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BOMBSHELL – CLASSIFIED RAND Corporation Executive Summary Research Report January 25, 2022: Weakening Germany, Strengthening The U.S. - The Greanville Post

The facts do suggest a less than honorable path in Washington's treatment of its chief allies in the EU. The Ukrainian war may have ulterior aims. But is Putin a secret WEF operative? That's demonstrably ridiculous.
September 13, 2022

Editor's Note: While there is little question that RAND—the Pentagon's own think tank—is a malignant imperialist outfit created to devise ways of advancing and preserving US imperialism across the globe, its advisory papers are sometimes surprisingly honest, outlining the path likely to be followed by the empire's policymakers. Such is the case, for example, with RAND's paper on the "weakening" of Rusia, predicated on unrelenting pressure and provocations to cause her to "overextend" herself. But even these have to be taken with a grain of salt, since they may easily contain self-serving data calculated to accomplish hidden aims. That said, what Dr Coleman argues here—courtesy of 2nd Smartest Guy—is certainly not only feasible but quite logical, given the trajectory of the US empire and its historically proven lack of loyalty to its professed "allies". Dr Coleman, widely described by the Western establishment as a "conspiracy theorist", is a contrarian alright, but many of his views, as it usually happens with critics of a corrupt order, are demonstrably more credible and often more moral, than the official narrative. Given these caveats, do understand that, in reading this paper, caution should be exercised, and I do hope you retain your sense of humour when reading comments by apparently delusional anti-communists. Not to mention Dr Coleman's notion that Putin is secretly conspiring with the WEF, and therefore Washington, to enslave the world. —PG

This substack has on many occasions pointed out that the global financial system will soon be collapsed via PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World presents:

Here’s How They’ll Bankrupt You

By. Dr. Vernon Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman, contrarian.
In the UK, inflation will be well over 20% shortly after Christmas 2022. Other countries will see a similar rise in inflation figures. Company earnings will be devastated by poor production figures (exacerbated by strikes, working from home and the bizarre new fashion, popular with the young, for doing as little work as possible) an…

From the above article:

PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION was not only made possible by PSYOP-19 and PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION, it was manufactured way back in 2009 when global central banks (i.e. central planners in the global technocommist takeover) led by the Fed all colluded to suppress interest rates (i.e. the price of money) while conjuring more at counterfeiting profligate amounts of money out of thin air.

The central planners knew exactly what they were doing all along, despite playing dumb.

They knew it would take some time for their financial crimes against humanity to be exposed; after all, the Fed funds the scientific journals in America and they are involved in shadow funding this “pandemic” and the slow kill bioweapon injections.

The central banks and their private owners knew for well over a century that their ponzi stock markets and this current debt super-cycle were ultimately untenable.

All pernicious things must come to an end, and the central banksters needed cover.

All the psyops produce the cover, and PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH is a done deal simply waiting to be expressed in the soon to be further eviscerated lives of the global citizens.

They are in realtime pulling the plug on their engineered “market” collapse.

I was just sent a classified RAND Corporation research report that partially exposes PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION in the greater context of the rapidly accelerating Great Reset program now underway.

I ran some image analyses and reviewed the content of this report and it appears perfectly authentic.

RAND corporation is a crucial One World Government node that conspires with the CIA, UN, WEF, et al. The EU and NATO are completely “penetrated” and the below report reinforces this.

What RAND’S research team has written perfectly gibes with what this substack has been describing both in terms of Putin flawlessly playing his part to drive the various psyops into their Great Reset endgame as well as the overall destruction of the West which requires the fall of the EU concurrent with America’s collapse. The authors of the report are aware of these dynamics, even if though they attempt to unsuccessfully whitewash their conclusion.

The assets embedded within the EU, NATO and the US have no national allegiances, could care less about borders or citizenries — their only concern is in bringing about a singular hyper-centralized technocommunist One World Order.

The report:

Executive Summary

Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.

The present state of the U.S. economy does not suggest that it can function without the financial and material support from external sources. The quantitive easing policy, which the Fed has resorted to regularly in recent years, as well as the uncontrolled issue of cash during the 2020 and 2021 Covid lockdowns, have led to a sharp increase in the external debt and an increase in the dollar supply.

