My 6th HPUD on hive and bigger bee 🐝

Thursday, 1st of June 2023 [70]

It’s that time of the month when Hiveans rush to power up their Hive. Newbies and oldies who believe in the future of Hive blockchain know the importance of powering up regularly.

We Power Up at all? Because it makes sense. The bigger your Hive Power, the bigger your influence on Hive. When you want to vote on your favourite posts, you need HP for your vote to leave a monetary mark. Consecutively, whenever you vote, half of your vote value comes back to your wallet.

While posting regual, high quality articles is of most importance to add value to Hive blockchain as well as earn rewards, the importance of curation rewards can not be underestimated. It’s that magical money that lands in your wallet while you sleep - a true passive income.

Before that income becomes passive, some activity has to be completed and Powering Up your Hive is that needed activity.

While I Power Up my hive on regular basis by posting and curating, the Power Up Day is one of my favourite ways of doing it, because on that day many other Hiveans do exactly the same and it feels like a celebration day, after which we receive a new badge of the size appropriate to our power up.

This month will be the first for me when I Power Up more than 10 Hive. As a result I will receive a nice size of a bee bagde. This is to catch up for last month’s missed PUD, when I slept all day after the salsa congress I attended and as I result I didn’t power up at all on May the 1st. As a result, my Power Up Month was also broken for May, so all the spare Hive I’d power up during the month of May, plus some more that I earned on my alt was Powered Up today instead.

Apart from receiving a new badge from @hivebuzz when we Power Up on the first day of the month also gives us an opportunity to win some amazing prizes thanks to @traciyork and her continuation of PUD event, which you can read more about here.

In short, the requirements to be considered for the prizes are:

(Screenshot from @traciyork post linked above).

Today was another day when I slept most of it. This time it was a congress I was recovering from, but a mysterious allergy that showed up at the beginning of last week and apart from rush allover my body that moves from one area to another, it also makes me increadibly tired. Today it moved to my ear and eye and despite taking 2 doses of antihistamines, it doesn’t seem to clear.

As some point I woke up and jumped out of my sofa though, as I realised I would miss another #HPUD if I carried on sleeping!

Without any further delay, let me do the deed, before I fall asleep again! Before Powering Up, my total HP was 1052.75

Next, I powered up 100 Hive:

And now I'm happy to see my total stake to be 1152.75 HP

That's it for today. Happy Power Up Day everyone!

Until next time 💙

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