I watched the sun rise on another Hive Power Up Day šŸ

I started the first day of our Southern Hemisphere winter the same way I've started most of my ever-shortening, ever-colder days the last month or so:

ā˜€ļø Slowly taking my time to get out of bed

ā˜€ļø Getting myself a big glass of water to drink, and

ā˜€ļø Turning my bare eyes and face toward to rising sun with no glass or glasses to block its magnificent and important (red) light.

To be honest, I forgot it was the 1st of the month. I forgot it was the official beginning of winter. And I forgot it was Power Up Day.

All these rememberings came later in the day, when I was less sleepy and more connected with a reality beyond the sunrise, the flowers around me and the grass under my feet.

I did very little on Hive this month. I'm still struggling to spend as much time in screens as I did. I have limited motivation to write or read anything on a screen currently. I thought it was a phase, if it is, it's a long one.

But if you scroll through my Blog you'll see I did, in fact, write some things. If you scroll through my Comments, you'll see I did, in fact, have some interactions with others (thanking them for their kind words, saying kind or silly things on friends posts or sharing the occasional challenging one). And if you look through the Transactions in my Wallet you'll see I put small scraps down to Savings and finally remembered to convert some more HBD to HIVE today after powering up my regular 10.000 HIVE.

Yes, I powered up. Yes, I'm hovering just under a reputation of 70 so why the hell not. Yes, I still think HPUD and, indeed Hive, are fabulous and worthwhile uses of my time.

Now if only I could get as excited about writing online again as I currently am about having my bare feet on the cold, wet grass outside my home I'd be set. šŸ˜„ šŸ” šŸŒž

How's your June looking?

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