The countdown to HIVE Power Up Day-October 1st, 2022 has started. Get ready!

Hi Hive Lovers

Anyone new to the #HiveCommunity is always concerned about resources and power. Aside from your engagement, one of the best solutions is to get your Power Up Day. The countdown has started. Please check your "POWER UP" menu.

Why is Powering Up important?

Your influence in the community is determined by the level of Hive Power you have. Likewise, with the level of curation rewards that you will receive. You cannot ignore Hive Power's ownership for your engagement as your resources and power are determined by Hive Power in the blockchain governance system.

How to?

The working system is very simple; "you just need to convert your Hive token into Hive Power." Actually, you can do that at any time, but @hivebuzz made it special with their collective initiative.

Be special because this is the challenge of the first day of each month. All you have to do is participate to be verified and included in this valuable #HivePud program. If you are selected, then you will have the opportunity to get badges and various prizes. It will be very valuable for newbies, right?

@hivebuzz provides tons of badges for all of us. Since joining last May 16, 2022 (4 months and 10 days), I've earned some basic community member badges for my involvement, and I've only got 1 PUD badge, which is the September 2022 PUD.

I must admit that I have missed three of my precious opportunities. I missed the opportunity for June 2022 because of my ignorance about the #PUD program, and for the opportunity for July and August 2022, I missed it too because of a lack of conditions that I was unable to fulfill.

For this #PUD October 2022 opportunity, I will prepare myself as well as possible so that I can get my second additional PUD badge. I INVITE YOU ALL WHO ARE STILL ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE TOO. You can open @hivebuzz's post at any time to find out the terms and conditions that apply.

Because for the #PUD program on October 1st, 2022, @hivebuzz hasn't released the latest post yet, let me help you see the terms and conditions in the previous post here.

I look forward to meeting the basic criteria of the #Hive team's terms and conditions for this #HivePUD-October1st in order to re-enter their verification list. I'm currently looking forward to the latest post from @hivebuzz about #PUD ahead of October 1st, 2022, because the countdown time has started.

See you on Hive Power Up Day, October 1st, 2022.

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