The continuing deterioration of the economic situation is highly likely to lead to a loss in the position of the Democratic Party in Congress and the Senate in the forthcoming elections to be held in November 2022. The impeachment of the President cannot be ruled out under these circumstances, which must be avoided at all costs.

There in an urgent need for resources to flow into the national economy, especially the banking system. Only European countries bound by EU and NATO commitments will be able to provide them without significant military and political costs for us.

The major obstacle to it is growing independence of Germany. Although it still is a country with limited sovereignty, for decades it has been consistently moving toward lifting these limitations and becoming a fully independent state. This movement is slow and cautious, but steady. Extrapolation shows that the ultimate goal can be reached only in several decades. However, if social and economic problems in the United States escalate, the pace could accelerate significantly.

An additional factor contributing to Germany’s economic independence is Brexit. With the withdrawal of the UK from the EU structures, we have lost a meaningful opportunity to influence the negotiation of crossgovernmental decisions.

It is fear of our negative response which by and large determines the relatively slow speed of those changes. If one day we abandon Europe, there will be a good chance for Germany and France to get to a full political consensus. Then, Italy and other Old Europe countries — primarily the former ECSC members — may join it on certain conditions. Britain, which is currently outside the European Union, will not be able to resist the pressure of the Franco-German duo alone. If implemented, this scenario will eventually turn Europe into not only an economic, but also a political competitor to the United States.

Besides, if the U.S. is for a certain period is engulfed by domestic problems, the Old Europe will be able to more effectively resist the influence of U.S.-oriented Eastern European countries.

Vulnerabilities in German and EU Economy

An increase in the flow of resources from Europe to U.S. can be expected if Germany begins to experience a controlled economic crisis. The pace of the economic developments in the EU depends almost without alternative on the state of the German economy. It is Germany that bears the brunt of the expenditure directed towards the poorer EU members.

The current German economic model is based on two pillars. These are unlimited access to cheap Russian energy resources and to cheap French electric power, thanks to the operation of nuclear plants. The importance of the first factor is considerably higher. Halting Russian supplies can well create a systemic crisis that would be devastating for the German economy and, indirectly, for the entire European Union.

The French energy sector could also soon being to experience heavy problems. The predictable stop of Russian-controlled nuclear supplies, combined with the unstable situation in the Sahel region, would make French energy sector critically dependent on Australian and Canadian fuel. In connection with the establishment of AUKUS, it creates new opportunities to exercise pressure. However this issue is beyond the scope of the present report.

A Controlled Crisis

Due to coalition constraints, the German leadership is not in full control of the situation in the country. Thanks to our precise actions, it has been possible to block the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, despite the opposition of lobbyists from the steel and chemical industries. However, the dramatic deterioration of the living standards may encourage leadership to reconsider its policy and return to the idea of European sovereignty and strategic autonomy.

The only feasible way to guarantee Germany’s rejection of Russian energy supplies is to involved both sides in the military conflict in Ukraine. Our further actions in this country will inevitably lead to a military response from Russia. Russians will obviously not be able to leave unanswered the massive Ukrainian army pressure on the unrecognized Donbas republics. That would make possible to declare Russia an aggressor and apply to it the entire package of sanctions prepared beforehand.

Putin may in turn decide to impose limited counter sanctions — primarily on Russian energy supplies to Europe. Thus, the damage to the EU countries will be quite comparable to the one to Russians, and in some countries — primarily in Germany — it will be higher.

The prerequisite for Germany to fall into this trap is the leading role of green parties and ideology in Europe. The German Greens are a strongly dogmatic, if not zealous, movement, which makes it quite easy to make them ignore economic arguments. In this respect, the German Greens somewhat exceed their counterparts in the rest of Europe. Personal features and the lack of professionalism of their leaders — primarily Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck — permit to presume that it is next to impossible for them to admit their own mistakes in a timely manners.

Thus, it will be enough to quickly form the media image of Putin’s aggressive war to turn the Greens into ardent and hardline supporters of sanctions, a ‘party of war’. It will enable the sanctions regime to be introduced without any obstacles. The lack of professionalism of the current leaders will not allow a setback in the future, even when the negative impact of the chose policy becomes obvious enough. The partners in the German governing coalition will simply have to follow their allies — at least until the load of economic problems outweighs the fear of provoking a government crisis.

