Medical Mafia Alive & Kicking

Yes, even here on Hive!

i intend to expose what i think is going on here in a particular place on Hive (no names yet) re. censorship of real cures. However, i have been attempting to offer the guilty (possibly, but maybe not deliberately, maybe just burying head in sand) parties a chance to look deeper to find truth.

Each time i try though, it appears to me that am met either by silence, censorship and "ignore" or by a tirade of ad-hominems, untruth's and twisted fluff in an attempt to make me look like the bad guy to deflect attention from what they are doing i guess.

i am not judging the people (who have been brainwashed to act in this way - as was i and still am to some extent), but i am judging thier actions which from my point of view (which i think is more valid) are harmful to others. i am here to shine light to help reduce any of the resulting pain and suffering.

Anyway, more will be revealed later. To whom it may concern, you have time to clean your ship guys and gals.

Scabies Cured?
For now, i'm very happy to report that i appear to have cured my infestation of #scabies within 2 weeks and without resorting to toxic pharmaceuticals which bring with them deadly side effects.

i'm not counting my chickens yet and will continue to do what has been working so far, especially as nothing i have been doing has been focused specifically on scabies, but should work for virtually any disease (well, a large majority anyway) helping to purify body, mind and soul.

Happy Atma

Integrity and Responsibility
If we wish to take control of our own health to return to our natural state of ease (free of dis-ease), happy, healthy and abundant, popping pills or cutting bits out of our body does not work.

There is no one size fits all, no magic cure. We need to educate ourselves, as the vast majority of Doctors do not do this, having become the pimps of the for profit industry, the drug dealers of Big Pharma.

Despite my 14 years of research, trainings (some even with certificate) and practice of #holistichealing, you should most definitely not trust me. DYOR! i have and will continue to offer insights into my own personal experiences alongside links to testimonials of others who have cured themselves naturally and to detailed research from "good" doctors (teachers) of #naturalmedicine.

Joking aside, i do not claim to know it all, but i do know what has been effective for me and for many others (but still a vast minority if the population).

The Root of Healing
The most important aspects of healing which needs to always be at the forefront of the mind, is to be in integrity, to take full responsibility for all that appears to be (no blame, no shame) thus helping us to re-member One True Self. Meditation, in whatever apparent form, is key to this process. As we progress along this path the heart becomes more pure and the mind more clear so we are more able to see through the fog of corruption and become more able to see what is (relatively, in this dream of life) real and therefore make better choices (if we choose to do so).

Well, all that might sound like fluff too, and in a way it is, as word can never convey the ultimate truth. So, now a bit more about the physical healing.

What am i actually Doing (the physical stuff)
For the back story, see these recent posts and #DBuzz's:

I will continue with some, probably most of the following (not in any particular order), although not so intensely as before:

  • Chlorine Dioxide ( aka CD / MMS) daily bath
  • Bentonite Clay on skin (sometimes with added Borax, essential oils or urine)
  • Coconut oil (sometimes with added essential oils)
  • Enema (only done 1 so far)
  • MMS spray, on body, clothes, bed linen, carpet in bedroom, anywhere)
  • MMS mixed with DMSO rubbed on the skin (i think one of the most important aspects if my protocol alongside the baths.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rubbed on the skin and taken internally
  • Diatomaceous Earth (internally and on and around bed)
  • Essential Oil and water mix sprayed everywhere
  • Vacuuming room and bed thoroughly nearly every day
  • Frequent washing (as high temperature as poss) of clothes and bed linen (and ideally keeping those items in a sealed bag before using again - i've not been so good with that)
  • Eating healthy food (i could do better, but have been having a big very healthy salad every day). Better still would be to fast, but i only did so for 48 hrs, as reported in links above.
  • Meditation, Meditation, Meditation (i've not been so good with that either)

See links above for details in some of the above, and a few pictures below.

Oh, and as Monese have finally (after 3 months) unblocked my bank account (which i have emptied to some safer places) i'm on an ebay spending spree, replenishing some of my first (and last and in-between) aid kit.
So far i have bought more Sodium Chlorite, Hydrochloric acid, Borax, and a diffuser (for essential oils and mostly for MMS - thanks lots for the reminder @fulltimegeek).

Now it's time for my daily Chlorine Dioxide bath (using 50 activated drops of MMS).

i am very grateful for the visit from the scabies mites. Thank you so much for the gifts you brought with you. i think i managed to receive most of them. You are now dismissed and i wish you peace on your journey.

Sat Nam

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

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