and in such abundance that any Propaganda the Russians put out is like a drop in the bucket of all Pro Russian Propaganda.

This latest offensive was another and final cup it seems in the bucket of propaganda for Russ. First, the videos of dozens of miles long convoys of evacuating Ukrainians to Russia conveys clearly who the liberators are. Next, the fact that Russians were manning the defense lines so sparingly, there's no more illusion for the Russian people that their soldiers are in a vulnerable position, which they thought were relatively well covered and supported, and with that I expect this offensive has put the concern in their mind and in turn, in the minds of their leadership. Thank you Ukraine, only you know how to cradle the balls and stroke Putin so!

Just as Ukrainian printing presses were surely celebrating their first successful offensive, the power goes out..

In this gloves coming off moment it seems that the Ukrainians need some kind of divine intervention to rescue them from a pissed off Putin.

The Bear isn't holding back anymore. One hundred and twenty thousand men to cover a front of twelve hundred kilometers was clearly untenable, especially while allowing the population and subsequently their opponents unimpeded use to critical infrastructure while their stockpiles of weapons are replenished by dozens of countries!

Now with winter coming soon instead of the Russian Bear going to hibernation, he's gonna be pissed off and hungry for Nazi.

The destruction of power plants is usually a precursor to a massive invasion. Without any power, no trains for Ukraine as all trains are electric in Ukraine. With no electricity there's little to no communication, and no water, they are in dire straits, and all it took was a spook!

As Defense Politics Asia jokes, it's beautiful decomunization for Ukraine since all these power plants are the product of the USSR,

No sympathy for the Terrorists.
Faggot Elensky can yell terrorism from the mountain tops, but the world knows who is responsible for Bucha, destruction of Mariupol and using civilians as shields, and why Stanley Tany was pushed out by fascist cops to a mob to never be heard from again.

The racism and terrorism is why people flee from that hellhole to Russia, and why Russian population will keep increasing despite the conflict, exactly like the LNR and DNR militias keep recruiting from Ukrainian defectors and growing their strength. Having made no friends, I don't expect anyone but brainless morons to go and join the Banderites, even less if Russia goes to war.

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