However, even when the SPD and the FDP are ready to go against the Greens, the possibility for the next government to return relations with Russia to normal soon enough will be noticeable limited. Germany’s involvement in large supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Ukrainian army will inevitably generate a strong mistrust in Russia, which will make the negotiations process quite lengthy.

If war crimes and Russian aggression against Ukraine are confirmed, the German political leadership will not be able to overcome its EU partners’ veto on assistance to Ukraine and reinforced sanctions packages. This will ensure a sufficiently long gap in cooperation between Germany and Russia, which will make large German economic operators uncompetitive.

Expected Consequences

A reduction in Russian energy supplies — ideally, a complete halt of such supplies — would lead to disastrous outcomes for German industry. The need to divert significant amounts of Russian gas for winter heating of residential and public facilities will further exacerbate the shortages. Lockdowns in industrial enterprises will cause shortages of components and spare parts for manufacturing, a breakdown of logistics chais, and, eventually, a domino effect. A complete standstill at the largest chemical, metallurgical, and machine-building, plants is likely, while they have virtually no spare capacity to reduce energy consumption. It could lead to the shutting down of continuous-cycle enterprises, which could mean their destruction.

The cumulative losses of the German economy can be estimated only approximately. Even if the restriction of Russian supplies is limited to 2022, its consequence will last for several years, and the total losses could reach 200-300 billion euros. Not only will it deliver a devastating blow to the German economy, but the entire EU economy will inevitably collapse. We are talking not about a decline in economy growth pace, but about a sustained recession and a decline in GDP only in material production by 3-4% per year for the next 5-6 years. Such a fall will inevitably cause panic in the financial markets and may bring them to a collapse.

The euro will inevitably, and most likely irreversibly, fall below the dollar. A sharp fall of euro will consequently cause its global sale. It will become a toxic currency, and all countries in the world will rapidly reduce its share in their forex reserves. This gap will be primarily filled with dollar and yaun.

Another inevitable consequence of a prolonged economic recession will be a sharp drop in living standards and rising unemployment (up to 200,000-400,000 in Germany alone), which will entail the exodus of skilled labour and well-educated young people. There are literally no other destinations for such immigration other than the United States today. A somewhat smaller, but also quite significant flow of migrants can be expected from other EU countries.

The scenario under consideration will thus serve to strengthen the national financial conditions both indirectly and most directly. In the short term, it will reverse the trend of the looming economic recession and, in addition, consolidate American society by distracting it from immediate economic concerns. This, in turn, will reduce electoral risks.

In the medium terms (4-5 years), the cumulative benefits of capital flight, re-oriented logistical flows and reduced competition in major industries may amount to USD 7-9 trillion.

Unfortunately, China is also expected to benefit over the medium term from this emerging scenario. At the same time, Europe’s deep political dependence on the U.S. allows us to effectively neutralise possible attempts by individual European states to draw closer to China.

The main author of this report was most likely a Brit (he is—Ed) given the writing style and use of certain words. The research team was clearly obfuscating the mathematical certainty that if Europe “collapses” then the entire global financial system must too.

There is no possible way, given the depth of analyses, that the researchers were not painfully aware that the European investment in, say, the S&P 500 constitutes around 25% of its total value. Thus, the U.S. stock market would be devastated by imploding EU economies, and that would set off cascading financial tsunamis and unprecedented debt super-cycle defaults that would rip through the global financial system, guaranteeing a global depression unlike anything ever witnessed before.

All by design.

Which is precisely why this substack has previously stated that PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION must be as drawn out as possible.

A few choice quotes from the above:

The prerequisite for Germany to fall into this trap is the leading role of green parties and ideology in Europe…

The German Greens are totally WEF and UN controlled just like the Democrat party is in the U.S.

A reduction in Russian energy supplies — ideally, a complete halt of such supplies — would lead to disastrous outcomes for German industry.

The Great Reset is, simply put, premeditated engineered global collapse.

If it takes Germany to kick off the crash to end all crashes and markets as we have known them, then, according to these One World Government globalists, so be it.

The RAND report authors knew all of this full well, and are simply hedging their conclusion and covering up their firm’s complicity in their collaborations in the planning of the various psyops, not limited to PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH.

No nation gets out unscathed.

We are careening toward the 4th Industrial Revolution off of total global financial and societal collapse.

Prepare accordingly.

Pages from the RAND report:

Do NOT comply.

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