Earn free crypto on the ChallengeEOS Application

Everyone loves to have somewhere to fall back to financially. More like having a backup plan.

ChallengeEOS Application offers you free crypto for completing simple task.
When you have an account with the ChallengeEOS app, you have a free wallet for crypto including EOS.


Today, I created a task challenge, telling people to share a post on Facebook and tag 3 friends accordingly. Those who get to do this task are rewarded with 0.2 EOS.

Take advantage of this opportunity and design your future the way you want it.

What is ChallengeEOS Application?
The ChallengeEOS App is an EOSIO based Geo-specific application used to send and receive challenges to earn a reward!

There are two types of challenges one can engage in to receive a reward.

Task Challenge
This has to do with a Challenger simply telling what to do so earn crypto. For example, I could Challenge people to go like my Facebook page, show me proof and get to win real crypto!

Geo Challenge
This has to do with location identification. You get to identify your location is a challenge is set in your region to end real crypto.

For the creation of each of these Challenges, a reward must be attached for those set to complete it. Interesting right? Yeah!

Have you downloaded the ChallengeEOS App?

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