7th Hive Power Up Day!

Hello Hivers! 🚀 ğŸ˜Ž 🚀

Six months of this year have passed and we are moving forward. The best start to the month is certainly the way to go in meeting your goals.
You have to start with yourself. Hive Power Up Day (HPUD), the seventh this year, is the perfect way to do it.

Of course, you can do a power-up whenever you want, but on the first day of every month, you get certain benefits.

Congratulations to all the hard-working people at Hive trying to create a better and decentralized society where everyone owns their work!

Read on!

There are a lot of benefits, for me, best explained by @nickyhavey in his post about more than a three years ago and it still applies:

Stronger votes on content & witnesses - although you may not see this in the first instance if you stay for a longer time and keep powering up as I have over the last 2.5 years, then you will notice the accumulative effect;

Earning more curation rewards - kinda goes with point 1 but the way it works is that if you upvote content, you will earn as well (known as curation rewards) so the more Hive Power you have, the more you can potentially earn back.
Btw: Did you know that more than $4,403,676 in curator rewards were distributed on the Hive network last year? Source.

Earning "interest" by holding/staking Hive Power - maybe you didn't know this but you will also earn HIVE passively at about 3% per year of what you currently have powered up so the more HIVE you have, the more you can earn from just holding/staking!

Earn by delegating - delegating is effectively "loaning" out your HIVE Power to others and some accounts may offer you a daily payment for doing so. If you have more to delegate, you can earn more by delegating which helps grow your balance even more!
Read my post about delegation!

All my HPUDs

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When, if not now? Today is the day!

  • More details about prizes, awards, and rules can be read in @traciyork post.
  • You can get nice rewards and badges, read the details in @hivebuzz post.

So, there's no reason not to do the Power Up!


How to do Power Up?

It's still quite simple in all Hive blockchain interfaces. You need to go to your Wallet >> Power Up, put the amount and confirm the transaction via authorization services aka Keychain or HiveSigner.

Hive.blog Wallet

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Ecency.com Wallet

btw: Detailed explanation How To Power Up In Ecency

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Peakd.com Wallet

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Looks good but I don't have any Hive for HPUD!
Do I need to buy Hive on Binance or somewhere else?
Absolutely not!

On @ecency web site https://ecency.com/market#swap you can easily SWAP your free (not staked) HBD for Hive! No fees!

Last but not least: When you increase your Hive Power, you also increase the Power of the whole Hive blockchain social network!

Front image created in NightCafe Creator, edited in Photoshop with usage of Hive brand assets.

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