Happy Birthday, Hive! And Tomorrow Is Mine šŸ˜Š

20 March 2023

Before anything else, happiest birthday HIVE!!!

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In all honesty, I didn't know about Hive's birthday until @theycallmedan announced the #HivePowerBday.

Coincidentally, it was just a day after its birthday in 2021 when I registered to this platform via LeoFinance. So tomorrow will be my birthday too!! I hope there'll still be a piece of cake left for me. šŸ˜…
(You can view the exact date of registration on Ecency front end)

Who would have thought that I would last this long? The platform that was once taken for granted is now my favorite place to spend my spare time sharing my thoughts, experiences, and life stories. Indeed, you wouldn't know the worth of something (or someone), until you spend more time with it.

As normal for beginners, the beginning of my Hive journey was challenging. The platform was tough for me to navigate, and I had difficulty understanding some aspects. This blockchain is so huge that was impossible to comprehend everything in one setting. I frequently felt lost and I thought I couldn't stay longer.

But as I get to know more people on this platform and read more of their motivating stories, they inspired me to know more about Hive, and stay active on this platform. So days became weeks, months, and a year of taking things here seriously. If I had continued to be active from day one, I could have accomplished more in those months that I wasted. Yet the present and accomplishments are what matter right now.


@hivebuzz is always consistent in giving us updates on our achievements. Despite the busyness recently in my real-life work, I still managed to be active.


My account is consistently growing as well and I am so grateful for that. This, alone, inspires me to keep going and do better here.


Staying longer here gives me a door to more opportunities. It's not just all about the blogging platform itself, but a lot more platforms made in Hive blockchain which gives earning opportunities and others. And above all, it's here where I found a perfect place to share my passion for traveling and photography.

I am amazed at how other users here last for half a decade and I wish I can reach that far too without losing my pace. Although circumstances are bound to happen, staying here for as long as I can is one thing I want to maintain.

Once again, happy birthday hive, and to me tomorrow. It's Monday too and this is definitely a great celebration to start the week.

But don't forget to power up to be eligible for amazing prizes sponsored by different great Hiveans. A total of 100K HP delegation will be shared to the random winners. So don't miss this out!


Power up at least 10HP today and you'll be in! To know more about this event, read this article below.

HivePowerBday Initiative - 100K HP Delegations in Prizes

That's all. Thanks for stopping by.

Let's start the Hive Birthday party!! šŸŽ‚šŸ„‚šŸŽŠšŸŽ



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